792 Commits by 14 Authors. 31,625 files added, 1,336 deleted, 1,411 moved.
31 January 2015
some 3rd person animations for the pump shotgun
Garry Newman
Debugging not being able to wake up
Stacking fixes
Fixed stack splitting dupe bug
Catch & report RPC exceptions nicer
Fixed EAC banned users sometimes not getting kicked properly
Petur Agust
Brute force merge without any lube./legacy-terrain
Making plastic behave./legacy-terrain
Splats and stuff./legacy-terrain
Terrain files./legacy-terrain
Diogo Teixeira
Changed legacyterrrain splat control textures from rgba1+rgba2 to rgb0+rgb1+rgb2 Fixed control map being tiled in shader when in edit-mode/legacy-terrain
30 January 2015
Garry Newman
Forgot this file
Fixed NRE in RandomDynamicPrefab.EnterView If network exception disconnection, tell server what the exception was Handle main menu news not loading properly Fixed blurry menu texture Fixed UI scaling wrong on 4:3
Fixed some player chat messages just printing "SERVER" Fixed white line on Steam avatars
Fixed not being able to drag from belt bar or some of loot bar Put corpse inventory container first (temp hack, so can loot corpse body)
Fixed being able to drag empty icons Added Pickup notifications
Tweaks menu - sound + input options, fps graph Fixed String.ToInt not working as designed Fixed graphics.quality not changing all quality settings Updated phrases
Removed ConsoleSystem.ConvarChanged Updated ConvarWater to use new convar callback
Belt bar selection highlight
Scene2Prefab - optionally don't update unchanged scenes
Hide vital warnings if they're not vital Show main vitals in inventory menu
Fixed all chat being "text"
Fixed background blur in dev scenes Fixed steamworks error on shutdown
Handle www error when downloading news images Handle retry connection error when missing server address Handle ConsoleSystem.Build when passed a null object
Diogo Teixeira
Added experimental tiling per splat; only on legacy shader atm Unbroke blend mask toggle
Attempt at fixing TerrainPaint splats going retard sometimes
Terrain atlas generator now throwing error on invalid splat texture size
Added blend masking toggle to TerrainPaint, for debugging purposes Fixed TerrainPaint mismatched splat channel ordering in play mode
Added TextureUtil class along with TextureUtil.ReadCompressedPixels from Texture2D
Added terrain texture Bake replace request dialog
Forgot updated icon metas
Fixed legacyLevel2 not playing for petur Added control map channel indicator to splat icons
Fixed terrain normal texture scene connections and updated metas
Changed normal texture importer format from bump to advanced + auto_compress; manual swizzle, consistent with runtime Added andre's changes
NPC no longer jump far ahead after being updated slowly.
Started to unify flee and retreat./animal
Alex Webster
Added skinned male variant head with LODS
André Straubmeier
Added some randomization to rad towns 2 and 3
Added randomized mushrooms to more trees
Fixed pointless allocations in AISense Changed AIObstacleRedirect to AISenseRedirect
Fixed ItemIcon shader being grayscale on OS X
Fixed two script class name fuckups
Missing file
Strip server-only components on client build
Removed editor checksum debug log
More layout width for the info fields in the F1 menu
Added world seed, size and checksum to system info
Wait two frames between world generation steps to guarantee UI refresh
Terrain map extension refactor Reduced RAM usage by making some textures readonly once they're no longer required by the CPU Reduced RAM usage by never turning biome and topology data into textures Reduced VRAM usage by compressing the normal map at runtime
Petur Agust
Bunch of terrain texture V2 renames.
New island stuff.
Maurino Berry
merge from main/metabolism2
updated the some sound effect names so they match the other weapons
added dryfire anims and sounds for all of the weapons; fixed some clipping problems with the thompson reload added ironsight animations for the pump shotgun
29 January 2015
André Straubmeier
Converted terrain normal map bake to tangent space (shaders need updating) Made AssetStorage override previously stored PNGs/terrain-tangent-normalmap
Made rad town placement attempt upper bound more sane
Added grass to TestLevel because why not
Added grass to LegacyLevelTerrain
Added level randomization scripts (toggle objects on monuments, spawn seed-synchronized clientside objects) Added missing prefab references to prefab scenes Added second ranomized entrance to radtown_small (test) Added third game manager (only used for decor if inside the editor) Fixed all decor having stripped meshes inside the editor
Added Prefab.LoadRandom Added GameManager.CreatePrefab overloads that take a parent transform Added RandomDecor class Made all ICullable components get removed serverside Moved mushroom prefabs to decor Added randomized mushrooms to a certain tree prefab (test)
Forgot early exit if no spawnable component is present
Added spawnable component to loot barrel 2 Made spawn handler log an error if a prefab does not have a spawnable component
Unity keeps modifying this
Changed ParentRedirect to AIObstacleRedirect Strip some unused components from trees if clientside
Reapplied changeset 5154 to UIScene Split UI into pixel-perfect and scaled parts (required for FPS graph, testing for branding)
Diogo Teixeira
Switched terrain normal textures to compressed tangent-space; updated terrain and water shaders
forgot something
Switched some fragment level tex2Dlod to tex2D for performance + a super tiny shader opt Added explicit Linear texture option to AssetStorage.Save and TerrainMap; enabled bypass RGB sampling in a couple NormalTexture Enabled back blending between base normal map and splat detail normals (now fixed)
Fixed corner case properly following broader robustness testing
Fixed corner case in atmospheric blend; pending robustness testing
AISense no longer adds redundant obstacles.
