404 Commits by 11 Authors. 17,352 files added, 1,465 deleted, 539 moved.
21 July 2017
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_7/#21762 2:47 PM
merge from dungeon_art_6
André Straubmeier main/skin_cache_native/#21761 2:45 PM
Updated plugins (Rust.Global & Rust.Workshop)
André Straubmeier main/skin_cache_native/#21760 2:44 PM
Updated native libraries
André Straubmeier main/skin_cache_native/#21759 2:42 PM
Skin texture cache is now implemented in native code (GC free) Skin texture cache read and write are running in a thread (no longer stalls when disk is busy)
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_7/#21758 2:36 PM
subtracting 21738
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21757 2:04 PM
Lots of little ai tweaks.
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21756 1:52 PM
cherrypicking 21736
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21755 1:36 PM
Tweaks to ore nodes: -Increased brightness to stand out more -Sulfur nodes show a more distinct yellow hue -Metal nodes show more oxydization -Stone nodes are overall more desaturated, more grey to stand out against other nodes -Added Gibs models for every node picking stage (to be implemented later @helk) -Snow biome nodes should be more visible and easier to differentiate -Nodes are overall slightly smaller -Cave ores are much smaller
Diogo Teixeira main/#21754 12:42 PM
Skip packed materials during analysis
Diogo Teixeira main/#21753 12:38 PM
Fixed error when packing default standard shaders
Diogo Teixeira main/#21752 12:23 PM
Fixed error when packing materials with default metallic texture or RGB-only
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21751 9:39 AM
Keeping up to date with main
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21750 9:36 AM
Know when in cover. Misc tweaks to ai.
Diogo Teixeira main/#21749 9:10 AM
First batch of packed materials (29) for testing
Diogo Teixeira main/#21748 9:05 AM
Tiny change in texture packing analysis tool
Diogo Teixeira main/#21747 8:31 AM
Changed packing folder again, now final; updated packed sample
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21746 6:20 AM
Yet another merge from main.
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21745 6:19 AM
AverageSumOfChildren qualifier for Apex Npcs now know whether they're being aimed at by a seen enemy, and will take appropriate evasive action. Npcs will scan their surroundings more carefully when in combat. Use average sum of children scoring with normalization to better balance move options in Npcs.
Diogo Teixeira main/#21744 12:45 AM
Added reutilization of packed maps that are combined from same sources Moved packing folders; rebaked current sample Reorganized some code
20 July 2017
Diogo Teixeira main/#21743 9:30 PM
Fixed some packing processor errors with missing textures Fixed packed texture assignment/replacement failing in some cases
Maurino Berry main/bradley_2/#21742 5:00 PM
merge from main
Maurino Berry main/#21741 4:43 PM
fixed NRE when uploading icons more approval junk
Maurino Berry main/#21740 4:29 PM
skin approval
André Straubmeier main/#21739 4:15 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
André Straubmeier main/#21738 3:55 PM
Subtracting new ore nodes Network++
Diogo Teixeira main/#21737 3:38 PM
Finished automated packed map generation when sources are modified
Vincent Mayeur main/#21736 3:32 PM
ore world models fix
Maurino Berry main/bradley_2/#21735 2:42 PM
merge from main
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21734 2:40 PM
office dressing end office rooms vertex painting pass + baked .assets scene2prefab
Maurino Berry main/bradley_2/#21733 2:37 PM
missing file
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_6/#21732 2:30 PM
Office desk material
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_6/#21731 2:29 PM
Office Desk / AC units scale fix
André Straubmeier main/#21730 1:58 PM
Merge from ore_nodes Network++
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21729 12:55 PM
Keep up with main.
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21728 12:54 PM
Npcs are now more aware of cover points and in which directions they provide cover.
André Straubmeier main/#21727 11:10 AM
Optimized effect dictionary creation by including the data pre-sorted in the game manifest (eliminates various stutters caused by effect spawns)
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21726 10:21 AM
office dressing backup scene2prefab
André Straubmeier main/procgen12/#21725 9:49 AM
Merge from main
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21724 7:16 AM
Merged from main
Maurino Berry main/bradley_2/#21723 6:38 AM
bradley pathfinding bradley weapons tonne of movement fixes and work
Diogo Teixeira main/#21722 1:37 AM
Fixed emission related shader compilation error in standard-packed shader Changed texel density grad texture to srgb to match overlay reference Added deferred mesh decal shader to texel density view Replaced temporary reference overlay with final Fixed texel density scale
19 July 2017
Alex Rehberg main/#21721 10:21 PM
Music intensity doesn't drop during loading screen Gunshots and explosions bump music intensity more if you're closer to them Fix footsteps not playing on ore nodes Fix footsteps not playing on steep inclines Walk/run footsteps are chosen by movement speed not sprint key state (no sprint steps when going up steep hills) Mix tweaks
Diogo Teixeira main/#21720 8:29 PM
Tweaked texel density gradient texture + overlay Added core and speedtree shaders
Alex Rehberg main/#21719 7:07 PM
Make sure load in background is enabled for all NPC sounds
Diogo Teixeira main/#21718 5:50 PM
Added terrain shader support to texel density visualization
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21717 4:48 PM
Integration of cover system (wip).
