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3 November 2013

After playing the game for a while over the weekend I realized I was having a hard time seeing things in the grass such as backpacks from killed players and zombies, so I added grass displacement. It's off by default as it has some issues but you can toggle it on by typing

grass.displacement true in the console (F1)

It's a work in progress and not everything causes displacement but one of the cool features of it is players leaving a trail where they walk, It's possible to track people for a short time due to this. Also your shelters and campfires will no longer be covered in grass, and backpacks/killed creatures will be easier to spot. Please post any feedback regarding this feature on the forums!

In addition we've made the following changes and fixes :

  • Upgraded to Unity 4.3
  • Fixed Shelters not counting towards decay grace period
  • Fixed injury status not disappearing after death
  • Serverside checks for deployables and structures (no more double dooring)
  • Some weapon deploy sounds were changed (hatchets no longer sound like guns being drawn)
  • Hand Cannon no longer requires a workbench to craft
  • 9mm Pistol does slightly more damage and has less recoil
  • Reduced range on pipe shotgun
  • Bleeding is no longer a death sentence : Wounds will clot over time so it is possible to survive minor bleeding
  • Bleeding damage was increased, however...
  • Silencer now removes tracers as well as muzzle flash, less range reduction, less damage reduction.
  • Sleeping bags are easier to craft, 15 cloth instead of 20
  • Pillars take half as many resources to create as they used to
  • Grenades are larger and their physics should be more reliable, in addition they should deal appropriate damage now
  • Zombies should now interact with the rocks in the world, and should no longer float in mid-air
  • Server browser now shows history of servers played on
  • Server browser is optimized for smaller screens
  • Server browser doesn't show unresponsive servers
  • Server browser shows LAN servers
  • Server browser shows servers containing friends
  • Server now detects when it has frozen, and closes (allows auto restart scripts to kick in)
  • No longer uses DX11 mode (was slower, broke alt-tab, had no real benefits)
  • Added disconnect button
  • Serverlist can be sorted. Defaults to being ordered by player count descending.


  • Alt tabbing can cause terrible FPS. This is a unity 4.3 issue
  • Grenades don't damage wildlife
  • Grass can flicker for some users, type grass.on false in the console

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