NPC movement no longer creates garbage.
Option<T>.isEmpty no longer creates garbage.
NPC population logging now includes player count.
NPC population is now logged just before respawning.
Fixed how AISense handles AIObstacleRedirect.
Fixed AIObstacleRedirect merge problem.
Merged NPC steering changes.
Garry Newman
Confusing ConsoleSystem.Run refactor
Craft queue info in blueprint list Right clicking blueprint cancels queue'd craft
Fixed blurry steam avatars
Increased blueprint scrollwheel sensitivity
Blueprint icon
Added missing references finder util Fixed a bunch of missing references
Fixed drag icons from belt bar not showing Fixed belt bar movement on click/drag Inventory menu selected items get unselected properly Fixed inventory contents sometimes being all shirts Optimized inventory network updates when moving +stacking items
Fixed sleeping bag options not showing if locked by timer Fixed sleeping bag not renaming is name is long/short Made spawn in sleeping bag spawn in the right sleeping bag Fixed sometimes respawning where you died
Proper item description translations Fixed translations breaking newlines
Added Rust.Application.isQuitting
Server compile fixes
Fixed menu not hiding when creating game in editor Fixed dialog not swallowing keys Can escape out of dialogs Redesigned sleeping bag dialog Redesigned code lock dialog Code lock dialog has beeps Sleeping bag rename dialog selects input area, fills in current value
updated native dlls
Fixed NREs
Fixed leather sleeping bag missing rename dialog
Maurino Berry
merge from main/metabolism2
updated radzone amounts/metabolism2
radiation changes back in/metabolism2
merge from main/metabolism2
merge from main again/metabolism2
merge from main/metabolism2
updated radiation to work somewhat properly/metabolismupgrades
wm_ version of the pump shotgun.
animations and sound effects all done for the view model pump shotgun
Vincent Mayeur
swizzled green channel
Forgot to check in the updated roof materials for stone roof
Hangar building 1 - LODs,collision,prefab scene and some texture tweaks.
Petur Agust
28 January 2015
Garry Newman
Fixed serverbrowser not working
Fixed RustBuild not always reporting build errors properly
EAC server update
Merging UI Reboot into main
merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Prefab rebuild/UI Reboot
protocol++ ui tweaks fixed player preview with new light modes made health/calories/hydration functional fixed time using device time/UI Reboot
Updated phrases/UI Reboot
meta files/UI Reboot
removed html folder/UI Reboot
Organised UI prefabs/UI Reboot
merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Organising cs files/UI Reboot
Client idefs/UI Reboot
merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Item splitter ui Fixed buttons highlighting when not mouse over Fixed blueprints initial order/info/UI Reboot
SelectedItem panel hide/show Right dragging drags one from stack Middle dragging drags half from stack/UI Reboot
Fixed player eye position not always updating Fixed not stopping looting when moving away Fixed items being lost by moving into non existant slots Added loot panel/UI Reboot
UI Scaling tweaks/UI Reboot
Main menu stuff/UI Reboot
merge fix/UI Reboot
merged changes from main/UI Reboot
André Straubmeier
Removed some unused files from the base project folder
Fixed net_env being disabled
Scene updates to reflect SplatOverlay rename
Added terrain slope based flow direction to water animation (laying the foundation for proper waves)
Fixed god rays being invisible
Diogo Teixeira
Fixed atlas gen compilation warnings Fixed base normal map sample in legacy terrain
Multi-threaded atlas generator
Removed duplicated fields from terrain atlas set editor
Fixed terrain splat apply to allow arbitrary texture sizes
Fixed warning in standard terrain shader gui Added back base normal override along with vertical flip toggle (terrainpaint) for testing Cleaned up legacy terrain stuff; created one for Petur that plays ball with existing terrain extensions
forgot to add...
Brought back glossy env to terrain shaders; in b21 env cubes are now correctly assigned to terrains Reverted back to detail normals; blending with terrain normal needs work Added custom terrain shader inspector to overcome what seems to be a b21 bug: lack of real-time updates Fixed d3d9 compilation errors in water shader
Petur Agust
Files for Diogo.
Missing files.
Terrain files.
Testleveltrees & mats.
Terrain mats
Switched steering back to 3D. Fixed AIObstacleMesh collision detection./animal-steering
Improved steering interest, danger, and obstacle intensities./animal-steering
NPC steering is now two dimensional./animal-steering
Merged changes from main./animal-steering
deploy / fire / holster animations for the pump shotgun.
Maurino Berry
merge from main/metabolismupgrades
rad changes/metabolismupgrades
27 January 2015
Garry Newman
Player preview tweaks/UI Reboot
Chat working Steam Avatar icons/UI Reboot
Phrase updates Blueprint/Craft UI/UI Reboot
player preview item selection selected item info item commands item icon shader/UI Reboot
Animal death logs now include biome and topology.
Animals once again spawn in every biome. Reduced chicken spawn chance.
Animals now only spawn in the temperate biome.