André Straubmeier main/#21716 2:54 PM
Water no longer spawns a world model when dropped out of its item container
Diogo Teixeira main/#21715 2:21 PM
Fixed shader compile error
Diogo Teixeira main/#21714 2:12 PM
Fixed show texel density foliage out of sync Fixed texel density sampling noise Added texel density support to a few more shaders
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21713 2:09 PM
office dressing backup
André Straubmeier main/procgen12/#21712 2:01 PM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/procgen12/#21711 1:55 PM
TerrainMap.ForEachParallel fix
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_6/#21710 1:28 PM
AC Units / Final textures/ COL/LODs/Prefabs
Diogo Teixeira main/#21709 11:35 AM
Added reference/helper overlay for texture density visualization
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21708 10:46 AM
office dressing backup
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21707 9:51 AM
office dressing backup
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21706 9:51 AM
prefabs, additional small desk
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21705 6:15 AM
Another merge from main
18 July 2017
Alex Rehberg main/#21704 11:20 PM
Music sync tweaks Sound level tweaks
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21703 9:08 PM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21702 8:48 PM
Test pre-baked navigation on launch site. Test ai on launch site. Fixed position samples always following the terrain (wasn't supporting buildings).
Diogo Teixeira main/#21701 7:13 PM
Added texture density visualizer (graphics.showtexeldensity)
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_6/#21700 4:15 PM
AC Units textures
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21699 2:13 PM
office furniture greybox base models
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21698 2:07 PM
merge from ore nodes
17 July 2017
Alex Rehberg main/#21697 10:36 PM
NRE fix
Maurino Berry main/#21696 10:23 PM
compile saftey
Maurino Berry main/#21695 10:07 PM
fixed bradley falling through the world when flipping over bradley diverts traction to wheels that are touching rather than a uniform motor torque for all (climb obstacles easier)
Alex Rehberg main/#21694 9:50 PM
merge from main/music-v2-merge
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2-merge/#21693 9:36 PM
merge from main
Diogo Teixeira main/#21692 9:15 PM
Lowered q=0 textures to quarter res and q=1 to half res
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2-merge/#21691 8:54 PM
Manual copy+paste of main/music-v2 changes because plastic is fooked and won't merge the branch
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21690 7:22 PM
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21689 6:33 PM
merge from main
André Straubmeier main/#21688 6:17 PM
Fixed FoliageDisplacementManager calling Camera.Render
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21687 5:36 PM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21686 5:35 PM
Integrated closer with navmesh surface and navmesh link for better debugging.
André Straubmeier main/#21685 5:05 PM
Cherry picking 21682 (Parallel.Call) to avoid future merge conflicts in Facepunch.UnityEngine
André Straubmeier main/procgen12/#21684 5:03 PM
Enabled mountain splat transfer Optimized monument and mountain terrain data transfers Parallelized monument and mountain terrain data transfers
André Straubmeier main/procgen12/#21683 5:01 PM
Added TerrainMap.ForEachParallel (parallel software rasterizer)
André Straubmeier main/procgen12/#21682 4:58 PM
Added Parallel.Call
Alex Webster main/#21681 2:22 PM
viewmodel organisation - clean exports for vm
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_6/#21680 2:00 PM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/#21679 12:27 PM
Foliage displacement no longer creates a second camera (eliminates all overhead)
André Straubmeier main/#21678 9:20 AM
Foliage displacement can select whether or not to render as a billboard on the component
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21677 6:15 AM
We now spawn navmesh on adjacent cells to npcs as well, so that they don't run out of navmesh.
15 July 2017
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21676 6:22 AM
Forgot one
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21675 6:22 AM
Some better class naming for central ai systems
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21674 5:50 AM
Wrapped NavMeshAgent with some safeguarding around dangerous functions/properties.
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21673 4:45 AM
Merged from main
14 July 2017
Maurino Berry main/#21672 8:54 PM
bradley normal map fixes bradley emissive fixes bradley LOD fixes idle sounds engine exhaust
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21671 4:48 PM
Updated merge with how we do things on branch.
ptrefall main/ai_2/#21670 4:40 PM
Merged from main.
Vincent Mayeur main/ore_nodes/#21669 3:54 PM
ptrefall main/#21668 3:14 PM
Removed Safeguard (we'll deal with this in the spawn handler instead).
