351 Commits by 12 Authors. 11,033 files added, 640 deleted, 99 moved.
25 September 2017
André Straubmeier main/#22940 2:32 PM
Merge from weekend_branch_2
Alex Webster main/#22939 2:23 PM
ak47 world model fix
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22938 1:30 PM
Texture Updates
Maurino Berry main/progression/#22937 12:54 PM
merge from main
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22936 11:44 AM
View model settings Set anims to use base mesh vessel
André Straubmeier main/weekend_branch_2/#22935 11:19 AM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/#22934 11:08 AM
Fixed parenting on bradley and heli loot crate fireballs
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22933 9:56 AM
Female asian head mesh, materials & textures
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22932 9:07 AM
Male asian head/body seams Added ambient lighting to light body
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22931 7:15 AM
Merged from main
24 September 2017
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22930 10:17 PM
Male asian meshes, materials & textures
Maurino Berry main/#22929 12:10 AM
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23 September 2017
Maurino Berry main/#22928 9:04 PM
updated sedan prefab with proper client collison meshes from minh vehicles collide with deployables
gooseman main/#22927 4:57 PM
added armrests to seats collision mesh
gooseman main/#22926 4:31 PM
optimized sedan collision mesh separated the seat mesh from the chassis
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22925 9:14 AM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22924 9:13 AM
More npc navigation
22 September 2017
Maurino Berry main/progression/#22923 11:54 PM
relocked all items other than default blueprints item category amount on crafting window shows unlocked items instead of totals
Maurino Berry main/#22922 10:18 PM
better clientside collision for sedan
Maurino Berry main/#22921 10:01 PM
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gooseman main/#22920 9:59 PM
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gooseman main/#22919 9:47 PM
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gooseman main/#22918 9:44 PM
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gooseman main/#22917 9:38 PM
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gooseman main/#22916 9:35 PM
updated sedan colliders
gooseman main/#22915 8:45 PM
tweaked a bunch of 3rd person player animations
André Straubmeier main/weekend_branch_2/#22914 2:35 PM
Removed BoneFollower (eliminates client side GC + some processing overhead)
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22913 2:35 PM
sawnoff shotgun - fixed arm clipping at max FOV, removed wobble at end of anim
André Straubmeier main/weekend_branch_2/#22912 1:28 PM
Eliminated GC allocs from SkinnedMultiMesh.UpdateLODGroup
André Straubmeier main/weekend_branch_2/#22911 1:25 PM
Fixed UpdateRotationFromNetwork working with world rotation instead of local rotation
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22910 12:58 PM
More work on NPCs
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22909 11:36 AM
fixed arms clipping on m249 reload at max FOV
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22908 11:02 AM
More work on NPC navigation. More robust NPCs with relation to low resolution navigation meshes.
André Straubmeier main/weekend_branch_2/#22907 9:47 AM
Added TerrainCollisionProxy (handles terrain carving for wheel colliders)
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22906 9:23 AM
Some npc navigation improvements.
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22905 7:06 AM
Use checkbox rather than overlapbox when looking for player construction. Less fidelity for lower priority navmesh grid cells.
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22904 6:25 AM
Dynamic navmesh grid cell fidelity work.
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22903 5:06 AM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/#22902 5:02 AM
Work towards mixed navmesh grid cell fidelity.
21 September 2017
André Straubmeier main/#22901 6:03 PM
Toggling grass shadows force-refreshes grass meshes
André Straubmeier main/#22900 5:59 PM
Fixed IOnPostNetworkUpdate regression (torch randomly getting switched off)
Maurino Berry main/#22899 5:41 PM
chair deploy fix
Matt Isaac main/SkinUpdates/#22898 5:31 PM
Added facial hair meshes and facial hair test, Added female hair textures and materials, Added pubic hair mesh, textures and materials (for imallpor), Added facial hair morph test - all to skinupdates branch.
ptrefall main/#22897 5:14 PM
nav_grid and ai_dormant on by default.
Maurino Berry main/#22896 4:58 PM
quicker sitting animations skin approval
Diogo Teixeira main/#22895 4:40 PM
Added graphics.grassShadows convar, disabled by default Added Grass Shadows toggle Graphics menu Fixed render texture size error when loading editor
gooseman main/#22894 4:21 PM
sedan collision model for interior
gooseman main/#22893 3:58 PM
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ptrefall main/#22892 3:57 PM
Better adjustment to ground when on a navmesh link. Stop freezing when stuck on an invalid navmesh link.