Maurino Berry
easier to hear players
Vincent Mayeur
Adding a new roof shingle texture, stone shingles this time
Building skin Tier1 meshes/textures/materials/prefabs
Alex Webster
Fixed torch issues (being in unlit position when lit)
Added lit torch deploy animation
André Straubmeier
Time of Day update to 3.0.0 prerelease 6
Never strip TOD PP shaders
Added generic uGUI graph class Converted FPS graph to uGUI
26 January 2015
Garry Newman
EntityComponents can contain RPCs Drag and Drop progress/UI Reboot
Merge fix/UI Reboot
merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Skip death screen on join if useless to player Added ListComponent (like singletoncomponent, but keeps a list of instances) UI WIP/UI Reboot
Merge fixes/UI Reboot
Merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Texture size/compression tweaks
Fixed water shader errors
Builder use b21
Fixed ragdoll errors on u5b21
tweaked some 3rd player animations for the rifle. added some new pump action shotgun animations
Petur Agust
Missing files.
Terrain concept tile updates, and files for underwater stuff.
Changed the water.
André Straubmeier
Updated standard assets to b21
Removed unused code from system info Fixed decor ordering being ambiguous for bushes Protocol++
Switched system info mono section to direct calls
Added system info tab to F1 menu
Merge from Time of Day
Unity 5 beta 21/timeofday
Diogo Teixeira
Fixed white terrain on dev
Updated shaders to integrate better with b21 changes
Alex Webster
Fixed issues with torch 3rd person anims/effects not working properly (player controller)
25 January 2015
André Straubmeier
Made atmosphere render in scene view even if the game view uses the atmosphere / aerial perspective image effect/timeofday
Garry Newman
Fog fix
24 January 2015
André Straubmeier
Reverted GlobalFog to the default import (aerial perspective is now its own image effect)/timeofday
Fixed water writing to depth on Windows/timeofday
Subtracted revert/timeofday
Merge from main/timeofday
Time of Day update to 3.0.0 prerelease 5
Trying synchronous reflection probe updating to see if that fixes the reflection probe issues Tweaked water material reflection intensity
Scene updates
Updated water
Merge from Time of Day
Merge from main/timeofday
Time of Day update to 3.0.0 prerelase 4 Added native support for aerial perspective Made aerial perspective depth calculation physically based Allows for fog that is unrelated to aerial perspective Combined sky and ground passes into a single pass/timeofday
Garry Newman
merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Reverted water breaking changes
UI WIP/UI Reboot
Merge fixes/UI Reboot
merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Undone maxunack checks (should fix client input freeing)
Petur Agust
Cleanup & files for Diogo
Slightly toned down the dreamlike bloom.
23 January 2015
Maurino Berry
removed debug.log call
AI now remember their current action's score./animal
Merged changes from main./animal
Removed fake CanSleep check./animal
Animals now sleep in the woods instead of directly on their spawn point. Sleeping animals are no longer disturbed by resource nodes./animal
NPC now flinch when attacked./animal
Fixed NPC animation state./animal
AISense.Think no longer called twice./animal
Removed short NPCAI time warnings.
Merged changes from main./animal
Merged NPC steering improvements.
rigged the sawed off shotgun and started animating it.
André Straubmeier
Fixed that underwater image effects looking insane (mostly caused by very bright height fog)
Updated water to latest version Fixed water shore fade and refraction
Hacky biome and topology map loading for TestLevel
Made monuments block other stuff from from spawning inside them as well
Added priority to decor scripts Added cull grid instance (still unused) Added field rocks to the arctic biome Gave rocks placement priority over bushes and made them block bush placement Tweaked rock terrain modifiers Tweaked bush scales Tweaked test cave Protocol++ (network + save)
Cull grid tweaks
Initial version of the dynamic cull grid
Garry Newman
Vitals boilerplate/UI Reboot
merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Slow connection tweaks
Lowered default maxunack, multichannel snapshots
maxunack convars
Alex Webster
Added simplified salvage axe idle, updated blends on controller
Updated salvage axe attack2 hit anim
Updated anim events for vm rock attacks
22 January 2015
Garry Newman
More network tweaks
Another network boner
Networkin boner
Spawner code formatting/cleanup
Should fix item warnings on server load
Use unacknowledged message count to work out if we're congested
Server timeout tweaks Fixed compile error
Added removemoderator Added removeowner
ban.banid commands now respond with confirmation + information if already banned Added unbanid <steamid> Tweaked network lerp Fixed ForcePositionTo not having the intended effect
Missing deletes
Updated Lidgren to latest Tweaked variables
Fixed bug in OnEnteredVisibility
HTML removal fixes/UI Reboot
Stripping out coui/UI Reboot
Stripping out coui Added VariableRefrence/UI Reboot
OnEnteredVisibility bug (bill) Network CreateEntity bug/UI Reboot
Merge fixes/UI Reboot
Merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Diogo Teixeira
Added assignable icon for placeholder/unused splat slot
Fixing errors in TestLevel and likely others as well
Generated a new terrain normal atlas; dirt height was bad
Fixed terrainLegacy shader base normal orientation to match detail normals; testLevel lighting now decent again Restored petur's last parallax tweak in testLevel's terrain mat
Moved editor code to place where editor code should be; ma bad
Added parallax to atlas terrain shader highest quality mode Added "Apply" button to TerrainSplatMapInspector; will write currently assigned spat/control maps into terrain's alphamaps (meant for import & edit) Got legacy terrain shader (8 splat), and procedural terrain shaders, ready for real-time editing avoiding addpass Switched TestLevel to atlas-based legacy terrain shader (8 splat); added TerrainPaint scripts for real-time editing Swizzled TestLevel splat/control maps to match procedural (aka standard) atlas ordering Replaced the barely noticeable splats thumbs with icons to terrain edit inspector; for quicker splat identification and selection (may be customized by the artists) Pushed my terrain code into andre's closet (just a couple files)
Slightly increased animal attack range./animal-steering
NPCSteering now ignores obstacles that are part of the NPC's target./animal-steering
NPCSteering interests < dangers < obstacles./animal-steering
Increased AIDanger intensity./animal-steering
AIDanger intensity can no longer be higher than AIObstacle intensity./animal-steering
NPCSteering no longer ignores obstacles approached from above or below./animal-steering
Waypoint.CreateRandom now tries to pick using TerrainFilter and falls back to an unfiltered point./animal-steering
AISense debug gizmos now show overlapshere casts./animal-steering
fixed bug with tap strafing causing massive amount of footsteps being spawned.