Vincent Mayeur main/ore_nodes/#21667 3:09 PM
ore nodes new files & prefabs
ptrefall main/#21666 10:01 AM
Navmesh agent safeguard should be a server component. Re-enable Kill command.
Alex Webster main/#21665 9:18 AM
fixed issue with semi auto pistol vm deploy animation
ptrefall main/#21664 8:17 AM
Commented out Kill command from safeguard. Delay for retries to put an agent on the navmesh increase in length with each try up till the cap.
ptrefall main/#21663 7:44 AM
Added some more rigorous sanity checks where navmesh agents are concerned. Added a navmesh agent safeguard that will help agents onto navmeshes, or kill them if they fail.
13 July 2017
Maurino Berry main/#21662 11:25 PM
fixed bradley gib NRE
André Straubmeier main/#21660 8:13 PM
Subtracting all AI experiments
André Straubmeier main/#21657 6:20 PM
Fixed NRE when opening workshop from main menu without having joined a server
Maurino Berry main/#21656 6:02 PM
Maurino Berry main/#21655 5:59 PM
skin approval + icons manifest
Diogo Teixeira main/#21654 5:41 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Maurino Berry main/#21653 5:02 PM
fixed hazmat suit colors
Maurino Berry main/#21652 4:54 PM
bradley work
André Straubmeier main/#21651 4:18 PM
Stairs and foundation steps use more accurate shadow casting proxy meshes
André Straubmeier main/#21650 3:55 PM
Merge from detailed_stair_colliders
Diogo Teixeira main/#21649 3:47 PM
Added water culling volume to launch site basin
André Straubmeier main/detailed_stair_collider/#21648 3:34 PM
Updated some detailed colliders to the new versions
André Straubmeier main/detailed_stair_collider/#21647 3:18 PM
Merge from main
ptrefall main/navmeshgrid/#21646 3:03 PM
Merged from main
Vincent Mayeur main/#21645 3:00 PM
Detailed stair colliders, tiers variations
André Straubmeier main/detailed_stair_collider/#21644 2:30 PM
Detailed stair collider preparations
ptrefall main/navmeshgrid/#21643 1:57 PM
More navmesh work. Agents now spawn correctly on the navmesh again.
Diogo Teixeira main/#21642 1:50 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
ptrefall main/navmeshgrid/#21641 12:48 PM
Navmesh generation is now async.
Damian Lazarski main/#21640 12:37 PM
Fixed ground holes in the rocket factory
Vincent Mayeur main/#21639 12:14 PM
Disabled the 2 east lifts in launch_site
ptrefall main/navmeshgrid/#21638 11:58 AM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/navmeshgrid/#21637 11:56 AM
More robust agent removal with respect to navmesh management.
Garry Newman main/#21636 10:35 AM
Fixed getting server list from the wrong place
Garry Newman main/#21635 10:18 AM
Nicer initialization Server address + Server name for integration
Damian Lazarski main/#21634 10:16 AM
Fix for the rocket factory ground mesh disappearing Fixed LOD distances on rocket factory objects
Garry Newman main/#21633 10:09 AM
Merged Facepunch.Unity changes
Garry Newman main/FacepunchSystem/#21632 10:07 AM
Garry Newman main/FacepunchSystem/#21631 10:04 AM
Updated Facepunch.Unity (which uses Facepunch.System now)
Garry Newman main/FacepunchSystem/#21630 10:03 AM
The plugins
Vincent Mayeur main/#21629 10:03 AM
tundra small rocks no longer have moss (they also show in desert biome) rock collectables are a tad larger
Garry Newman main/FacepunchSystem/#21628 10:03 AM
Use Facepunch.System from plugins folder
Garry Newman main/FacepunchSystem/#21627 10:01 AM
Deleted Facepunch.System
Garry Newman main/FacepunchSystem/#21626 10:00 AM
Build exe no longer used
Alex Webster main/#21625 9:54 AM
viewmodel organisation - clean export for vm
Vincent Mayeur main/#21624 9:20 AM
placed some temp safeguards in the lift at rocket factory
ptrefall main/navmeshgrid/#21623 9:15 AM
More progress on navmesh grid.
ptrefall main/navmeshgrid/#21622 4:46 AM
Merged from main
Alex Rehberg main/#21621 4:44 AM
Loot barrel impact & gib sounds Handful of level tweaks
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21620 4:21 AM
merge from main
Diogo Teixeira main/#21619 3:51 AM
Fixed server compile
Diogo Teixeira main/#21618 3:45 AM
Added camera util + proper frustum plane extraction Added WaterCullingVolume for water surface clipping
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21617 12:52 AM
12 July 2017
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21616 11:25 PM
Reset default menu music volume Codegen Music mixer level tweaks
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21615 11:17 PM
merge from main
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21614 11:11 PM
Minor optimizations PlaybackData pooling fix Always play at least 8 bars at the new intenisty after raising it Disable random debug intensity jumps
Vincent Mayeur main/#21613 10:21 PM
a bit more
ptrefall main/navmeshgrid/#21612 10:14 PM
wip agent/navmesh grid management.