Maurino Berry main/#22891 3:57 PM
VehicleMovement hits triggers
Diogo Teixeira main/#22890 3:52 PM
Fixed missing shadows in shadow quality < 2 Fixed penumbra shadows not reset when switching quality
Maurino Berry main/#22889 3:48 PM
sitting in chair provides 100% comfort
gooseman main/mountables/#22888 3:40 PM
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gooseman main/mountables/#22887 3:30 PM
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André Straubmeier main/#22886 3:28 PM
Error message typo fix ("Trying to to child" -> "Trying to parent to child")
André Straubmeier main/#22885 3:26 PM
BasePlayer.MaxVelocity takes mount velocity into account Eye verification distance checks take BasePlayer.MaxVelocity into account Unified eye verification checks to eliminate duplicate code
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22884 3:24 PM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/ai_6/#22883 3:23 PM
Improved navigation/steering WIP
Maurino Berry main/#22882 3:00 PM
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Maurino Berry main/#22881 2:52 PM
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Maurino Berry main/#22880 2:34 PM
NRE Fix better exploit attempt logging
Diogo Teixeira main/#22879 2:07 PM
Defaulted shadow quality to 1 (previous default) due to potential perf impact on rec. spec hw Fixed penumbra shadows not clearing all overhead when shadow quality below 2
Diogo Teixeira main/#22878 1:15 PM
Added grass material for grass spawns w/ lower shadow intensity Restored original overgrowth material to 1.0 shadow intensity Added Shadow Quality slider to Graphics menu
André Straubmeier main/#22877 12:55 PM
EAC SDK update
André Straubmeier main/#22876 12:34 PM
Fixed thrown weapons and arrows disappearing on impact when hitting entities Fixed checksum mismatch always clearing world cache on certain platforms Removed temporary savegame fix for staging servers Network++
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22875 11:38 AM
Bone club vm -fixed popping from throw cancel to idle
Diogo Teixeira main/#22874 11:07 AM
Fixed issue with graphics settings and custom screen space shadows
Diogo Teixeira main/#22873 10:58 AM
Penumbra toggle on point and spot shadows
Diogo Teixeira main/#22872 10:57 AM
Slight refactor to deferred shadows to allow penumbra toggle Added graphics.shadowquality convar; 0=low/hard, 1=med/soft, 2=high/soft+penumbra (default because it's 2017) Nuked unnecessary files
André Straubmeier main/#22871 9:57 AM
EAC SDK update
André Straubmeier main/#22870 9:48 AM
Save entity position relative to parent entity Fixed invisible locks on server restart
Diogo Teixeira main/#22869 9:16 AM
Tweaked shadow distances
Diogo Teixeira main/#22868 8:25 AM
Disabled blocker search early out in directional pcss due to artifacts Disabled penumbra shadow filter noise to help with flickering
Maurino Berry main/#22867 8:18 AM
re-added player y position smoothing
Maurino Berry main/#22866 8:17 AM
nre fix in NearMountPoint sound NRE fix
Maurino Berry main/#22865 7:33 AM
Maurino Berry main/#22864 7:30 AM
increased size of chair prevent building /deploy volume vertically
Maurino Berry main/#22863 7:25 AM
merge into main
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22862 7:24 AM
merge from main
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22861 7:24 AM
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Diogo Teixeira main/#22860 1:01 AM
Adjusted searchlight and heli light shadow radius
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22859 12:45 AM
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Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22858 12:45 AM
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20 September 2017
gooseman main/mountables/#22856 11:48 PM
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Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22855 11:39 PM
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Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22854 11:38 PM
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Maurino Berry main/mountables/mergecollider/#22853 11:37 PM
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Diogo Teixeira main/#22852 11:36 PM
Small tweak to directional penumbra, more softness at base
Diogo Teixeira main/#22851 11:18 PM
Added penumbra shadows for sun/moon light (broke cascade blending)
Diogo Teixeira main/#22850 10:41 PM
Cherry picked grass changes
Diogo Teixeira main/#22849 10:33 PM
Added penumbra shadows for spot and point lights (toggle incoming) Re-enabled shadow intensity with new custom, alu only dither Changed material propery order and control for foliage shadow intensity
Maurino Berry main/mountables/mergecollider/#22848 10:00 PM
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Maurino Berry main/mountables/mergecollider/#22847 9:59 PM
