378 Commits by 12 Authors. 2,325 files added, 181 deleted, 18 moved.
26 May 2017
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20782 6:31 AM
level volumes update
Diogo Teixeira main/#20781 12:35 AM
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Diogo Teixeira main/#20780 12:35 AM
Fixed skin tones too dark compared to previous + tweaked spec maps for reduced saturation
25 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20778 6:57 PM
Maurino Berry main/#20777 6:42 PM
steam item schema
Maurino Berry main/#20776 6:36 PM
updated steam skin icons
Diogo Teixeira main/#20775 6:01 PM
Fixed player preview transparency
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20774 5:59 PM
asset bundle splits
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20773 5:48 PM
Rocket factory cover placement
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20772 5:24 PM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20771 5:20 PM
overgrowth wip
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20770 5:19 PM
rocket crane lift animations, prefab, controller
Maurino Berry main/#20769 5:01 PM
skin apply potential fix
Diogo Teixeira main/#20768 4:40 PM
Fixed lantern glass refract shader
Diogo Teixeira main/#20767 4:18 PM
Fixed roadsigns material
Diogo Teixeira main/#20766 4:14 PM
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Diogo Teixeira main/#20765 4:13 PM
Fixed icon render skin shading Changed skin materials default tint to not albino
Maurino Berry main/#20764 3:52 PM
more skin debug
Maurino Berry main/#20763 3:11 PM
debug for skin issues
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20762 2:48 PM
Rocket factory helipad
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20761 2:48 PM
Merge from main
Maurino Berry main/#20760 2:43 PM
manifest phrases icons
Diogo Teixeira main/#20759 1:51 PM
Fixed light intensities for prefabs: neutral dungeon lighting, ceiling light, search light, light barrel station
Diogo Teixeira main/#20758 1:36 PM
Fixed night light intensity Fixed caustics at night
Diogo Teixeira main/#20757 1:05 PM
Fixed flashlight intensities to match new scale
Vincent Mayeur main/#20756 12:23 PM
Vincent Mayeur main/#20755 12:22 PM
pushing the gun trap prefab guide update
Diogo Teixeira main/#20754 11:51 AM
Ajusted LightEx intensity to match new brdf scale to fix low intensity torch, campfire, etc
Diogo Teixeira main/#20753 11:36 AM
Make sure the wrap lighting fallback only runs on subsurface profiles
Diogo Teixeira main/#20752 11:26 AM
Rebuilt rust global
Diogo Teixeira main/#20751 11:26 AM
Fixed icon rendering Nuked deprecated keyword in rust.global Added light intensity scale callback param to CaptureScreenshot
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20750 10:01 AM
Merge from main
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20749 9:55 AM
Alex Webster main/#20748 9:38 AM
player preview thirsty anim
Vincent Mayeur main/#20747 7:04 AM
gun trap guide scaled at 75% (PLEASE EXPORT YOUR FBXS WITH SCALE AT 100% NEXT TIME) updated prefab guide path
Maurino Berry main/#20746 6:57 AM
skin approval fixed new roadsign model textures
Vincent Mayeur main/#20745 6:50 AM
guide model for the single shot trap (untested, will test in a couple hours)
Maurino Berry main/#20744 6:19 AM
can change item skins at repair bench
alexrehberg main/#20743 5:56 AM
Water jug sounds
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20742 1:36 AM
Merge from main
Diogo Teixeira main/#20741 1:34 AM
Dynamic branch compiler hint for brdf selection on deferred shader
24 May 2017
Diogo Teixeira main/#20740 11:55 PM
Names and cleanup
Diogo Teixeira main/#20739 11:52 PM
Now checking console vars on deferred extension to affect all instances Added half-assed skin fallback for SSS is disabled
taylorreynolds main/#20738 11:11 PM
Reworked Roadsign Armour
Diogo Teixeira main/#20737 8:44 PM
Replaced graphics.postsss convar with SSS.enabled + other controls SSS properly disables and skips fullscreen passes now SSS now uses low quality sampling by default
Maurino Berry main/#20736 6:59 PM
shotgun trap takes +1 gear shotgun trap loses 50% health on pickup
Diogo Teixeira main/#20735 6:24 PM
Fixed river waves
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20734 4:23 PM
level update, vent doors placement
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20733 3:24 PM
Rocket factory progress / split rocket factory building into separate meshes
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20732 2:58 PM
static vent door prefab
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20731 2:43 PM
vent door animation controller fix reverse playback on close
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20730 2:29 PM
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20729 2:23 PM
vent door model & animation, controller, prefabs
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20728 1:55 PM
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20727 10:32 AM
Walkway COL/LOD fixes
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20726 7:01 AM
Maurino Berry main/#20725 3:29 AM
added scrap worldmodel
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20724 12:31 AM
Merge from main
Diogo Teixeira main/#20723 12:30 AM
Fix for manifest
Diogo Teixeira main/#20722 12:06 AM
Fixed server compile
23 May 2017
Diogo Teixeira main/#20721 11:44 PM
Merge from shading revamp
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20720 11:14 PM