Maurino Berry
sadly reverted change to tool cupboards, they now block building again ( until we're ready for this change )
test change with tool cupboards, they no longer block building ( but are required for demolish, rotate etc)
adjusted drop rates of barrels/crates to be less generous radtowns will no longer be chock full of stuff upon server load
Merge into Main! Completely new lootspawn system that spawns barrels and stuff and rebalanced lootspawn entirely
merge from main/lootspawnchanges
adjusted spawn rates/lootspawnchanges
Rebalanced drop tables hazmat suit now makes you take more damage from attacks/lootspawnchanges
Alex Rehberg
Missing files for new sound system?
André Straubmeier
Prefixed native calls to prevent accidental usage in the future
Bush performance tweaks
Fixed me calling native simplex noise methods in the managed composite noise methods like an idiot
Made terrain map bakes store PNGs instead of Unity assets
Tweaked summit altitude
Protocol++ (network + save)
Merge from bushes-everywhere
Fixed random scale not being applied to tree meshes that spawn directly into terrain batching (without prior placeholder) Fixed random scale not being applied to tree meshes that spawn via network Increased the random scale range on all bushes/bushes-everywhere
Merge from main/bushes-everywhere
Fixed cave exploit that would allow to get inside a mountain
Cherry picked commit #5023 to main
Petur Agust
Various files & backup.
Improved tundra normal and heightmap.
Quickfixed forest normal and heightmap.
Much better normal and heightmap for terrain_dirt. Aka stones.
21 January 2015
André Straubmeier
Log noise fallback message if in safe mode as well/bushes-everywhere
Initial version/bushes-everywhere
Fixed server compilation (EffectRecycle)
Added more native noise backend logging
Spawn bright clutter rocks around bright decor rocks
Removed unsafe keyword from noise fallback
Added more details to the managed noise fallback exception
Improved native noise failure detection Added safemode argument (boolean)
Applied new dirt coloring to cave prefab
Updated dirt coloring under decor rocks
Protocol++ (network + save)
Merge from procgen4
Merge from radtown-prefabs
Added terrain anchor generator Fixed TextureToColor yielding incorrect results Fixed terrain modifier generator ignoring splat edge fade Updated radtown scenes Updated radtown prefabs/radtown-prefab-updates
Added dedicated lake noise Allowed forests to spawn in lower altitude areas/procgen4
Merge from main/procgen4
Added terrain to all rad town prefab scenes Updated terrain modifier generator for more control/radtown-prefab-updates
Petur Agust
Missing files.
Finalized 3 new ground textures.
New normal map for the new terrain dirt.
Maurino Berry
bugfix for disabling save on genericspawned items/lootspawnchanges
merge from main/lootspawnchanges
updated radtowns to use new loot system/lootspawnchanges
genericspawn save/load/lootspawnchanges
Fixed bug with DropToGroundLookAt Added LootContainer Refactored code for radial spawners/lootspawnchanges
merge from main/lootspawnchanges
GenericSpawn system for radtowns/lootspawnchanges
Garry Newman
Sleeping bag rename dialog/menu/rpcs Sleeping bag timer/UI Reboot
Death screen Multiple sleeping bag spawn buttons Sleeping bag timers Sleeping bag names Life stories boilerplate/UI Reboot
Connection status screen, disconnect, retry/UI Reboot
serverlist favouriting/UI Reboot
Merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Fixed AI danger steering.
ContextMap no longer produces NaN when given a vertical Vector.
Decision.State now works with AITarget./animal
Merged changes from main./animal
Fixed CC failure.
Reduced AIHandler time out.
Ops, increased AISense distance interval a bit.
Merged AI GC clean up.
Corrected NPCSteering profiler label./animal-sense
Fixed AI targeting./animal-sense
NPCLocomotion now rejects invalid movement goals./animal-sense
Reduced GC allocations by NPCSteering./animal-sense
Alex Rehberg
First pass at a more centralized sound system Move rock sounds to new system
fixed bug with the footsteps not playing when moving diagonally.
added an animations for the player bandaging his arm (1st and 3rd person)
Vincent Mayeur
Giant satellite LODs
Thomas Butters
checking in shotgun with material and textures
20 January 2015
NPCSteering.Goal is now a struct./animal-sense
Merged changes from main./animal-sense
AITarget once again uses a constructor./animal-sense
Converted Option to a struct./animal-sense
Tried to make AISense more shallow./animal-sense
AIDanger are now cleared every update./animal-sense
Temporarily disabled distance from center and elevation data in NPCSurvey.