Vincent Mayeur main/#21611 9:48 PM
some deployables optim
Vincent Mayeur main/#21610 8:38 PM
clutter optim
Vincent Mayeur main/#21609 8:23 PM
statics optim
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21608 5:16 PM
merge from main
Vincent Mayeur main/#21607 5:10 PM
latest rock settings
André Straubmeier main/#21606 4:31 PM
Added TerrainNavMesh class (basic API to retrieve a mesh or nav mesh build source for a certain terrain patch)
Vincent Mayeur main/#21605 3:57 PM
disabling shadow casting on far rocks
André Straubmeier main/#21604 3:38 PM
Retired "Navigation" layer because we can directly feed meshes to the bake \o/
Damian Lazarski main/#21603 2:51 PM
André Straubmeier main/#21602 2:47 PM
Layer stuff
Damian Lazarski main/#21601 2:40 PM
Disabled shadow casting on structures LODs
Alex Webster main/#21600 1:53 PM
viewmodel organisation - clean exports for some vms
Damian Lazarski main/#21599 12:22 PM
Scene2Prefab shadow caster changes
Damian Lazarski main/#21598 11:07 AM
Disabled shadow casting for certain LOD stages on props and overgrowth
ptrefall main/#21597 10:52 AM
Tweaked build settings for local dynamic nav mesh.
Vincent Mayeur main/#21596 10:13 AM
testing rock_formation_f export without flatten hierarchy ~~
ptrefall main/#21595 9:20 AM
Better step height for animals (helping them up stairs more easily).
ptrefall main/#21594 9:05 AM
DynamicNavMesh should support Animal agent type, not Humanoid (yeah, buildsettings can only support a single one...)
ptrefall main/#21593 8:57 AM
Prebaked experiments.
André Straubmeier main/#21592 8:53 AM
Navigation layer does not collide with anything Main camera ignores navigation layer
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21591 1:24 AM
Profiling & optimization
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21590 1:20 AM
Merge from main
11 July 2017
gooseman main/#21589 8:58 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Garry Newman main/#21588 8:50 PM
Garry Newman main/#21587 8:47 PM
Merged /ReportingSystem
Garry Newman main/ReportingSystem/#21586 8:44 PM
Player report populator
Garry Newman main/ReportingSystem/#21585 8:20 PM
Updated keys_default
Garry Newman main/ReportingSystem/#21584 8:19 PM
Garry Newman main/ReportingSystem/#21583 8:16 PM
Updated Facepunch.Unity
Garry Newman main/ReportingSystem/#21582 8:10 PM
Removing old reporting system
André Straubmeier main/#21581 3:27 PM
Forgot this file
André Straubmeier main/#21580 3:15 PM
Added "Navigation" layer Removed unused "Sky" and "Sky Reflection" layers
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_6/#21579 2:52 PM
Rocket factory lod materials
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_6/#21578 2:49 PM
Merged rocket factory interior objects for optimisation
ptrefall main/#21577 2:14 PM
Small tweaks.
André Straubmeier main/#21576 1:34 PM
Updated bundle splits
André Straubmeier main/#21575 12:42 PM
Fixed a bunch of skinnables not having their bundle set
Vincent Mayeur main/#21574 11:34 AM
Attempt to fix rock formation offset
Damian Lazarski main/#21573 11:30 AM
Fixed an interior disappearing on the lowest settings inside the rocket factory
André Straubmeier main/#21572 10:46 AM
Manifest load time test
Alex Webster main/#21571 10:07 AM
viewmodel organisation - clean exports for some vms
Damian Lazarski main/dungeon_art_6/#21570 9:54 AM
Merge from main
Damian Lazarski main/#21569 9:52 AM
Tweaked LOD distances to prevent pop in Scene2Prefab
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21568 8:45 AM
removed old scene meta
Vincent Mayeur main/dungeon_art_6/#21567 8:25 AM
removed old scene
10 July 2017
ptrefall main/#21566 8:44 PM
Local dynamic navmesh is now aware of when its overlapping a "prevent building" zone, and will increase it's navmesh fidelity when it is. Still a lot of work to do here to make it look good, but it's slightly better.
Damian Lazarski main/#21565 4:27 PM
Damian Lazarski main/#21564 4:24 PM
Added LOD materials to rocket factory prefabs
Damian Lazarski main/#21563 3:58 PM
Rocket factory optimizations Cheaper occluder Less materials on LODs Added cheaper LOD stages to some objects Reduced number of materials on LODs Cheaper materials on LODs
Diogo Teixeira main/texture-packing/#21562 3:40 PM
Merge from main
ptrefall main/#21561 3:16 PM
Added nav_local convar to allow console control over whether to use full dynamic navmesh generation at the start, or use a local navmesh per npc.