Reassigned maps to skin materials Disabled spec map post processor until after merge
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20719 10:46 PM
Fixed post subsurface d3d9 shader compile error Added core env brdf lut generator + default asset Added indirect diffuse and specular support to core brdf base pass Added deferred extension params for gbuffer extension Added core/hair shader (wip) Updated core/generic shader Updated core/skin shader property names to match core/generic Renamed core brdf files; moved shaders to "core/" on selection menu
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20718 8:36 PM
Walkway LODs/COLs
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20717 6:32 PM
Merge from main
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20716 5:23 PM
scene stuff wip
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20715 3:54 PM
Less abrupt interior ambient shifts. Menial LOD & trigger stuff. Q.Q
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20714 2:42 PM
More prepwork
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20713 1:45 PM
radtown stuff
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20712 12:55 PM
level update
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20711 12:30 PM
progress backup
Alex Webster main/#20710 9:52 AM
Updated Lowest stag LOD
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20709 7:07 AM
missing files
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20708 7:06 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20707 5:30 AM
Underground base stuff
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20706 2:33 AM
interior stuff
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20705 1:28 AM
Lighting wip
22 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20704 1:43 PM
Remaining caves (for now)
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20703 1:18 PM
Rocket factory progress / added walkway ledges / split tower stairs into modular meshes
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20702 10:59 AM
office plastic_panels_b texture set + mats
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20701 10:12 AM
office lift texture set + mats
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20700 4:43 AM
topos & height
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20699 4:24 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20698 2:56 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20697 2:25 AM
cave + polish
21 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20696 11:28 AM
20 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20695 4:03 AM
topo tweaks
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20694 3:38 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20693 2:49 AM
east side improvements
19 May 2017
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20692 9:09 PM
broken tile detail meshes progress backup on office interiors
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20691 3:55 PM
Rocket factory progress / backup
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20690 3:34 PM
damaged textures, material setup, sizes
TomButters main/#20689 10:24 AM
updating scrap pile fbx
Garry Newman main/#20688 8:27 AM
Tag current changeset id in exception reporting
Garry Newman main/#20687 8:17 AM
Exception reporter doesn't report errors, because Unity throws too many of them.
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20686 6:50 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20685 5:19 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20684 2:54 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20683 2:25 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20682 12:51 AM
pre forest test
18 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20681 9:38 PM
merge from main
Garry Newman main/#20680 6:40 PM
Maurino Berry main/#20679 1:44 PM
cleanup shotgun trap costs less wood
Maurino Berry main/#20678 1:40 PM
shotgun trap no longer creates decals
Maurino Berry main/#20677 1:39 PM
fixed shotgun trap stacking fixed shotgun trap foundation exploit fixed shotgun trap not triggering when directly infront of it
andre main/#20676 1:13 PM
Fixed being unable to harvest helicopter gibs (RUST-1690)
Diogo Teixeira main/#20675 12:05 PM
Added back motion vector override w/ downscaled depth bias to fix seethrough walls in TSSAA/MB
andre main/#20674 11:30 AM
Bundle splits
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20673 11:19 AM
Rocket factory progress
andre main/#20671 9:55 AM
Guntrap prefab labels
andre main/#20670 9:54 AM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
andre main/#20669 9:37 AM
Window bars and embrasures now store item condition Window bar and embrasure item condition is reduced by half when picking them up Network++
TomButters main/#20668 9:09 AM
scrap pile; fbx/materials/prefab/textures
Garry Newman main/#20667 8:58 AM
Updated jenkinsfile: - slack reports on error - failFast on parallel - set custom job name (hopefully)
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20666 5:04 AM
Maurino Berry main/#20665 3:38 AM
guntrap deployment exploit fixes skin approval skin icons
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20664 2:31 AM
final mid river area sculpt
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20663 2:29 AM
Scatterable lighting fix
Maurino Berry main/#20662 1:51 AM
can pick up shotgun trap can repair shotgun trap shotgun trap appears under trap category can no longer code lock shotgun trap