RemoteLog.IsReady not longer crashes without a RemoteLog singleton.
Fixed animal sense properties./animal-sense
AISense once again uses structs./animal-sense
Garry Newman
Server browser sorting, history, joining/UI Reboot
Added tool to embed asset inside other asset Serverlist progress Localize component now adds to phrases Updated phrases/UI Reboot
Tweaks menu wip/UI Reboot
Sleeper screen/UI Reboot
Grooming in-game screens/UI Reboot
Merged changes from main/UI Reboot
André Straubmeier
Fixed Windows build being completely fucked Protocol++ (network + save)
Fiddled in the new sand texture because the old one is killing me
Added verification (+ fallback) of the set terrain resolution to the terrain generator
Protocol++ (network + save)
Merge from procgen4
Merge from main/procgen4
Tweaked heightmap parameters/procgen4
Tweaked checksum calculation/procgen4
Tweaked dune noise Tweaked hill frequency and amplitude Tweaked forest frequency and size in the arctic and arid biomes Slightly reduced size of the arid biome/procgen4
improved the 3rd person running w/ rifle animations. They look much more natural now.
Vincent Mayeur
Giant satellite generic door texture
Giant satellite polish - near final visuals
Made a better generic rust texture for blend layers
Maurino Berry
Furnace more expensive, torch default item, removed leftover common blueprints from loot tables
Diogo Teixeira
StandardBlendMaskShader: added separate UV transform for blend-mask/height map
Added long-sleeved t shirt model, textures, and prefabs
Updated mid-level jacket to work better with underlying layers
19 January 2015
Garry Newman
Merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Loading screen redux Don't spam commands into the console when loading config file/UI Reboot
PrefabPreProcess only process prefabs (in editor) More UI progress/UI Reboot
Refactored how GameManager works (to remove Realm usage)/UI Reboot
Merged changes from main/UI Reboot
Simplified Scene2Prefab to reference GameObjects instead of pathnames Can have multiple Scene2Prefab's per scene Scene2Prefab's don't have to be root objects Translate initializes automatically on first use Added Transform.GetSiblings<T>() Server browser WIP Added LocalizeText component (for localizing a UI.Text)/UI Reboot
NPCAI now uses Decision.State./animal
Set up AI decision curves./animal
Merged changes from main./animal
Added decision states to AI prefab./animal
Fixed a bug where new animals would immediately starve to death.
Maurino Berry
adjusted some preventBuilding radiuses updated sleepingbag model
lootspawn changes
André Straubmeier
Increased terrain resolution (4x) Added proper segmentation to heightmap generation Added dunes to heightmap generation Increased forest density, frequency and size Increased valid noise seeding range Optimized checksum generation/procgen4
Re-enabled threading in-editor
More detailed checksum mismatch logging
Made noise library use native implementation if possible, otherwise use managed fallback
Fixed the riduclous amounts of shininess on the chickens. They no longer look like they came out of a Lady Gaga video.
redid all of the animals' mecanim state machine. They transition to/from each state much smoother now (no more snapping from sleep --> awake)/animal
Diogo Teixeira
First version of custom environment Standard shader with CryEngine-style "Blend Layer" support
Mixing terrain splat normals with base terrain normals for more pronounced and detailed hill lighting
Alex Rehberg
Fix lit torch attack not playing strike effect
Alex Webster
Updated torch vm anims, changes to anim controller
Changed torch animator so both lit & unlit states work on one layer
Fixed new issue of not being able to hit objects with torch when lit
18 January 2015
Diogo Teixeira
Fixed terrain atlas set not saving slots Fixed terrain atlas generator not forcing read/write texture import settings Updated ProfileProceduralMap
André Straubmeier
Updated ProjectVersion
Forced alphabetical order when spawning decor types Protocol++ (network + save)
Converted TerrainTreeBatch to the new fast getter and setter in b20 Made clientside tree placeholders move when their owner entity is moved (fixes trees at origin, invisible trees)
Applied adjustments to the spawn handler object in the procedural map scene to the spawn handler prefab
Petur Agust
New island map stuff.
17 January 2015
Fixed how AI decisions calculate target intensity./animal
Started refactoring AI decisions./animal
tired / angry state animations for the wolf idle/walk/run added flinch animations for the wolf./animal
Garry Newman
Menu UI wip/UI Reboot
Updated to Unity5b20
16 January 2015
Alex Rehberg
Change torch attack sound when lit
Missing changes from ak74u first pass
Adjust waterpipe shotgun attack volume
First pass at ak74u sounds
André Straubmeier
Switched noise generation to managed backend (debugging)
Always log checksum if in-editor
Made procedural generation modular so that each part can be used standalone Forced GameManager prefab lists to be sorted by name for cross-compile consistency
Updated RustNative Updated prefab scenes Switched TerrainNoise to double precision (using native backend by default again) Protocol++ (network + save)
Only use native noise backend if editor, client and server
Fixed error console spam in main menu
Maurino Berry
Modified melee ranges to be shorter (and spear to be slightly longer) Increased melee cone for spears again, decreased melee cone for rocks fixed key lock status not showing key lock is default blueprint
halved radiation damage rock has wider attack cone
bandage and low grade fuel are default again
wooden spear no longer takes cloth to craft
Garry Newman
Fixed errors in PlayerModel scene
Disabled world checksum kick, logging instead
protocol++ (sorry guys)
RustBuilder - log exitcode with log file extract
Fixed some blueprint weirdness
Fixed cargo plane not networking its position
Building block guide now uses the right skin Fixed building block placement being akward, broken
Client - also output warning on map checksum join error
Fixed input weirdness when opening a menu (using an entity twice etc) Fixed it so you can stay ducked when a menu is opened
Disable EAC when running server in the editor
fixed player not moving his feet when taking really quick short steps.