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gooseman main/mountables/#22846 9:57 PM
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Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22845 9:56 PM
Fixed black shading spots on grass Changed grass size to be more realistic Material tweaks
Maurino Berry main/mountables/mergecollider/#22844 9:46 PM
merge in
Maurino Berry main/mountables/mergecollider/#22843 9:44 PM
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gooseman main/mountables/#22842 9:20 PM
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Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22841 8:41 PM
merge from main
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22840 8:35 PM
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22839 4:47 PM
updates to Bow VM
gooseman main/#22838 4:17 PM
adjusting spine blending values to look more natural when running
André Straubmeier main/#22837 3:54 PM
Entity parenting overhaul (this most likely breaks everything)
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22836 1:46 PM
Bow - Updated to latest rig & added new arms, rebuilt prefab and arrowhead attachments
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22835 5:47 AM
merge from main
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22834 5:45 AM
fixed bug where turrets/helicopters would shoot like shotguns during low fps fixed bug where turrets/helicopters would not obey timescale !mounts dictate player positions !fixed jittery issues when player is on a moving serverside mount
19 September 2017
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22833 7:28 PM
player eye offsets correct on mounts aiming relative to mount
Diogo Teixeira main/#22832 6:25 PM
Disabled foliage intensity until we have proper filtering for spot and cube shadows
Diogo Teixeira main/#22831 6:24 PM
Cherry picked overgrowth material tweaks
Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22830 5:10 PM
Overgrowth reduced alpha cutoff
André Straubmeier main/#22829 4:03 PM
Fixed some problems when repeatedly connecting to the same server in one session
André Straubmeier main/#22828 3:53 PM
Reduced memory usage by freeing the world serialization cache after loading the map Addedd watermap memory usage to world info text
Matt Isaac main/SkinUpdates/#22827 3:17 PM
added male_hairstyle_01 to prefabs on skinupdates branch
Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22826 2:40 PM
Merge from main
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22825 2:32 PM
fixed issue with pickaxe attack hit anim
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22824 2:32 PM
fixed clipping on big cleaver, longsword and mace attack at 85 fov
Diogo Teixeira main/#22823 1:54 PM
Cherry picked foundation shadow mesh fix
Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22822 1:47 PM
Foundation floor shadow fix
Diogo Teixeira main/#22821 1:11 PM
Enabled grass shadow casting by default (gfx menu toggle soon) Added custom shadow path to foliage shader Added foliage shader ability to override shadow bias, shadow intensity and shadow alpha LOD bias Tweaked overgrowth material
Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22820 10:41 AM
Merge from main
Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22819 10:06 AM
Ice lake backup
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22818 12:10 AM
can look around on mountable with clamped angles
18 September 2017
Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22817 9:52 PM
Ice lake LOD/COL/prefabs Scene fixes
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22816 8:54 PM
Cherry pick from 22121 (Blank hair prefabs)
André Straubmeier main/#22815 6:58 PM
EAC launcher fixes (needs x86 lib)
gooseman main/#22814 6:21 PM
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Diogo Teixeira main/#22813 6:16 PM
Improved adaptive shadow bias to scale according to texel-to-world ratio instead of distance Touched all relevant shaders Fixed flashlight attachment showing gun shadow all over the place
gooseman main/#22812 6:15 PM
tweaked walk/jog animations added 3rd person waterbucket animations added 3rd person camera animation updated weapon override controllers
gooseman main/#22811 6:09 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22810 4:40 PM
updated bolt deploy anim export
André Straubmeier main/#22809 4:20 PM
Switched EAC launcher to the new minimal official one (easier to debug for them, less fucking around for us)
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22808 4:05 PM
merge from main
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22807 4:05 PM
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22806 10:09 AM
Merge from main / Cherry pick from 22778 (Player model merge)
Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22805 9:16 AM
Ice lake progress