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20661 12:51 AM
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20660 12:23 AM
Merge from main
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20659 12:19 AM
Final placeholder skin spec map tweaks
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20658 12:18 AM
Fixed player preview for new core skin shader Changed UIPlayerPreview render texture to linear hdr
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20657 12:18 AM
Deleted legacy preintegrated skin shader
Maurino Berry main/#20656 12:18 AM
merge into main
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20655 12:18 AM
Fixed water lighting to match new brdf Fixed postprocess subsurface errors on non-core brdf surfaces Deprecated legacy preintegrated skin shader and lighting path
Maurino Berry main/guntrap/#20654 12:16 AM
merge from main
Maurino Berry main/guntrap/#20653 12:16 AM
shotgun trap implementation protocol++ phrases manifest
17 May 2017
alexrehberg main/music-v2/#20652 10:55 PM
Music editor UX tweaks Better waveform texture caching Song tweaks Initial implementation of classic theme
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20651 10:55 PM
mid river area
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20650 8:44 PM
office interior backup
andre main/#20649 8:27 PM
Another tweak
andre main/#20648 8:23 PM
Furnace deploy volume tweak
andre main/#20647 8:09 PM
Floor spikes block foundation placement
andre main/#20646 7:53 PM
Can place floor grills above large furnace Network++
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20645 6:39 PM
Added default skin ssp to player ragdoll
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20644 4:49 PM
office_vents texture sets + mats
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20643 4:31 PM
Rocket factory progress
Garry Newman main/#20642 4:22 PM
Fixed NRE when applying workshop skins with nosteam
TomButters main/#20641 3:47 PM
single shot trap with all the trappings...
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20640 3:32 PM
Fixed div by zero in SSS specular reconstruction
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20639 2:59 PM
Added subsurface quality control; set medium as default Added subsurface depth scale control Tweaked spec textures and materials a bit more Added detail amount by roughness masking (e.g. nails) Reduced default ssp scatter radius to 2
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20638 2:45 PM
Rocket factory progress
andre main/#20637 1:33 PM
Decay initialization fix
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20636 12:55 PM
Merge from main
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20635 12:00 PM
Rocket factory rocket scaffolding progress/interior trims/walkway damage
Garry Newman main/#20634 11:54 AM
Don't disconnect on exception when playing demo
Garry Newman main/#20633 11:47 AM
Steam null fixes
Garry Newman main/#20632 11:36 AM
Benchmark fixes
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20631 10:51 AM
office_floor_a and office_ceiling texture sets + mats
Garry Newman main/#20630 9:38 AM
Populate benchmark info
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20629 6:21 AM
Oh lawd, resculpting too much of the terrain
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20628 3:27 AM
Added graphics.postsss convar
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20627 3:03 AM
Added command buffer manager support for multiple instances Fixed subsurface scattering in scene view mode
Maurino Berry main/#20626 2:41 AM
flame turrets can be placed closer to walls NRE fix for animals eating dropped items
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20625 12:36 AM
Fixed color space of skin colors fed into new shader Added male and female placeholder head and body spec textures Switched all skin materials to new shader
16 May 2017
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20624 11:28 PM
Changed sky dome prefab daylight intensity to 7
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20623 11:23 PM
Switched ViewmodelArms material to new core skin shader Tweaked ViewmodelArms specular map for new shader Tweaked default skin ssp Set default skin spp on all viewmodel prefabs Added deferred extension component to main camera prefab
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20622 10:34 PM
Moved core custom lighting code to shared inc Added base tint color masking via albedo alpha + cleaned up debug Added default packed specular map; set to core skin and generic shaders Added default skin subsurface profile Added missing files
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20621 10:30 PM
Merge from main
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20620 9:31 PM
Fixed subsurface specular reconstruction Fixed subsurface profile encoding to gbuffer Fixed core skin shader base color tint to match reference Improved subsurface filter Switched to roughness internally to match reference brdf Added keyword to enable post-subsurface globally, affecting skin shader Fixed uint related compilation error in d3d9 Added BaseViewModel and PlayerModel subsurface profile and core skin tint support Added SSAO support for postprocess subsurface
Maurino Berry main/#20619 8:31 PM
compile fix
Maurino Berry main/#20618 8:18 PM
merge into main
Maurino Berry main/plannermerge/#20617 8:17 PM
merge from main
Maurino Berry main/plannermerge/#20616 8:15 PM
Fixed insane planner leak fixed riot helmet rad protection
Garry Newman main/#20615 7:36 PM