Vincent Mayeur main/#21560 12:43 PM
Scene2prefab launchsite
Vincent Mayeur main/#21559 12:41 PM
Rocket factory helicopter didnt cull - fixed Slight quality of visuals tweaks on the Rocket at launchpad (was too degraded, popping)
Vincent Mayeur main/#21558 10:21 AM
more material files
Vincent Mayeur main/#21557 10:17 AM
Optimization pass - Reducing shader complexity and texture memory consumption on many environment assets LODs
ptrefall main/#21556 9:54 AM
Local dynamic navmesh now respect player distance when setting next update interval. If too far away the navmesh isn't updated at all.
ptrefall main/#21555 5:39 AM
Let's encapsulate with UNITY_EDITOR more correctly.
ptrefall main/#21554 5:30 AM
LocalDynamicNavMesh should be server only.
ptrefall main/#21553 5:20 AM
Merged branch to main (Humanoid Npc Planner). Scientist npc wip, cover system, local dynamic navmesh, htn planner wip.
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21552 5:15 AM
Some more branch cleanup
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21551 5:02 AM
Set up Think AI to reflect that on main.
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21550 4:36 AM
Let's not forget to commit the deletes...
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21549 4:35 AM
Removed strips planner. Removed StagPoint HTN system. General branch cleanup.
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21548 3:52 AM
AI put to full dynamic navmesh mode.
9 July 2017
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21547 7:30 PM
Load balanced the Local Dynamic NavMesh baker, that we can better guide what ms budget they're allowed to spend each frame. Enable/Disable Dynamic NavMesh on bundled/world/ai.prefab now controls whether Local Dynamic NavMesh is used (only if full Dynamic NavMesh is disabled).
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21546 1:10 PM
Disabled Dynamic Navmesh in world/ai.prefab. Bootstrap tests whether DynamicNavMesh.Instance.enabled Added a local version of the dynamic navmesh, where each npc update a local navmesh around them as they move around (experiment).
8 July 2017
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21545 8:55 AM
More progress on HTN in Apex.
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21544 6:15 AM
Flesh out Scientist HTN a bit more for better plan generation testing.
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21543 5:25 AM
Make sure actions don't execute on plan generation, but is reserved for plan execution.
7 July 2017
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21542 10:26 PM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21541 8:45 PM
HTN in Apex wip.
gooseman main/#21540 3:51 AM
fixed player not showing the correct hold pose when he's carrying certain guns.
6 July 2017
Vincent Mayeur main/#21539 7:19 PM
sealing on of the lift doors to avoid falling to death
André Straubmeier main/#21538 6:57 PM
Maurino Berry main/#21537 6:03 PM
skin approval
Petur Agust main/#21536 5:36 PM
Fixed 3 triggers.
Maurino Berry main/#21535 5:21 PM
added special loot to launch site rooftops increased barrel spawns at launch site added repair bench, recycler, research table to launch site added radiation pockets to launch site fixed helicopter NRE when disconnecting fixed NRE on static repair bench when changing skins added eye bone to helicopter for spectating
Petur Agust main/#21534 4:18 PM
It helps to include the spawn files.
Maurino Berry main/#21533 3:55 PM
adjusted barrel spawn rates
André Straubmeier main/#21532 3:41 PM
More console autocomplete / history improvements
Vincent Mayeur main/#21531 3:41 PM
removed some static road bits before airfield entrance
Vincent Mayeur main/#21530 3:06 PM
Re-painting airfield alpha splat
Damian Lazarski main/#21529 3:06 PM
Set walkway mat to two sided
Petur Agust main/#21528 2:58 PM
Cleaned some junk
Garry Newman main/#21527 2:57 PM
Reverted previous changes (sorry guys not ready, maybe next patch)
Petur Agust main/#21526 2:43 PM
Final scene
André Straubmeier main/#21525 2:42 PM
Grass LODs fall off with 3D distance instead of 2D distance
Damian Lazarski main/#21524 2:42 PM
Increased culling distance for walkways / prevent them from disappearing in plain view
André Straubmeier main/#21523 2:38 PM
Grass quality setting affects new grass
Damian Lazarski main/#21522 2:14 PM
Additional LOD's for ceiling supports Tweaked culling/LOD distances
Garry Newman main/#21521 2:12 PM
added F8 framerate rainbow decreased analytic update frequency added performance analytics reverted to blueprints reverted recoil changes re-added half block made raiding impossible and really easy made all cheating impossible removed all rng
Damian Lazarski main/#21520 2:03 PM
Changed culling settings
André Straubmeier main/#21519 2:02 PM
Can quick-autocomplete in console with tab Autocomplete no longer prevents going back in the command history
Vincent Mayeur main/#21518 2:01 PM
RUST-1711 - invisible wall / blocker / fix attempt
Damian Lazarski main/#21517 1:59 PM
Additional walkway LODs
Petur Agust main/#21516 1:57 PM
Less absurd ore spawns on Hapis Manifest
André Straubmeier main/#21515 1:52 PM
Really fixed grass missing on first connect (RUST–1719)
Vincent Mayeur main/#21514 1:50 PM
RUST-1726 - Missing walls / floor at military tunnels
Damian Lazarski main/#21513 1:42 PM
Fixed rocket scaffolding loading issues
Alex Webster main/#21512 1:29 PM
wood model fbx
Alex Webster main/#21511 1:29 PM
updated wood worldmodel & lods
André Straubmeier main/#21510 1:22 PM
Barren has roads
Vincent Mayeur main/#21509 1:20 PM
did this slip
Vincent Mayeur main/#21508 1:17 PM
A whole lot of dressing optim and distance tweakage
Petur Agust main/#21507 12:46 PM
Hapis ore fix.