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22804 9:01 AM
merge from main
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22803 8:38 AM
Lr300, Semi auto rifle, SMG, Bolt rifle - Updated to latest rig and arms, clean exports, rebuilt prefabs
15 September 2017
Maurino Berry main/mountables/#22802 11:28 PM
chair work
Alistair McFarlane main/#22801 2:29 PM
Eating raw fish no longer makes the player puke
Diogo Teixeira main/snow_biome_revamp/#22800 1:26 PM
Added rust/std terrain-blend factor+fallof control to vertex alpha blend type
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22799 1:10 PM
Crossbow and Rocket Launcher - Updated to latest rig and arms, clean exports, rebuilt prefabs
Diogo Teixeira main/snow_biome_revamp/#22798 10:41 AM
Cherry picked rust/std terrain-blend changes in 22762
Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22797 9:09 AM
Ice lake progress / slightly improved snow
14 September 2017
Alistair McFarlane main/#22796 11:21 PM
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Diogo Teixeira main/#22795 9:08 PM
Fixed shaders other than terrain not getting adaptive shadow bias
Maurino Berry main/#22794 7:08 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Diogo Teixeira main/#22793 6:56 PM
Increased directional light initial shadow bias to address flat surfaces
Maurino Berry main/#22792 6:41 PM
exploit fix
Diogo Teixeira main/#22791 6:12 PM
Adaptive shadow bias to fix shadow offseting; touched all rust/std shaders
Maurino Berry main/#22790 5:48 PM
skin approval a million mounted fixes thompson has reduced aimcone
Diogo Teixeira main/#22789 4:54 PM
Softer lighting via less intensity + more exposure + reduced ambient saturation
taylorreynolds main/#22788 4:43 PM
Subtracted player model changes
gooseman main/player_sit_down/#22787 3:45 PM
fixed player sit on chair code
ptrefall main/#22786 3:33 PM
Using steering target to judge angle of movement change works better than next position on the nav agent.
Maurino Berry main/#22785 3:00 PM
Maurino Berry main/#22784 2:58 PM
fixed condition not visibly scaling consumable properties in info panel fixed tooltips getting stuck
Maurino Berry main/#22783 2:36 PM
vending machine really no longer drops items
ptrefall main/#22782 1:47 PM
Added a fix for the potential of navmesh sources to go invalid over time (so we check them before we bake). A slight improvement to animal flee behaviour and speed related to angle of next position.
André Straubmeier main/#22781 1:42 PM
Updated Facepunch.Unity (fixes manifest download sometimes silently failing)
taylorreynolds main/#22780 12:28 PM
fix for broken head collider
ptrefall main/#22779 11:17 AM
Rewrote rebake logic to use the bake heap. Cells and layers are now aware they're in the bake heap awaiting baking. Updated the bake heap comparer, that it more reliably prefers cells close to players.
taylorreynolds main/#22778 10:05 AM
Merge to main
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22777 9:59 AM
Alex Rehberg main/#22776 9:58 AM
Cleanup duplicated MainCannonAttack prefab
Alex Rehberg main/#22775 9:41 AM
Bradley sound tweaks
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22774 9:39 AM
Merge from main
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22773 9:20 AM
Texture optimisation
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22772 8:41 AM
Removing temp hair styles from this branch
Alex Rehberg main/#22771 7:43 AM
Perf fix for occludable sounds with local voice limiting enabled
Alex Rehberg main/#22770 7:41 AM
merge from main/bradley-sounds
Alex Rehberg main/bradley-sounds/#22769 7:31 AM
merge from main
Maurino Berry main/#22768 7:27 AM
merge into main
Maurino Berry main/consumeinfo/#22767 7:26 AM
merge from main
Maurino Berry main/consumeinfo/#22766 7:24 AM
vending machines never drop any loot when destroyed vending machine health slightly increased rebalanced all raw meat to poison other than fish rebalanced all burnt meat to give 1/4 cooked meat yields tooltips can use translations added consumable/medical info panels added basic mounting system for chairs
Alex Rehberg main/bradley-sounds/#22765 7:18 AM
Bradley sounds
gooseman main/#22764 5:33 AM
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gooseman main/#22763 5:32 AM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Diogo Teixeira main/#22762 1:38 AM
Add blend type option to rust/std terrain blend shaders, complex (default) and vertex alpha (simple)
13 September 2017
Diogo Teixeira main/SkinUpdates/#22761 11:47 PM
Fixed clothing prefabs w/ skin parts not updating material
ptrefall main/#22760 8:50 PM
Set nav_grid to false by default.
ptrefall main/#22759 8:50 PM
Check neighbour navmesh cell as valid target before we attempt to generate a link in that direction. Generate links async and with a queue, that we can control how many links we generate each frame.
