Community Round-Up #10

This week: yeah, that's Walter White...

23 September 2014

No, we haven’t made a deal to get Bryan Cranston to star in Rust (though that would be the greatest thing ever, and I’d love to come up with that storyline). The image above was dropped into the comment section of a community post. The full piece is quite the thing. In fact, I think it needs a title.

I Am The One Who Rocks

Yes, I did have an alternative pun for this, but decency--and my mum--prevented me from using it. As the post says: “Breaking Bad + Rust....Funny, P.S Artist, my girl. PP.SS: she is Russian”, which explains everything about what you’re about to see. I nearly censored Walter’s winkie, but only as a joke nod to the in-game cock blocker we’ve implemented. I decided to keep it in. This is NSFW, obviously.

I can't believe someone took the time to physically make that. And now for some less copyright troubling art.

Shooting Gallery

Howie's concept art has inspired lots of talk about his work's potential impact on the game. I think his images tell stories, so they encourage concept art snoopers to continue considering what's going in. So click on that piece of concept art, the rusting tanks strewn across a bay, and think about how you'd use them. That's what Deviant Art's Aleltg did, and came up with this.

I looked at it and saw a place to loot in the dead of night, whereas Aleltg imagined setting up a defend-able home in the Rusty husk. He's been a busy boy, actually. Some other art he posted suggested a potential new low-tech mechanic for the game. Here, have a look.

And you know that people who saw it had all kinds of ideas about how to use it.

HangGliders = Awesome

HangGlider That Drops Firey Things = SuperAwesome

Now if you think about that for a moment, concept art inspired a fan, who made art that inspired another fan. That's pretty ace.

Glowing Recommendation

He's not the only one being inspired by concept art. A few weeks ago, Paul added a lighthouse to the concept art Trello. The lighthouse is largely an experiment, testing out what sort of man-made objects we can spawn into the world of Rust. Barely a day later, as I merrily skipped across a Rust Experimental server, I spotted this.

I like to think of this as live fan-art. I love the use of the lantern as the light source.

Holiday Snaps

It's been a privilege to watch you all get to grips with the building tools, turning the landscape into a recognisable world as you do it. I've yet to build a permanent home on one of the servers, largely because I still spend most of my time on the hunt for a village, town, or odd building that the community has invested in. Here's a few I've liked enough to screenshot.

If you ever spot a dude sprinting faster than the game allows, leaping hills in a single jump, and only stopping when he lands near a particularly nice two-storey shack with turrets, it's almost certainly me. Say 'hi!'.

Shotgun Wedding

You know that moment during a wedding ceremony, when the congregation is asked if they knew of any reason why the pair should not be wed? Well, that doesn't happen here. But maybe it should have, if only for the safety of the bride.

"We have guns, and we're in Rust. Surely that's enough?"

It'll never last beyond a few respawns, I reckon.

Get In Touch

Do you have something about Rust you want to share? We have a dedicated forum post, or you can post in the Reddit thread. I also poke around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I'm on there as well. I can't respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in. Just be nice.

Little Drummer Boy

If you read last week's epic tale of server epicness, you'll know I like stories from Rust. There's always some twisted devil on the server, looking to make something epically awful from our tools. I needed to share jman939's little story with you.

That night was probably the most terrifying night on Rust for me. I was in my house, waiting out the darkness, when I heard it. It was faint at first, but soon I knew I couldn't be hearing things. Someone was whistling "The Little Drummer Boy" near my base. They walked around my house all night, whistling that song. I didn't even know it was possible to make that song sound ominous and psychotic, but I guess you learn something new every day.

Okay, I'll share. I've done something similar: I was wandering in Rocks behind Large Rad Town in the absolute dead of night. I was dying, hungry, and all I had on me was some wood. I was about to give up and respawn when I spotted a little shack. It was glowing, homely, and a target. It was a low-population server, and this player had gone to a lot of trouble to conceal himself.

I approached the shack, lit a campfire, whacked his door with a rock, and ran off. I heard the door squeak, saw the light dim, and made out a silhouette standing on a rock. He never spotted me. I waited for a few moments and snuck back, this time lighting three fires in a triangle on top of his shack. I thumped and ran, and he came out and angrily stomped out the fires.

I was giggling at this point, because I am a child. I returned to his shack, set out campfires in the closest shape I could make to a pentagram, and started to light them. That was my error, as I'd put out so many that he spotted the glow and came out before I finished lighting the final one. I was caught, shot with an arrow, and my haunting days were over.

Finders Keepers

A much nicer event happened on the Seattle Experimental server, where Redditor Wolfane left 'buried treasure' and challenged the subreddit's users to find it. The haul included meat, weapons, and armour. It's a nice little idea, though could have used some more directions as to where the loot was hidden. Just for fun.

The scarily-named SatansSword claimed he found it, but didn't include proof. Not that it matters: it's the fact that Rust is hosting treasure hunts that's important here. I've always enjoyed player-created challenges.

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