Petur Agust main/#21506 12:28 PM
Negative trigger fix.
Petur Agust main/#21505 12:24 PM
Final scene stuff maybe
Damian Lazarski main/#21504 11:49 AM
Removed creeping plants from rocket factory interior for performance reasons
Damian Lazarski main/#21503 11:22 AM
Simplified material setup for rocket factory interior
Damian Lazarski main/#21502 11:00 AM
Added static doors
Petur Agust main/#21501 10:55 AM
Coal piles use gravel colliders instead of solid rock More scene bugs
André Straubmeier main/#21500 10:32 AM
Potential fix for RUST-1724
Petur Agust main/#21499 10:23 AM
No-wrapped some light textures Scene bugzzz
Damian Lazarski main/#21498 10:19 AM
Fixed JIRA bugs Fixed missing coliders Adjusted LOD/cull distances Adjusted misaligned collision/rendermeshes
André Straubmeier main/#21497 10:13 AM
Fixed grass missing on first connect
Vincent Mayeur main/#21496 10:09 AM
static doors differentiate from normal doors in texture (burnt/dirty)
André Straubmeier main/#21495 9:53 AM
Removed pointless distance check from PlayerModel.cs SpineIK (just use net distance)
André Straubmeier main/#21494 9:50 AM
Fixed yuge wood worldmodel
André Straubmeier main/#21493 9:46 AM
Fixed bulge around junkpiles
Vincent Mayeur main/#21492 9:42 AM
static doors remaining doors version
Damian Lazarski main/#21491 9:28 AM
Walkway LOD distances
Vincent Mayeur main/#21490 9:27 AM
Plenty of bugfixing
Vincent Mayeur main/#21489 9:09 AM
loot spawns end
André Straubmeier main/#21488 9:04 AM
Removed individual barrels from roadside as they tend to block junkpile spawn positions
Damian Lazarski main/#21487 9:01 AM
Rocket scaffolding. Increased texel density. Moved pivot closer to the object.
André Straubmeier main/#21486 8:58 AM
CraggyIsland has some roadside topology
Vincent Mayeur main/#21485 8:52 AM
loot placement backup
Damian Lazarski main/#21484 8:50 AM
Added stair collision to rocket factory roof
Damian Lazarski main/#21483 8:39 AM
Fixed ladders inside warehouses
Vincent Mayeur main/#21482 8:30 AM
static unopenable doors now have a keylock on display as a visual cue that the door is locked
Vincent Mayeur main/#21481 8:25 AM
rocket_crane lifts have no roof to avoid colliding/entering the top machinery box
Vincent Mayeur main/#21480 8:16 AM
rocket_crane_cage text decals removed
Vincent Mayeur main/#21479 8:12 AM
hobo barrel model/LODs
Maurino Berry main/#21478 4:48 AM
launch site loot spawn setup added a dozen hobo barrels to launch site
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21477 1:18 AM
Song tweaks Fix previously scheduled clips fading out instead of canceling playback if intensity reduces before they play
Maurino Berry main/#21476 12:34 AM
fixed missing bonus/change effect on cave ores
5 July 2017
Maurino Berry main/#21475 11:31 PM
vending machine perf
Maurino Berry main/#21474 11:24 PM
vending machines display their available contents on the minimap fixed instock exploit
Maurino Berry main/#21473 10:05 PM
added static hobo barrel added hobo barrel to lighthouse fixed cave ores being oldschool removed debug.log from gibbable
André Straubmeier main/#21472 7:39 PM
Potential fix for fucked up world gen Network++ Save++
Maurino Berry main/#21471 7:13 PM
barrel sounds
Maurino Berry main/#21470 7:00 PM
fixed invisible barrels near sphere tank
André Straubmeier main/#21469 5:24 PM
Merge from save146
Petur Agust main/save146/#21468 4:37 PM
Testable Hapis
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21467 4:32 PM
New lift prefabs Updated manifest
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21466 4:14 PM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21465 4:09 PM
This changed
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21464 3:58 PM
Updated manifest file Potential lift fix
gooseman main/#21463 3:48 PM
fixed bug with players not showing their correct spine orientation at short distances
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21462 3:41 PM
Updated spawn prefabs (some stuff for Barren and some reordering)
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21461 3:38 PM
Removing some old unused prefabs
Alex Webster main/#21460 3:31 PM
viewmodel organisation - clean export for medical syringe
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21459 3:30 PM
Fixed rocket factory tower lod distance
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21458 3:29 PM
Network++ Save++
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21457 3:14 PM
this one slipped through commits
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21456 3:02 PM
Lift colider fix Launch site Scene2Prefab
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21455 2:58 PM
