Community Update 51

Brains, Ninja Turtles, and bloody hearts. We've rounded up some cool designs from the new Rust Steam Workshop.

4 August 2015

Before we get to the many community concepted clothing items--introduced to the game in the last update--we have a lovely scene inspired by Shurikan's adventures in Rust. Good to see someone braving the cold and the mountains in order to make art. That's suffering for it, really.

The latest update introduced the ability for players to redesign shirts, hats, and pants for the game. There's a reason games do this: the community is an amazing creative force, finding shapes and themes in some cloth that we wouldn't have thought of, as well as joyfully misappropriating other people's work (wee tip: if you don't own it, we can't use it). We prefer the first part, obviously. Here's some eye-catching contributions from the community. Click the names in red to head to their workshops.

Milho Frito

Milho Fritos been very prolific since we opened the workshop. A lot of the designs have colour variants (that IP shattering Turtle hat is one of four) as well.


Ladicius immediately grasped the potential of the headwear, managing to turn a normal beanie hat into a grim head-wound. His short trousers are a problem, but one we hope to solve.


Abracadaniel has the best name and a decent workshop. There's some neatly tailored dirty shirts, as well as some fun conceptual ideas.


There's only one shirt in Warboy's workshop, but I think he's done very well with the dirty aesthetic. I feel infected just looking at it.

Go vote, and hunt for more.

The Corn Ghost

There's altogether too little campfire chat in Rust. I'm aware that to light a campfire is to invite untold horrors and violence into your life, but that shouldn't stop you from sharing spooky stories in the dark. Who knows, you mighty actually be part of one?

The Corn Ghost is PitchDank's surprisingly well-made short story about a corn-loving ghost. Do not press play if you have a heart problem. Seriously, just go to the doctor instead.

Scared? Yeah, you're scared.

Vertiigo has a new series. Rather than the tightly edited peeks into his psyche, this is more of a Let's Play focused on the job of a Scout of a large clan. It's very definition makes it less wacky than the previous Rust videos, but it's interesting to see Vertiigo try something consciously less silly.

If that didn't do it for you, here's his usual terrifying stream of consciousness comedy, alongside Panda, who's a member of Yogscast.

Tell Kim I said 'hi!', Panda. We're buds.

It is a law of the universe that, if you make a game with building tools as standard, someone will build things from other games with those tools. It's why game developers always look scared, and why lawyers can afford their ivory back scratchers. Anyway, this is just a rambling introduction to the first look at Ruigi's remake of Goldeneye's Facility level. If you played it, you'll definitely recognise the layout.

A little birdy tells me he's looking to import the textures in as well. That would be a work of dark, dark magic. It should go live on the PlayRust Reddit server this weekend.

... and Finally

Rust doesn't have crosshair, but with some sticky tape, toothpicks, and an empty toilet roll (that part is very important), you can simulate such a thing.

What an odd thing to do. Speaking of odd things to do, if you read last week's Community Update, you'll have spotted an hour long video of a mountain in Rust. If you were to go back and rewatch, or at least skip to 4m20s with annotations left on, you might spot something interesting. Maybe. If you're quick.

Think you're working on something awesome? Tell me all about it. Now's the time to share your base designs, or get into the growing Raid Cam business, or to make a lovely shirt.

There's a dedicated forum post, or you can fish for upvotes in the Subreddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I'm on there as well.

I can't respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in.

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