Fixed multiple newtonsofts
Garry Newman main/#20614 7:30 PM
SeverBrowser error fix
Garry Newman main/#20613 7:11 PM
Benchmark fixes
Garry Newman main/#20612 6:29 PM
Compile fix Warning fixes
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20611 5:34 PM
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20610 5:24 PM
WIP office building exterior + interior updates
Garry Newman main/#20609 4:51 PM
Server compile fix
Garry Newman main/#20608 4:50 PM
Actually delete the old benchmarks folder
Garry Newman main/#20607 4:49 PM
Fixed exception when playing old demos
Garry Newman main/#20606 4:48 PM
Removed benchmark system Replaced benchmark system
andre main/#20605 4:01 PM
CheckBounds tweak
andre main/#20604 3:49 PM
Added CheckBounds to GamePhysics
Garry Newman main/#20603 3:38 PM
Latest Facepunch plugin Fixed nre when checking banned server ips
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20602 2:48 PM
Added interior greybox to one of the office buildings
andre main/#20601 2:37 PM
andre main/#20600 2:35 PM
Pulled the plug on the rest of our string-style invokes with the exception of ServerMgr, CommunityEntity and DecalRecycle
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20599 2:20 PM
office building interior a floors greybox
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20598 2:15 PM
Rocket factory progress
andre main/#20597 12:13 PM
Moved decay processing to a central building manager (no more semi-randomized invokes with dubious performance implications) Decay now applies to all twig building blocks (higher tiers still foundation only, but can potentially decay if outside in the future)
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20596 7:57 AM
river area improvements
15 May 2017
andre main/#20595 6:22 PM
Bundle test
andre main/#20594 3:24 PM
Fixed AI "look rotation vieweing vector is zero" (RUST-1686)
TomButters main/#20593 9:49 AM
dropbox version 2: model/material/textures/lods/gibs
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20592 6:02 AM
river wip
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20591 12:36 AM
river improvements wip
14 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20590 11:05 PM
pre riverbank tests
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20589 10:06 PM
cave stuff
13 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20588 3:48 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20587 3:01 AM
northern cave area surroundings
12 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20586 9:26 PM
topo fixes
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20585 9:08 PM
More POIs
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20584 7:17 PM
Rocket factory progress
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20583 6:55 PM
Light intensity correction on water, vertex lighting (approx) and a couple of third-party shaders
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20582 5:40 PM
Merge from main
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20581 5:35 PM
Fixed ambient lighting to match brdf and lighting intensity corrections Deferred shading now supports legacy and core/new brdf simultaneously (transitional) Octahedron encoding normals by default on core path Tweaked water shaders to fit recent brdf changes Fixed command buffer manager sometimes not working properly in edit-mode scene view Fixed deferred extension sometimes not working properly in edit-mode scene view Switched deferred extension to command buffer manager instead of ad-hoc
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20580 4:00 PM
launch_site level update
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20579 3:59 PM
Rocket final models/LODs/COLs/Prefabs - including interior material variations
TomButters main/#20578 3:12 PM
tier 2 missing files
andre main/#20577 11:11 AM
Don't strip tool cupboard triggers from the client (so demolish / rotate UI options match server side checks)
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20576 11:08 AM
rocket decals, decal textures, backup
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20575 2:44 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20574 12:56 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20573 12:28 AM
bespoke cave stuff
11 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20572 11:28 PM
merge from main
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20571 11:22 PM
andre main/#20570 8:51 PM
Fixed a tiny pink shell in the SMG viewmodel
andre main/#20569 8:15 PM
Fixed pink SMG magazine in first person
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20568 8:12 PM
terrain backup
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20567 7:28 PM
cave stuff
andre main/#20566 7:27 PM
Bundle fuckery
andre main/#20565 5:46 PM
Fixed some missing materials on old workshop skins
andre main/bundle_unfuck/#20564 5:39 PM
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andre main/bundle_unfuck/#20563 5:32 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
andre main/bundle_unfuck/#20562 5:30 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20560 5:10 PM
Rocket factory building backup
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20559 4:51 PM
removing cars temporary art from Habor_2, Military_tunnel_1
Maurino Berry main/#20558 4:36 PM
heavy plate helmet slightly higher protection than facemask
Maurino Berry main/#20557 4:30 PM
fixed bug where riot helmet was using bucket helmet protections by accident, Wow.