More aggressive lods on rocket factory objects and walkways
Maurino Berry main/#21453 2:31 PM
chunkier barrel hit sound barrel gib effect pickup items play a sound instead of moving to inventory silently gibs have an 'explode' option to push them away from the source object
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21452 2:21 PM
lifts were missing a decal renderer script
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21451 2:11 PM
Driftwood can be gathered
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21450 1:42 PM
Removing greybox models left from prototyping time
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21449 1:37 PM
mtl fix on old train crane added grass displacement to Trash-pile-1 otherwise lost in grass
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21448 1:35 PM
Lifts / roofless variants
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21447 1:21 PM
driftwood material tweaks
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21446 12:53 PM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/#21445 12:47 PM
Cherry picking 21442 and 21443 Adjusted temperate biome ore distribution (50% stone, 25% metal, 25% sulfur instead of 33% each)
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21444 12:06 PM
Merge from main
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21443 12:06 PM
Adjusted ore spawn rules so they really only spawn near rock formations
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21442 11:55 AM
PrefabParameters is now a PrefabAttribute
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21441 11:38 AM
Adjusted terrain anchors on the launch site
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21440 11:31 AM
Adjusted terrain anchors on all monuments and caves (except launch site)
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21439 11:28 AM
Rocket factory changed lift leading to the roof
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21438 11:09 AM
Terrain anchor improvements
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21437 11:03 AM
Fixed turbine colider
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21436 11:02 AM
Made going down the crane more obvious
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21435 10:56 AM
Junkpiles only spawn next to roads and powerlines Junkpiles no longer align to the terrain normal
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21434 10:55 AM
TerrainAnchorGenerator takes offset range
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21433 10:54 AM
Increased riverside / roadside topology radius
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21432 10:39 AM
Way down the rocket crane
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21431 10:21 AM
break down of rocket_crane_floor_b removed some rods on rocket_crane_lift_shaft
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21430 10:00 AM
Fixed intersection between rocket and scaffolding Fixed rocket factory trim colider Fixed invisible blockers Fixed support beam colision Fixed gaps in warehouses Fixed missing coliders on turbines Fixed modular pipes turning black Fixed portacabin stairs
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21429 9:22 AM
Added checkpoint to airfield entrance
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21428 8:53 AM
replaced lift to update prefab-id / scene2prefab
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21427 8:39 AM
Launch site scene update / scene2prefab
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21426 8:36 AM
rocket crane procedural lift prefab / manifest
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21425 8:26 AM
perimeter wall decal mtl set to cutout
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21424 8:21 AM
white pipes mtl tweaks
4 July 2017
Maurino Berry main/#21423 10:50 PM
fixed ores sometimes not giving the bonus on completion fixed sand/snow ores not giving proper hqm yields
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21422 9:43 PM
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21421 8:44 PM
Added outdoor environment type (use when no darkening should be applied)
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21420 8:32 PM
Added blend map and terrain anchors to launch site Enabled hierarchy flattening on launch site (performance)
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21419 8:30 PM
Added terrain blend map support (when used monuments blend their heightmap with the blendmap falloff instead of the basic radial falloff)
Petur Agust main/save146/#21418 7:36 PM
Scene Lighting Driftwood isn't wetter than the surrounding terrain
Petur Agust main/save146/#21417 6:39 PM
Scene stuff Light tweaks.