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22758 7:39 PM
Stripping out unused textures
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22757 7:14 PM
Texture edits
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22756 4:57 PM
Merge from main
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22755 4:23 PM
Eoka Pistol, Flamethrower, Pipe Shotgun, Revolver - Updated to latest rig and arms, clean exports, rebuilt prefabs
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22754 4:15 PM
tweaked darker skin colours
ptrefall main/#22753 3:23 PM
A couple more checks, just to be on the safe side.
ptrefall main/#22752 3:20 PM
NRE fix in Navmesh grid.
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22751 3:14 PM
Cleanup & mouth texture optimisations
André Straubmeier main/#22750 2:46 PM
Eliminated some tiny GC allocs from nested coroutines
André Straubmeier main/#22749 2:27 PM
When loading the map from cache, prefabs spawn async to avoid stalling the client for a long time Cleaned up asset FileSystem_Warmup by removing unused code
ptrefall main/#22748 11:45 AM
Set nav_grid to false by default
ptrefall main/#22747 11:44 AM
Merged from ai_5
ptrefall main/ai_5/#22746 11:43 AM
Updated console system
ptrefall main/ai_5/#22745 11:41 AM
Merged from main
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22744 11:13 AM
More lods Removed all unused meshes from playermodel fbx Skin set changes
André Straubmeier main/#22743 10:06 AM
Merge from eac_api_2_1
André Straubmeier main/eac_api_2_1/#22742 10:01 AM
Reverted Auth_Steam to version from main (just to be safe)
ptrefall main/ai_5/#22741 10:01 AM
Cleanup pass
André Straubmeier main/eac_api_2_1/#22740 9:55 AM
André Straubmeier main/eac_api_2_1/#22739 9:47 AM
André Straubmeier main/eac_api_2_1/#22738 9:47 AM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/eac_api_2_1/#22737 9:45 AM
EAC SDK update
André Straubmeier main/eac_api_2_1/#22736 9:41 AM
Improved EAC authentication workflow
Alistair McFarlane main/#22735 8:58 AM
More item description updates
ptrefall main/ai_5/#22734 1:02 AM
Started work on ordered baking based on player whereabouts (navmesh where it's most relevant first).
12 September 2017
ptrefall main/ai_5/#22733 11:44 PM
Navmesh links are now pooled prefabs.
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22732 10:54 PM
skinset updates
ptrefall main/ai_5/#22731 9:52 PM
Improved navmesh link usage (hopefully dodging the crash bug).
Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22730 8:17 PM
Ice lake prototype
gooseman main/#22729 3:57 PM
added smoke effects to bradley treads
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22728 3:38 PM
fixed eyes on player preview
Diogo Teixeira main/#22727 10:38 AM
Fixed NRE caused by visibility lists not empty when joining a server after demo play
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22726 9:06 AM
Torch, F1 Grenade, Supply signal - Updated to latest rig and arms, clean exports, rebuilt prefabs
Diogo Teixeira main/#22725 1:28 AM
Attempt at fixing RUST-1765
Diogo Teixeira main/#22724 12:49 AM
Fixed ragdoll root not following ragdoll bounds; affected lod, fly swarm (RUST-1700)
11 September 2017
Maurino Berry main/#22723 9:30 PM
auto turret loses target when it goes out of range
André Straubmeier main/eac_api_2_1/#22722 7:21 PM
Adjusted EAC auth to prevent timeouts Pause EAC heartbeat when receiving data Changed authtimeout default value to 60 seconds Added playertimeout convar to adjust the "unresponsive" kick time
André Straubmeier main/eac_api_2_1/#22721 4:28 PM
EAC SDK update
André Straubmeier main/eac_api_2_1/#22720 3:34 PM
Merge from main
Diogo Teixeira main/#22719 12:53 PM
Added particle collision lod to remaining explosions
André Straubmeier main/#22718 12:44 PM
André Straubmeier main/#22717 12:41 PM
No longer wait for all skins to finish downloading in the loading screen by default (skinwarmup convar)
André Straubmeier main/#22716 12:26 PM
Combat log now includes an info text when something / someone is wounded or killed
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22715 7:31 AM
Added back in bone scaling
10 September 2017
Alistair McFarlane main/#22714 12:45 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Alistair McFarlane main/#22713 12:19 PM
More item description updates and fixes