Maurino Berry main/#20556 4:27 PM
Maurino Berry main/#20555 4:24 PM
autoturret think fix (again) mailbox deployment tightened up
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20554 4:19 PM
Rocket factory progress
andre main/#20553 4:04 PM
Force workshop skin assets to textures.content
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20552 3:58 PM
rocket progress wip
andre main/#20551 1:39 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
andre main/#20550 1:38 PM
...also BillboardRenderer
andre main/#20549 1:31 PM
...and ParticleSystemRenderer as well
andre main/#20548 1:26 PM
Skip particle renderers when finding missing materials (they're weird)
andre main/#20547 1:22 PM
Added Tools/Find/Missing Materials
andre main/#20546 1:02 PM
Don't attempt to batch stuff when their material is null
alexrehberg main/#20544 9:44 AM
Arrows don't play dumb wood breaking sound Player voice channel isn't nested under world sounds Light compression on player voice channel
andre main/#20543 8:54 AM
andre main/#20542 8:51 AM
Can only place tool cupboard on constructions
alexrehberg main/#20541 8:27 AM
Dangerous NPC footsteps audible from a bit farther away Quick placeholder waterjug sounds
alexrehberg main/music-v2/#20540 6:47 AM
Maurino Berry main/#20539 5:24 AM
skin approval skin icons
Maurino Berry main/#20538 4:56 AM
food crates spawn 3x as much food can no longer put codelock on mailbox (not required) added waterjug - like bucket but has lid to be carried in inventory waterjug spawns in food boxes and crates
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20537 4:30 AM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20536 4:29 AM
Cleaned up and prepared for both paths side by side
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20535 4:13 AM
cave placements optimized cliffs & rocks
Maurino Berry main/#20534 4:02 AM
autoturrets randomly stagger their target time (l ess server lag ) ceiling lights can be deployed on angled surfaces (so they hang down)
gooseman main/#20533 3:53 AM
Maurino Berry main/#20532 3:26 AM
jerrycan textures
Maurino Berry main/#20531 3:20 AM
mailbox implementation rifle body takes 250 scrap to craft map crafts in 5 sec note crafts in 5 sec drinking from the world is slightly less glitchy (maybe) manifest phrases protocol++
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20530 2:21 AM
Reverted graphics setting hw tier to default, back to FP16; need target alpha for post-based SSS
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20529 1:44 AM
Renamed specular map post processor; added manual trigger for batch processing to tools/textures menu Fixed NRE when subsurface profile is not assigned
10 May 2017
Maurino Berry main/#20528 10:19 PM
HV arrows show up as having a metal tip (temp) lowered costs of metal hanging signs by 90% lowered wooden sign costs flamethrower can now damage AI
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20527 10:11 PM
lod & topo fixes
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20526 9:52 PM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20525 9:07 PM
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20524 8:39 PM
Maurino Berry main/#20523 8:24 PM
crossbow reload time reduced by 0.8s fixed crossbow scope misalignment
Maurino Berry main/#20522 8:10 PM
spear attack rate very slightly increased duration between click and attack significantly reduced for spear spear attack range increased
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20521 6:50 PM
Added deferred extension scripts w/ support for post-based subsurface scattering and extended gbuffer Added subsurface profile asset editor and runtime handlers
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20520 6:48 PM
Added core skin shader gui
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20519 6:47 PM
Added smoothness texture post processor for baked toksvig specular anti-aliasing Added freeimage native plugin (editor only)
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20518 6:43 PM
Added new core brdf shaders
Diogo Teixeira main/shading-revamp/#20517 6:37 PM
Updated encoding utilities
Maurino Berry main/#20516 6:21 PM
bugfix for semi auto weapons not firing as fast as they should fishtrap requires cloth instead of rope again SAR fire rate reduced to 0.175 to compensate SAP fire rate reduced to 0.15 to compensate Revolver fire rate reduced to 0.175 to compensate
andre main/#20515 4:39 PM
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20514 3:16 PM
Rocket factory progress
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20513 2:29 PM
rocket paneling, thermal cloth, metal_panels_b generic textures
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20512 1:44 PM
Rocket factory prefabs / scene changes
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20511 11:51 AM
Rocket factory backup
andre main/#20510 10:05 AM
Removed antihack.enabled (toggle the protections individually instead) Add last violation type to player kick message and server log when enforcing Retired some legacy functionality