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Imported DecisionFlex./animal
Merged changes from main./animal
Diogo Teixeira
Fixed splats not updating in legacy terrain
Unity5 b20/Unity5b20 Fixes
Merged from main/Unity5b20 Fixes
Doing legacy terrain texture binds on every update
Petur Agust
Terrain debug files
15 January 2015
Diogo Teixeira
Making sure prev added flip normal affects only the terrain material
Codemaid-ed and unix-ed atlas code Added toggle to legacy terrain in order to flip base normal, vertically
Fixed hardcoded path in atlas gen Added legacymap atlas set with placeholder settings
Locked splat names and ordering in atlas generator Restored splat names to layers in legacy terrain shader
Major changes in terrain atlas generator; now asset/descriptor based, paving the way for multiple atlases aimed at custom maps Fixed legacy terrain not updating world position const; was causing texture sliding
Fixed base normal not active on legacy terrain shader Tweaked some normal map settings
Maurino Berry
Added missing collision to some prefabs in radtown fixed barrels being too large
you now start with recipies for boneknife, spear, and stone hatchet + balance changes
fixed bug where lootables could become permenantly occupied
increased volume of trap sound slightly increased bear trap size
reduced thompson aimcone
ADS provides less recoil reduction crouching now provides recoil reduction
Fixed lootable corpse not dropping some of it's contents on death
merge into main
fixed codelock not showing status in green/red small storage is now default blueprint bear trap is now snap trap can no longer craft vagabondjacket + assaultrifle by default updated cupboard icon/mergefup2
fixed codelock not showing status in green/red small storage is now default blueprint bear trap is now snap trap can no longer craft vagabondjacket + assaultrifle by default updated cupboard icon/mergefup2
made torch light less pink
made corpses invulnerable to bullet damage
Cherry picked animation changes from animal branch.
Added TimeWarnings to NPCAI and RemoteLog.
Cleaned up RemoteLog fail safes.
Fixed animal stamina.
Animals now only have to travel 20m between foraging.
Game setup shouldn't have a RemoteLog component.
Merged animation changes from animal branch.
Subtracted animation changes./animal-merge
Merged missing animation changes from animal./animal-merge
Fixed a CC failure with DepletingMetabolism.
Merged foraging and sleeping animals. (again) Merged NPC logging. (again)
Fixed some problems with the merge./animal-merge
Merged changes from animal./animal-merge
Subtracted subtraction./animal
Merged from main./animal
Subtracted animal changes.
Fixed default map size.
Merged foraging and sleeping animals. Merged NPC logging.
Animals now accelerate 30% slower./animal
Fixed animal trap interest./animal
Merged changes from main./animal
fixed bug with the stag running like it's on crack cocaine. added tired/angry states to the stag. added flinching for the stag and bear./animal
added boar idle/walk/run animations for various states ( tired / angry ) added boar and wolf flinching (stationary / moving) fixed some issues with the bear anim controller./animal
Garry Newman
Fixed IsDestroyed warnings in dedicated server console
Reverted EAC native binary to the old .bundle format
Fixed lootablecorpse NRE
Fixed torch effects not disabling/enabling
Fixed torch animation lit layers
Native dll updates
Paper always craftable Fixed being able to fly by opening the console
Updated recipies
Reverted testlevel to non broke version
Retired TransformChangeMonitor Added EntityTransformNetworking component NPCs now call TransformChanged() manually Players now call TransformChanged() manually
Made all food edible
Fixed barrels respawning until they took over the whole world Barrels die properly when killed
André Straubmeier
Fixed BuildingTest scene Updated terrain map extension editor baking to store per-terrain instead of per-scene
Added editor baking support to all terrain map extensions (WIP)
Added splat modifier placement and anchor placement to TerrainModifierGenerator Updated radtown_small3 scene (not the prefab yet)
Vincent Mayeur
Fixed anchors for conditional meshes
Building stone skins meshes/textures/materials/prefabs
Alex Webster
fixed issues with torch controller ( was selecting wrong anims & length of blends were causing issues between states) Updated Torch vm anims
Petur Agust
Devlist and legacy terrain debug files.
14 January 2015
Foraging now has a separate duration property. Stag now flee half as far./animal
Reduced animal attack range. Animals now slow down while turning./animal
Reapplied NPC age and murder weapon logging./animal
Subtracted last commit because it had scene changes./animal
NPC death logs now include the creature's age and what weapon killed it./animal
Reapplied boar and stag stamina changes.
Halved boar and stag gallop stamina.