8 September 2017
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22712 4:14 PM
Rock, Survey charge, Water bottle, Water jug, Hammer - Updated to latest rig and arms, clean exports, anim changes, rebuilt prefabs
7 September 2017
Diogo Teixeira main/#22711 5:42 PM
Optimized survey charge particle collision settings + added particle collision lod
Maurino Berry main/#22710 5:26 PM
skin approval
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22709 5:05 PM
Added female head lods to skinsets
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22708 4:56 PM
clothes fixes
Maurino Berry main/#22707 4:37 PM
missing files
Maurino Berry main/#22706 4:37 PM
bradley can now drop a package of 12 tech trash instead of HQM
Diogo Teixeira main/#22705 4:07 PM
Restored shader variant collection (for shaderwarmup)
Diogo Teixeira main/#22704 4:06 PM
Added shaderwarmup console call; 3 minute wait to avoid hiccups (editor only)
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22703 4:02 PM
Collider fix
Maurino Berry main/#22702 3:52 PM
removed weird gather values from items
André Straubmeier main/#22701 3:47 PM
Fixed skinnables having duplicates of their model and viewmodel bundled with them by moving everything from steamitems.bundle to content.bundle
Maurino Berry main/#22700 3:19 PM
melee info ui
Damian Lazarski main/snow_biome_revamp/#22699 2:51 PM
Merge from main
Damian Lazarski main/#22698 2:41 PM
Supermarket final tweaks
André Straubmeier main/#22697 2:28 PM
Potential fix for crash when closing the game
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22696 2:20 PM
last set of clothing edits
André Straubmeier main/#22695 2:15 PM
Removed a number of less important profiler samples to improve profiler stability
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22694 12:56 PM
Hatchets and pickaxe - Updated to latest rig, added arms, clean exports, rebuilt prefabs
André Straubmeier main/#22693 12:51 PM
Fixed LOD warnings in workshop item viewer Removed legacy functionality from GameManager Re-enabled lowercase conversion warning when creating prefabs (standalone)
Alistair McFarlane main/#22692 12:47 PM
Another UI fix introduced in 2017 Unity update
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22691 12:47 PM
More clothing edits
Damian Lazarski main/#22690 12:34 PM
Fixed supermarket products LOD issues
ptrefall main/#22689 12:33 PM
Merged from ai_4
ptrefall main/ai_4/#22688 12:32 PM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/ai_4/#22687 12:31 PM
Cleaner seperation of server and client in ai code. No nested coroutines in navmesh grid generation. New convars to control navmesh grid generation (cell size and height).
Damian Lazarski main/#22686 12:11 PM
Supermarket products finished textures
André Straubmeier main/#22685 11:26 AM
Stripped shadervariants asset
André Straubmeier main/#22684 11:25 AM
Removed editor shader warmup (see comment)
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22683 9:56 AM
More clothing edits
Alistair McFarlane main/#22682 8:25 AM
Fix for main menu news img displaying incorrect since Unity 2017 update
Maurino Berry main/#22681 6:37 AM
compile fix
Maurino Berry main/#22680 6:29 AM
weapon information panel
Diogo Teixeira main/#22679 3:24 AM
Added back shaderwarmup for editor only + shader variant collection
Diogo Teixeira main/#22678 2:39 AM
Fixed deferred mesh decals
Diogo Teixeira main/#22677 2:36 AM
Fixed image layer NRE when composite isn't available
gooseman main/#22676 2:22 AM
fixed geiger counter pose made geiger counter rod folow the left hand
Diogo Teixeira main/#22675 1:45 AM
Updated speedtree shaders Updated motion vectors shader Updated standard cgincs
Maurino Berry main/#22674 12:11 AM
overlays no longer visible in third person (scope/helmet) fixed missing ref on planters manifest/prefab spam
6 September 2017
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22673 11:35 PM
Clothing edits to match new geometry
Diogo Teixeira main/#22672 11:29 PM
Fixed screen space shadows
Diogo Teixeira main/#22671 11:16 PM
Moved tonemapping+grading effect back to main camera
Alistair McFarlane main/#22670 8:29 PM
Fix for ServerImage displaying incorrect since Unity update
André Straubmeier main/#22669 4:51 PM
Merge from save150