andre main/#20509 9:00 AM
Cupboard has same protection properties as a wooden door
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20508 3:29 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20507 3:05 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20506 1:27 AM
9 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20505 10:37 PM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20504 6:48 PM
andre main/#20503 6:48 PM
Fixed some missing scripts in overgrowth_dressing scene Scene2Prefab
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20502 5:03 PM
Rocket factory / broken windows / interior polish / backup
andre main/#20501 4:26 PM
Preprocessing fix
andre main/#20500 2:28 PM
Fixed small culling issue in cave_small_hard
andre main/#20499 2:20 PM
Scene2Prefab (RUST-1682)
andre main/#20498 1:57 PM
Skip nested entities when preprocessing prefabs (fixes double preprocessing on monument entities, RUST-1665)
TomButters main/#20497 12:02 PM
Tier 2 workbench. fbx/textures/prefab/materials/gibs
TomButters main/#20496 11:53 AM
Mailbox. fbx/textures/prefab/materials/gibs
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20495 10:30 AM
plastic_wrap generic textures
andre main/#20494 9:37 AM
Can put code lock on cupboard
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20493 3:44 AM
Rest of the caves.
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20492 2:49 AM
More bespoke caves.
8 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20491 9:07 PM
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20490 7:58 PM
Rocket factory building / interior / exterior / progress
andre main/#20489 4:03 PM
Adjusted locker deploy / prevent building volumes (RUST-1681)
andre main/#20488 3:49 PM
Upgrade fix (copy & paste fail)
andre main/#20487 2:24 PM
Removed admin demolish option from hammer (bind "ent kill" to hotkey instead)
andre main/#20486 2:20 PM
Check building privilege at both building block position and player position when rotating, upgrading or demolishing (now works similar to placement)
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20485 1:46 PM
Fixed some gap
andre main/#20484 1:37 PM
Can pick up window bars, shutters and embrasures inside building privilege with hammer
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20483 1:32 PM
merge from main
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20482 1:27 PM
terrain mounds cols and LODs + prefabs
andre main/#20481 1:21 PM
Can pick up ladders inside building privilege with hammer
andre main/#20480 1:14 PM
Added skipqueue console command (looks for Steam ID in connection queue and lets the player connect immediately)
andre main/#20478 12:30 PM
Optimized environment volume tests Added building environment type to environment volumes (to be used for monument buildings) Ambient darkening via raycast only considers player buildings (everything else to be controlled via environment volumes) Disable fog in underground systems (for proper darkness)
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20477 11:18 AM
range rails cols and LODs + prefabs
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20476 10:17 AM
bespoke pipes cols and LODs + prefabs
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20475 9:06 AM
ground zero cols and LODs progress + prefabs end
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20474 6:18 AM
Merge from main
6 May 2017
Diogo Teixeira main/#20473 5:01 PM
Added mesh batching support for uv1 to fix tunnel mud Moved foliage batch pos to uv2
5 May 2017
andre main/#20472 10:15 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
andre main/#20471 9:15 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20470 4:32 PM
ground zero cols and LODs progress + prefabs
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20469 2:44 PM
ground zero cols and LODs progress + prefabs
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20468 1:02 PM
ground zero cols and LODs progress + prefabs
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20467 9:56 AM
ground zero cols and LODs progress + prefabs
4 May 2017
Garry Newman main/#20466 6:04 PM
New Skins Schema
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20465 5:01 PM
Rocket factory tower stairs
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20464 4:34 PM
backup/progress on LODs
andre main/#20463 3:56 PM
Turret targeting fix
andre main/#20462 3:19 PM
Flame turrets can see through twig building blocks as well Updated scrap icon
Diogo Teixeira main/#20461 2:11 PM
Make all visible only on culling convar untoggle
andre main/#20460 1:16 PM
Barricade nobuild volume tweaks
andre main/#20459 1:02 PM
Added wall sockets to top and bottom end of foundation steps Tweaked ladder placement rules so they can be attached to the end of floors Tweaked ladder trigger so they can be climbed from all sides and traversed around Reduced health of low walls by 50% Network++ Save++
andre main/#20458 10:25 AM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