NPC survey is now profiled. NPC survey now includes total count./animal
NPC survey now includes topology and biome./animal
Merged changes from main again./animal
Merged changes from main./animal
The AI and Trigger layers can not interact./newitems1
NPC are now attracted to traps./newitems1
André Straubmeier
Fixed splat terrain modifier introducing some NaN values to the splatmap in certain cases Log errors if the heightmap or splatmap contain NaN values when calculating the world checksums
Added direct getters to TerrainTopologyMap and TerrainBiomeMap
Added fadeout distance and placement distance parameters to terrain modifier generator Converted radtown_small3 to use automatic terrain info extraction (WIP, not updating prefabs yet to remain compatible)
Made heightmap postprocessing run before placing monuments to keep it from offsetting adjusted terrain
Made terrain tree meshes spawn in OnEnable and despawn in OnDisable (instead of Awake and OnDestroy)/radtowns
Added TerrainModifierGenerator editor script Added fast single-pixel fallback if radius is zero to all terrain modifiers Added resolution setup to terrain meta inspector/radtowns
Maurino Berry
fixed out of order usage of RaycastAll in DropToGround fixed bug where corpses would disappear regardless if it took damage/was being looted corpses of objects killed by beartrap will hang around a looong time tweaked AR recoil
merge into main - AI should be attracted to traps now
merge fup/mergeerror
merge into main - AI should be attracted to traps now/mergeerror
merge from main/newitems1
vagabond jacket is better AR has a bit more recoil proper LOD's for bear trap
Added vagabond jacket
fixed the ak47 prefab. (it no longer reloads after every shot :)
speed up the eoka pistol deploy animation. seperated the torch lit/unlit attacks so they have their own distinc sound.
added some more animations for the bear angry state added sound fx for the various bear states./animal
Garry Newman
Compile error
Item list in the dev console Added inventory.giveid <itemid> <amount> Added inventory.givebp <itemid> Fixed local player model sometimes dying, causing invisible players
Compile fix
Fixed spanish translation in english phrases Updates scenes2prefab
Store the world checksum in the save too Protocol++
Merged radtown branch to main
Reverted procedural map/radtowns
Another radtown Fixed building snapping not working Fixed radtown radiation sphere not being a trigger Added server.radiation (servers can turn off radiation, debugging)/radtowns
Merge fixes Air drop package contains rare items Weapon collections loot spawns/radtowns
Main merge/radtowns
Shielded exception in PlayerPrefs.SetString
Chat quote bug
Bill Lowe
Adding myself to DeveloperList.cs
Petur Agust
Alex Rehberg
Tweak salvaged axe sounds
Adjust torch strike sound
Increase volume of bolt rifle deploy slightly
Tweak bolt rifle deploy sound
Tweak rock sounds
13 January 2015
Bill Lowe
- Added radtown_small2 scene + prefab - Some placeholder prop material and prefab fixes/radtowns
Maurino Berry
Bear trap deals multiple damage types
compile error fix for client
less recoil when aiming down the sight
Removed Armed flag
merge into main - bear trap and assault rifle changes
merge from main/newitems1
fixed small invoke bug/newitems1
updated manifest + phrases added bear trap guide/newitems1
merge from main/newitems1
added bear trap/newitems1
updated phrases/newitems1
missing icon/newitems1
Bullets are slightly more visible added assault rifle item increased thompson recoil and lowered damage/newitems1
messing about/recoilviewmodel
merge from main again/recoilviewmodel
merge from main/recoilviewmodel
fixed the ak47 deploy animation
Garry Newman
Converting Realm.Server() to isServer where possible
Added placeholders to flags starting from << 1 (fixes inspector)
Output chat to RCON properly again
Barrel loot Fixed radiation fuckup Fixed loot respawn times/radtowns
Airdrop uses new loot system Fixed airdrop always dropping into the middle of the map/radtowns
Lootspawn definitions/radtowns
Fixed player motion colliding with triggers Updated radtown_small/radtowns
Main merge/radtowns
Fixed "Prevent Build" layer doing nothing/radtowns
Don't throw unpushed realm errors outside of the editor
Updated EAC (no more kicks due to steam timeouts) protocol++
NPC now forage while idling if they are only slightly hungry./animal
NPC deaths are now remotely logged./animal
NPC population and position is now remotely logged./animal
Merged changes from main./animal
Blindly fixed a NaN error in NPCLocomotion.Move.
Diogo Teixeira
Switched to bicubic fetch on new legacy terrain shader; let's start with high quality
Added legacy terrain test code Added first version of legacy terrain shader (8 splat; atlas based) Renamed 4-splat legacy terrain shader used in testlevel
Disabled glossy env on terrain shaders; unity seems to fail binding the correct custom cube before rendering the terrain Tweaked testlevel terrain specular params
Updated the mid-level jacket so it doesn't have the player torso included. Also adjusted to work better with other separate pieces.
Added mid-level jacket models, mats, and prefabs.
Updated the basic shirt to use the metalness version of the standard shader. Also added a detail texture.
