Community Update 31

10 March 2015

The top image is just a lovely scene captured by, er, punchfodder on Reddit. He came across the build, now lost to the great wiping of 03/03/15, on the Rustafied dev server. It's a shame he didn't snap more screenshots: as you can see, whoever was responsible for building this took into account multiple rocks to cluster a house within. It's a neat little build that adds to the world. It's one of a few fun builds and builders I wanted to highlight this week. Almosttactful on the Facepunch forums crafted a house that used the caves. Most cave builds try to take up the inner space of the cave and use the opening as the only outward part of the base, but this sits on top. It's almost as if the cave is a basement area for the house above it. The result feels more like a nicely designed house, and less of a base to survive the horrors of Rust.Finally, a pair of builds from Facepunch forum user Symphony. The first is a bridge that was big enough to house "an upper private pathway and a lower public walkway," which I guess means you had to know the creator to gain access. The other build was just a structure in they water, but one people started calling "The Leaf". Was it worth the 25 deaths it took to build? You see things like this and it's easy to forget that, at heart, Rust is a game about people scraping for survival with rocks and high explosives.

Even with the the survivalist nature of Rust, a few good people are willing to help others. I spotted a pair of helpful posts on Reddit this week, focussed on building techniques. Redditor T-i-m classilly demonstrated some easy and compact designs for those starting out but who would like to make more than a starter shack. If you follow his steps, you can make a tiered house without losing too many resources experimenting: "The trick with the half-height triangular floors on the last 2 layouts is to first put down the half-block for the second part of the stairs. The triangular floors will snap to that. After that, you could even remove the half-block and replace it with a floor, it will snap to the triangular floor that's on half-height. That way you could put things like hidden chests under it."He also gets bonus points for using Cinema4D to make his blueprints look like they're in Aperture Science. Redditor wadc joined in the knowledge drop with a post about staircases and flights of steps. They're actually pretty tough to figure out, and if you build a base first you can create a situation where you have to force the stairs in unnatural and potentially inefficient spaces. wadc's solution doesn't actually use stairs, so it manages to be an ultra-compact solution. You can see at the end of the gallery the sort of house shape this opens up. Tigref's response is my favourite comment: "I use the design in the first image a lot and build off from that. My favorite thing to do is close the stairwell with a door and keep the steps a low grade material. So, if a raider uses C4 on the door he destroys his access to the upper levels."

Being part of a gaming community means you're never more than three posts away from a server advertising at you. The least server bosses can do is make it memorable. That's why I'm posting this "Rust Asylum" server ad, which is part advert and part horror movie. You can join The Asylum by pressing F1 and pasting client.connect into the console. I wouldn't venture into any shacks in the woods, though. And for the love of all that is good, don't Google any words you don't understand from the advert.

Systemic games cam go wrong in interesting ways. That's the joy of something working with another thing; the occasionally crossed wire that leads to something wonderful or ridiculous. Forum user Insub uncovered some interesting interactions between containers and code locks, and in the video below he shows just how many things you can put a lock onI can confirm that you can't do this on bodies, sadly. That would be pretty funny.

This is an interesting experiment. If Rust is largely about scarcity, then what happens when you fill an area with guns? The guys over at Oryg1n on Youtube did just that, creating a little town and filling it with guns. Obviously the result is a lot of shooting, creating a localised deathmatch scenario around the little hub."I thought that cactus was a person" is something we can all identify with. Things I've shot in Rust that I thought was an enemy: a tree, an aloe bush, a cactus, a friend, a deer, a barrel, and a bit of a rock.

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