andre main/#20457 10:13 AM
Reduced twig decay to one hour delay plus one hour duration
andre main/#20456 10:10 AM
Auto turrets can see and shoot through twig building blocks (damaging both the building block and the target behind it)
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20455 9:10 AM
Material tweaks Launch_site terrain triggers, prevent building volumes
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20454 6:30 AM
more stuff
Maurino Berry main/#20453 2:18 AM
research table shows health fixed recycler not giving appropriate scrap when components were stacked skin approval skin icons
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20452 1:00 AM
cool stuff
Maurino Berry main/#20451 12:14 AM
snow jacket protection increased snow jacked cost reduced
Maurino Berry main/#20450 12:04 AM
merge into main
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20449 12:03 AM
Maurino Berry main/scrapmerge/#20448 12:02 AM
merge from main
Maurino Berry main/scrapmerge/#20447 12:02 AM
Added recycler to both harbors Added Research table to sat dish lowered cost of Bananda lowered cost of cap lowered cost of balaclava lowered cost of boonie hat lowered cost of burlap headwrap Added scrap resources ( fuel for research bench) barrels drop 1 scrap boxes drop 5-10 scrap can use scrap to create components can recycle components into scrap (10% yield) phrases manifest protocol++
3 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20446 8:46 PM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20445 7:58 PM
topos and stuff
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20444 7:42 PM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20443 6:22 PM
top base
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20442 5:57 PM
Walkway meshes
Diogo Teixeira main/#20441 5:45 PM
Fixed research table lens normals
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20440 5:14 PM
andre main/#20439 4:56 PM
andre main/#20438 4:53 PM
Twig building tier and wooden ladders can be placed inside the radius of unauthorized cupboards for raid towers
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20437 4:33 PM
merge from main
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20436 4:31 PM
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_5/#20435 3:34 PM
Walkway textures
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20434 3:20 PM
Merged factory level with launch_site level, organization Monument & Building splats
andre main/#20433 3:05 PM
Include list of active invoke method names in entity info (find_entity etc)
andre main/#20432 2:57 PM
Added FindInvokes method to InvokeHandler
andre main/#20431 2:54 PM
Removed bullshit ref keywords from NetworkVisibilityGrid
andre main/#20430 2:52 PM
BaseNpc kill optimization
andre main/#20429 2:51 PM
Fixed entity network group sometimes not updating (invisible animals)
Diogo Teixeira main/#20428 2:47 PM
Fixed culled ragdolls remaining invisible after culling is disabled
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20427 2:00 PM
launch_site prepping/scene management
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_5/#20426 1:05 PM
rocket wagon model, LODs, COL,Prefabs
Maurino Berry main/#20425 4:22 AM
miner hat model properly becomes emissive when on Animals will no longer randomly get stuck when fleeing Animals have more interesting flee behavior, constantly evaluating the best place to go to avoid threats
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20424 1:16 AM
2 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20423 9:16 PM
andre main/#20422 8:15 PM
Added find_self console command
andre main/#20421 8:04 PM
Added position / rotation to entity find commands Added find_radius console command (returns info about entities in radius around player)
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20420 5:32 PM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20419 4:16 PM
andre main/#20418 3:30 PM
Merge from skin_cache
andre main/skin_cache/#20417 3:19 PM
andre main/skin_cache/#20416 3:16 PM
Removed unused prefab instantiate from Skin.ReadDefaults
andre main/skin_cache/#20415 3:06 PM
Some skin cache tweaks (uses .cache file extension, supports loading from cache even if no source image exists)
andre main/skin_cache/#20414 2:44 PM
Merge from main
andre main/skin_cache/#20413 1:56 PM
Run skin manifest JSON deserialization in a thread
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20412 1:21 AM
1 May 2017
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20411 8:10 PM
Petur Agust main/hapis4/#20410 5:54 PM
Garry Newman main/#20409 2:44 PM
Garry Newman main/#20408 2:37 PM
Garry Newman main/#20407 2:33 PM
Garry Newman main/#20406 2:29 PM
Another test
Garry Newman main/#20405 2:24 PM
Garry Newman main/#20404 10:45 AM
Updated to use new BuildInfo.json system Added buildinfo server command Updated GoogleAnalytics
gooseman main/#20403 4:09 AM
tweaked crouchwalk animations, jumping animations added climb left / right animations