Devblog 138
Servers are wiped, caves are in.
Video Update
M92 Added
Maurino Berry

The M92 is fully functional and in game. It does about 15% more damage than the SAP, holds 50% more ammunition, and looks badass. You’ll find them in helicopter loot crates and supply drops.

Uncraftable Weapons
Maurino Berry

I’ve changed the military weapons to be uncraftable. This means the M92, MP5*, LR300, and M249. Let me know how you guys like this change. Maybe as they’re uncraftable they need a damage boost or something similar? I’ll be listening

*MP5 is still craftable because we currently don’t have any way to apply skins to already crafted items. I’ll sort it out next week.

Salvaged Tools & Repair
Maurino Berry

I didn’t have a chance to fix the repair of items that have components as an ingredient. I’ll do that next week, but I did triple the blade cost of these... sorry!

Spear Changes
Maurino Berry

I’ve buffed and nerfed the Spears. They now have an increased attack radius, which means they're easier to stab people with. Their melee damage has also been increased about 20%, and the Stone Spear has a very slight range bonus. On the flip side, I nerfed their throw damage by about 20%. I did reduce the throw damage by a lot more (down to the same damage as stab), but the overwhelmingly negative response lead me to bring it back up a bit. Lets see how this plays out.

Loot Changes
Maurino Berry

I went through the loot tables and got rid of a bunch of junk. You’ll no longer find garbage like sewing kits in the actual crates. Instead, green crates will have a chance for piles of Pipe, HQM, and Turret parts. You’ll also find double the metal fragments for the worst case barrel scenario.

Building Part Cost Reductions
Maurino Berry

I played a whole lot this week. Some items were priced way too high for what you actually get out of them.

  • Floor grill
  • Prison gate
  • Prison wall
  • Chainlink fence
  • Chainlink gate
  • Shopfront
  • Metal bars
  • Armored bars
  • Wood bars
  • Embrasure A
  • Embrasure B

All of these have had their prices halfed or quartered. Enjoy!

Codelock Changes
Maurino Berry

Wasn’t it annoying how any time you entered a code to gain access to a lock it would unlock ,forcing you to just relock it right away anyway? Well that doesn’t happen anymore. Now when you enter a code to a lock to gain access, it’ll simply authorize you and play a notification, sound but remained locked. You can then unlock it if you choose to do so.

Maurino Berry

I’ve lowered the Rope cost from 5 to 3 on the Ladder. The Satchel Charge now only requires 1 Rope. Big whoop.

Natural Caves
André Straubmeier

Vince’s natural caves are in! I spent the week fixing some issues with their procedural placement, addressed minor gameplay concerns and optimized them using the culling volume system I implemented last week. I had to disable some terrain texturing adjustments from the caves since it negatively affected the world loading times, but we’re planning to re-enable it once I’m done addressing our loading time issues.

Increased World Size
André Straubmeier

I increased the default world size from 3000x3000 to 3500x3500--which represents a 30% surface area increase--to give the world generation a bit more room to work with. We believe this is the gameplay sweet spot for medium sized servers and highly recommend server owners to give it a try.

Loading Times
André Straubmeier

To avoid making our loading times even more insane with the addition of caves and the bigger default world size, I slightly optimized the world generation of larger worlds. Furthermore, I’m planning to use this month to start working on a solution that will fix our loading time issues once and for all, even if the world generation gets more complex in the future. This new system will also allow server side mods to change the world generation and should eventually even allow servers to share community-made maps. I've been laying out the plan for this since the end of last year, so I’m pretty excited to finally have some time to get into it.

Foundation Stacking
André Straubmeier

I addressed a number of exploits that would allow extreme foundation stacking in base designs. Claiming that this will solve the issue once and for all and nobody will ever find a workaround would likely be hubris, but it should be a step in the right direction and significantly limit the versatility of foundation stacking.

Rapid Fire Exploits
André Straubmeier

There have been an increasing number of cheats that enabled rapid fire for projectile weapons over the last couple of months. The good news is that I found and fixed the problem in the server-side weapon firing rate verification that was allowing those cheats to work around it and they should no longer be possible.

Prop Art

I continued with the work on smaller industrial props. The fuel tanks featured last week are now finished, and I made some industrial power generators. I then started work on an abandoned truck. Hopefully I will be able to show some progress next week, when it’s in a better state.

Prop Art

This week I finished the forklift mentioned in last week's blog:

I also made a start on junkpiles mounds, which will act as a ground cover for the piles you loot from in the game.

Explosive Charge Viewmodels and Worldmodels
Alex Webster

This week I finished up on the last of the three charge viewmodels, the Survey Charge:

I needed to change the way the code called animations for all three charges as they weren't triggering properly if firing in quick succession. I also set up holdtypes, world models and created LODs. All three are now live on main.

Clothing Worldmodels
Taylor Reynolds

I've almost finished up creating world models for all our clothing items. I've got a couple left to make, but here's me throwing a few out of my inventory:

Alex Rehberg

Pretty cut and dry this week for me. I’ve finished up a bit of recording/cleaning source material, and then finished creating sounds for the bota bag and the water bottle. I’m almost done with sounds for the M92 as well.

138 December 01 2016
  • new Added natural caves to the world generation
  • new Added sounds for the bota bag
  • new Added sounds for the small water bottle
  • fixed Fixed lighthouse sometimes spawning far out on the ocean
  • fixed Fixed some deployables being placeable partially inside constructions
  • fixed Fixed pillars, walls and floors reaching into prevent building volumes
  • fixed Fixed some foundation stacking exploits
  • fixed Fixed some weapon firing rate exploits
  • updated Increased default world size to 3500
  • updated Optimized world generation times of bigger maps
  • updated Increased prevent building zone around water treatment plant
  • updated Slightly stricter melee / projectile anti hack
  • updated Viewmodel for c4
  • updated Viewmodel for satchel charge
  • updated Viewmodel for survey charge
  • updated Holdtype for c4
  • updated Holdtype for satchel charge
  • updated Holdtype for survey charge
  • updated Worldmodel for c4
  • updated Worldmodel for satchel charge
  • updated Worldmodel for survey charge
  • updated Sfx setup & sounds for for c4
  • updated Sfx setup & sounds for for satchel charge
  • updated Sfx setup & sounds for for survey charge
  • updated Halved cost for most exotic building pieces (embarsure, prison gate, chainlink etc)
  • updated Rebalanced loot tables to never have garbage in higher end loot tiers
  • updated M92 implemented
  • updated Codelocks no longer automatically unlock when code is entered
  • updated Reduced component cost for satchel charges
  • updated Reduced component cost for ladders
  • updated Increased salvaged tool component costs
  • updated Made most military weapons uncraftable
  • updated Thrown items (satchel/c4/etc) are properly oriented to throw/land positions
  • updated Spears do more melee damage
  • updated Spears are easier to hit people with
  • updated Spears do less throw damage