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22668 4:49 PM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22667 4:45 PM
Updated supermarket and gas station terrain anchors and terrain adjustment radius / fade for smoother transition
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22666 4:17 PM
Forest splat tweak
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22665 4:07 PM
Fixed some monument prefabs being saved active instead of inactive
gooseman main/#22664 3:52 PM
added 3rd person animations for holding the camera properly. fixed the camera materials tweaked the 3rd person walking animations
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22663 3:45 PM
Updated microcliff splat and topology modifiers to make their transition look less horrendous
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22662 3:38 PM
Updated cliff splatting and topology analysis to better preserve existing values (primarily around mountains and cliffs)
gooseman main/#22661 3:35 PM
geiger counter entity / animations
Damian Lazarski main/save150/#22660 1:03 PM
Updated supermarket prefab
Damian Lazarski main/save150/#22659 1:03 PM
Supermarket junk colliders
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22658 12:34 PM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22657 12:16 PM
Fixed grass meshes sometimes reaching onto other splats
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22656 12:03 PM
Don't cache map in editor
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22655 11:46 AM
ApplyTerrainAnchorsNew is now the default
ptrefall main/#22654 11:36 AM
Fixed compile issues
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22653 11:30 AM
Increased launch site spawn priority to highest
ptrefall main/#22652 11:27 AM
Fixed ai.prefab data reset.
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22651 11:25 AM
Default map size is once again 4k (which means official servers will switch to 4k maps this wipe)
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22650 11:20 AM
Merge from main
ptrefall main/#22649 11:02 AM
Fixed a couple Server vs Client compile errors.
ptrefall main/#22648 10:52 AM
Merged from NavMesh Link branch
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22647 10:51 AM
Merged from main
André Straubmeier main/#22646 10:49 AM
Fifth attempt to fix RUST-1760 ("You cannot have more than 262143 Colliders enabled in total" spam while loading a save) Better server startup logging in case this doesn't do it
Alex Webster main/vm_cleanup_new_arms/#22645 10:37 AM
Beancan charge, C4, Bone Knife, Bota bag - Updated to latest rig, added arms, clean exports, rebuilt prefabs
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22644 9:24 AM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22643 9:23 AM
Disabled scientist populations by default. Disabled nav_grid by default.
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22642 9:06 AM
Potential fix for crash bug.
Alistair McFarlane main/#22641 8:22 AM
Alex Rehberg main/#22640 4:45 AM
Voice limiting tweaks Play camera focus sound less often on auto turret
Alex Rehberg main/#22639 3:06 AM
Auto turret accent sound voice limiting tweaks
5 September 2017
taylorreynolds main/SkinUpdates/#22638 10:32 PM
Female body lods & all head lods
André Straubmeier main/#22637 8:52 PM
Added "foliagegrid" editor convar
Damian Lazarski main/#22636 8:18 PM
Fix for bradley shooting trough the rocket factory roof
André Straubmeier main/#22635 8:13 PM
Fixed profiler sample mismatch in RendererCell.RefreshAsync
André Straubmeier main/#22634 7:57 PM
Added ProfilerDebug tool to track down profiler sample mismatches
André Straubmeier main/#22633 7:47 PM
Some "using UnityEngine.Profiling;"
André Straubmeier main/#22632 7:43 PM
Fixed client side profiler mismatch in BasePlayer.SendClientTick
André Straubmeier main/#22631 5:31 PM
Fixed Rust.Application.isLoading not being set during GameSetup (editor startup)
André Straubmeier main/#22630 5:30 PM
Fourth attempt to fix RUST-1760 ("You cannot have more than 262143 Colliders enabled in total" spam while loading a save)
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22629 4:02 PM
PrefabParameters now contains a priority Monuments are ordered by priority when placed
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22628 3:55 PM
Testing/Uncovering crash bug.