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21416 5:51 PM
Serialization fix
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21415 5:08 PM
LOD scripts take distance mode (XYZ or XZ) - useful for lifts
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21414 3:55 PM
Baked more vertexpro bs to assets Launchsite scene update
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21413 3:45 PM
Adjusting lift destination height
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21412 3:36 PM
launchsite lifts placement for test
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21411 3:29 PM
Lift saves and loads the current floor
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21410 3:29 PM
prefab, manifest
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21409 3:19 PM
renamed a prefab
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21408 3:17 PM
Lift prefabs, manifest
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21407 2:42 PM
Warehouse occluder Rocket factory occluder
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21406 2:27 PM
Added ProceduralLift (baseline for lifts that aren't animator-controlled and can have multiple stops)
Petur Agust main/save146/#21405 2:12 PM
hapis stuff
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21404 1:09 PM
Launchsite scene2prefab
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21403 1:05 PM
Additional warehouse LOD Support beam LOD/COL/Prefab Fixed door scaling Ground pipe hole LOD/COL/Prefab
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21402 1:03 PM
Reduced wind on creeping plants
Petur Agust main/save146/#21401 12:27 PM
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21400 12:20 PM
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21399 12:05 PM
Fixed some missing script references in overgrowth_dressing (pending Scene2Prefab)
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21398 10:42 AM
Caves Scene2Prefab
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21397 10:36 AM
Fix for RUST-1698 - Building / raiding outside of caves / Light well cap model now uses a collider
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21396 10:30 AM
Fix for RUST-1694 - Double door at powerplant
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21395 10:28 AM
Fix for RUST-1697 - Inaccessible loot spawn in military tunnel mines
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21394 10:00 AM
Forest dead branch clutter collider shouldn't block movement anymore Stone collectables and tree stump displace grass around themselves
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21393 8:47 AM
Merge from main
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21392 8:40 AM
Tweaks for wind intensity on foliage (tall grass clusters, bushes)
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21391 8:09 AM
tweaks / fixes to scene
Alex Rehberg main/music-v2/#21390 12:21 AM
Smarter dynamic music clip loading/unloading (only load needed sections instead of whole songs at a time) Sync improvements Bugfixes Minor optimization & cleanup
3 July 2017
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21389 10:46 PM
Portacabin walkway LODs/COL/Prefabs Pavement merge and vertex paint Door rotation fixes Fixed colision material on ground Fixed vertex paint on ground LODs Created placeholder loot placement
Petur Agust main/save146/#21388 8:17 PM
André Straubmeier main/#21387 6:39 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Petur Agust main/save146/#21386 5:23 PM
scene stuff
André Straubmeier main/#21385 5:15 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
André Straubmeier main/#21384 4:04 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Petur Agust main/save146/#21383 3:49 PM
scene stuff
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21382 3:45 PM
Removed random 0.33 sky reflection multiplier (set on sky dome instead)
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21381 3:44 PM
Copying changes from hapis5
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21380 3:30 PM
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21379 3:02 PM
Office interiors, occluders removed on glass panels segments
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21378 2:59 PM
Loot spawns Made rocket factory exterior render further
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21377 2:52 PM
Re-committing Damian's changes
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21376 2:44 PM
re-committing cave changes
André Straubmeier main/#21375 1:54 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
André Straubmeier main/#21374 1:53 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Petur Agust main/save146/#21373 1:28 PM
scene stuff
André Straubmeier main/save146/#21372 1:24 PM
Merge from hapis5
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21371 1:23 PM
Rocket factory / scene/lod/colider fixes
André Straubmeier main/#21370 1:19 PM
Subtracting 21367 (should've gone to save146)
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21369 1:13 PM
Full surface of small and medium cave rooms now buildable for players (no surface restriction). Large room remains unchanged
André Straubmeier main/#21368 1:05 PM
Removed a bullshit 0.33 reflection multiplier from MainCamera (set on sky dome)
André Straubmeier main/#21367 12:10 PM
Merge from hapis5
Petur Agust main/hapis5/#21366 12:04 PM
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21365 11:44 AM
Updated StagPoint HTN Planner to a version I got from the developer. Tweaked it's code to work to my benefit / not bug out. Migrated my code from RC1 to latest version. Feels a bit too unstable to use in production yet. Learned a lot from it though.
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21364 11:25 AM
Rocket factory ground
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21363 11:06 AM
Rocket factory exterior LOD/COL
Petur Agust main/hapis5/#21362 9:56 AM
scene stuff proper terrain4.asset
Vincent Mayeur main/save146/#21361 9:53 AM
Silo occluder is on correct layer now Fixed jumping distance on jmp puzzle launchpad Fixed office building ladder angle Fixed gaps between doors & doorframes, geometry gaps Planter material fix Missing rods collision on giant floodlights Splat painting pass
2 July 2017
Damian Lazarski main/save146/#21360 4:36 PM
Rocket factory LOD/COL/Prefabs
Petur Agust main/hapis5/#21359 10:45 AM
Petur Agust main/hapis5/#21358 10:21 AM
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21357 9:31 AM
Merged from main
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21356 6:52 AM
First iteration on HTN Planner (agent is not doing much yet).
ptrefall main/humanoidNPC/humanoidNpcPlanner/#21355 6:50 AM
First iteration of Cover point detection system.