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22627 3:02 PM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22626 3:01 PM
Merged in 2017.1
André Straubmeier main/#22625 2:58 PM
Third attempt to fix RUST-1760 ("You cannot have more than 262143 Colliders enabled in total" spam while loading a save)
Vincent Mayeur main/save150/#22624 2:06 PM
detail dressing pass gas station
André Straubmeier main/#22623 11:58 AM
Second attempt to fix RUST-1760 ("You cannot have more than 262143 Colliders enabled in total" spam while loading a save)
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22622 10:49 AM
Network++ Save++
André Straubmeier main/save150/#22621 10:49 AM
Reapplied smalluments
André Straubmeier main/#22620 10:42 AM
Subtracting smalluments (will re-add later with other wiping changes)
André Straubmeier main/#22619 10:29 AM
Attempt to fix RUST-1761 ("Sub-emitters must be children of the system that spawns them" on Hapis)
André Straubmeier main/#22618 10:07 AM
Attempt to fix RUST-1760 ("You cannot have more than 262143 Colliders enabled in total" spam while loading a save)
Vincent Mayeur main/#22617 9:03 AM
merge from smalluments
Vincent Mayeur main/smalluments/#22616 8:56 AM
merge from main
4 September 2017
Damian Lazarski main/smalluments/#22615 9:57 PM
Supermarket junk LOD's/prefabs
André Straubmeier main/#22614 7:14 PM
Disabled LOD_FACE_CROSSFADE multi compiles (should be unused afaik & cause shader compiler errors)
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22613 6:06 PM
Merged from main
gooseman main/#22612 5:20 PM
fixed the 'EffectRecycle' code so it takes into account the max particle time
Alex Webster main/viewmodel_rig_organisation_and_new_arms/#22611 4:53 PM
please stop
André Straubmeier main/#22610 4:50 PM
Merge from unity_2017.1
Alex Webster main/viewmodel_rig_organisation_and_new_arms/#22609 4:44 PM
Cleaver big, Guitar, Medical syringe, Mace, Machete, Longsword, Water bucket - Updated to latest rig, added new arms, clean export, rebuilt prefabs
André Straubmeier main/unity_2017.1/#22608 4:12 PM
Full plugin rebuild (API changes)
Damian Lazarski main/smalluments/#22607 4:11 PM
Supermarket junk texture progress
André Straubmeier main/unity_2017.1/#22606 3:51 PM
André Straubmeier main/unity_2017.1/#22605 3:35 PM
UnityWebRequest.GetTexture -> UnityWebRequestTexture.GetTexture (soon: UnityTextureWebRequestTexture.GetTexture, then: UnityTextureWebTextureRequestTexture.GetTexture)
André Straubmeier main/unity_2017.1/#22604 3:32 PM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/#22603 3:31 PM
Fixed texture / memory leak in HttpImage (+ now using UnityWebRequest)
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22602 2:54 PM
Raycast navmesh links to ensure they don't go through stones, walls, etc. Add a convar bool to enable/disable navmesh link generation, that it's not enforced. Set up a convar for how many links we try to set up between navmesh grid cells.
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22601 11:09 AM
Merged from main
Alistair McFarlane main/#22600 10:55 AM
Fixed some foods having missing sounds when consumed Consuming raw foods now makes the player vomit (better feedback) Armored square foundation now uses correct footstep sfx
André Straubmeier main/unity_2017.1/#22599 10:29 AM
Updated Apex libraries (API auto-update)
Alistair McFarlane main/#22598 8:13 AM
More description updates and fixes
3 September 2017
Damian Lazarski main/smalluments/#22597 10:14 PM
Supermarket material polish / removed invisible blockers
Damian Lazarski main/smalluments/#22596 9:04 PM
Supermarket junk props
ptrefall main/NavmeshLinkImprovements/#22595 10:05 AM
Merged from main
1 September 2017
André Straubmeier main/unity_2017.1/#22594 6:02 PM
Updated Unity libraries in Plugins/
André Straubmeier main/unity_2017.1/#22593 5:54 PM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/unity_2017.1/#22592 5:53 PM
Application.CaptureScreenshot -> ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot
gooseman main/#22591 4:38 PM
fixed muzzleflash location on several weapons ( 3rd person )
André Straubmeier main/#22590 4:33 PM
Transform.FindChild (obsolete) -> Transform.Find
André Straubmeier main/unity_2017.1/#22589 4:10 PM