André Straubmeier
Added opacity parameter to all terrain modifiers Implemented global pass in all terrain modifiers/radtowns
Added checksum verification on connect/radtowns
Added "Blocked" terrain topology type Added TerrainTopologySet terrain modifier/radtowns
Added checksum to connection approval protobuf/radtowns
Increased sun mesh brightness and decreased moon mesh brightness to work better with bloom / lens dirt
Enabled reflection probes on OS X / Linux if in-editor (no problems there)
Added per-instance seed offset to all decor spawners to increase cross-instance spread/radtowns
Reapplied reflection probe disable patch for OS X / Linux
Time of Day update to 3.0.0 prerelease 3 Tweaked SH calculations to be more in line with default lighting Set ambient color (used in bottom hemisphere) to the same as the one in default lighting Temporarily reduced reflection cubemap intensity by 75%
Alex Rehberg
First pass at bone knife sounds
12 January 2015
Garry Newman
Trunk merge/radtowns
Crate prefab/radtowns
Picking up an item from the ground shows pickup notice Tweaked lerp rates Tree entities + Building Blocks have lerp disabled EntityFlag_Toggle component uses UnityEvent Properly mark generated LootSpawn properties as dirty when generating so they save DropUtil adds some angular velocity too/radtowns
Spawn Handler realming/radtowns
merging realm fixes from radtown branch
Loot boxes can be destroyed (and their contents spilled) Loot boxes can be respawnable/radtowns
Debug commands realm/radtowns
Fixed realm error when moving items in the inventory/radtowns
Save loot contents Loot regen Merge fixes/radtowns
Merged with trunk/radtowns
Tweaked server console colours
Fixed Locks not saving proper
Fixed nametag NRE Fixed NRE in status command Fixed viewmodel NRE Fixed NRE in DropItems Fixed NRE in SendPlayerState
Fixed realm weirdness (caused lock parenting to fail on client + other possible weirdness) Strip ParticleScaler from server builds Removed aimcone from bolt rifle Throw error if Realm not set
Renamed a few files
Server logs now go into server identity folder Server logs use windows newlines Fixed sometimes reverting to real world time
Updated to unity beta 19
Alex Rehberg
Add bone fragments to default inventory in unity editor
Diogo Teixeira
Tuned down terrain grass specularity; was more obvious at night with env refl
Fixed shadow mismatches in transitions from floors/terrains to walls/rocks, caused by ambient lighting SH (again)
added boar animations for angry / tired state. tweaked the bear's angry / tired animations.
André Straubmeier
Fixed NRE in NPCAI
Made SpanningTree capable of handling multiple disconnected subtrees
Added TerrainMeta inspector
Switched default in-editor compilation settings back to CLIENT+SERVER
Made setting up terrain extensions a bit less horrible Forced TerrainMeta to be present on terrains with extensions
Added dummy implementation of ServerConsole on OS X / Linux
Fixed base 3 having no collision.
11 January 2015
André Straubmeier
Fixed cloud shader compilation on Windows
Time of Day update to 3.0.0 prerelease 2 Updated PlayerNameTag and AtmosphericBlend
Removed Google Analytics tooltip attribute and drawer as they override and break the default Unity tooltip attribute
Garry Newman
Disabling message recycling (test) Enable fps.limit for servers Temp fix for syringe exception
Diogo Teixeira
Fixed shadow mismatches in transitions from floors/terrains to walls/rocks, caused by ambient lighting SH Patched terrain shaders to include glossy env reflections, in order to better match other objects like rocks
10 January 2015
Homing no longer starts with a perpendicular waypoint if called after an idle period./animal
NPC homing now immediately succeads if already home./animal
NPC no longer flip in and out of a sleeping state while sleeping./animal
Height map fallback now logs a warning./animal
NPC now use a fallback to snap to terrain when there is no height map./animal
NPC now return home before sleeping./animal
NPC now sleep when tired./animal
Diogo Teixeira
Restored custom deferred shader
Tuned down exagerated pvt parallax mapping Improved pvt parallax at mid-far distance
added an angry_idle pose for the bear.
9 January 2015
Animals can now die of sleep deprivation/animal
Merged changes from main./animal
Fixed player and NPC calorie burn rate.
Random waypoints once again use TerrainFilter.
Fixed forage calorie benefit. Herbivores can now starve to death in a day./animal
Garry Newman
Another swing at GetTriangleTransform fix - hitInfo.triangleIndex doesn't get set properly with SphereCastAll?
Error fixes
Clarified triangle index error
Fixed NRE in corpse dropping Future proof how RPCs are written/read Snap player back if they're somewhere they shouldn't be Fixed wooden walls using brick walls skin Protocol++
Server logging
Fixed GetTriangleTransform NRE Fixed error reporting not always reporting
André Straubmeier
Updated MenuBackground scene
Tweaked fog densities to work better with the updated scattering intensities (a physically based calculation will probably be required at some point)
Time of Day update to 3.0.0 prerelease 1 Added improved atmospheric scattering with planet shadowing Added horizon clouds Updated PlayerNameTag and AtmosphericBlend to work with the new version of Time of Day
added animations for the bear for when he's exhausted and breathing heavy from excessive running / attacking. added 3rd person animations for picking up / dropping an item / shoving a player.
turned off the base 'Overlay' layer when a player equips a weapon cuz it was redundant and it causing some glithces in blending. fixed spear poking animation so it doesnt look ridiculous when stabbing a rock and having the spear pull out.
Diogo Teixeira
missed one
Zeroed terrain shader splat count tag; just in case Fixed pvt compilation warning
PVT now using more settings directly from TerrainMeta Optimized terrain rendering by not setting any splat prototypes on the terrain; because Unity
Vincent Mayeur
fixed missing data on roof prefab
temp fix to the roof prefab - adding stone floor prefabs and new stonefloor_a textures
Progress on stone set, wall, doorway, window and third pieces with prefabs done
Alex Rehberg
First pass at revolver sounds
8 January 2015
Garry Newman
LootSpawn generation from existing items Blueprint icon hack Blueprint learning Stopped time resetting to current server time/radtowns
Trunk merge/radtowns
Fixed not being able to pick up dropped items
Exception fixes
Trunk merge/radtowns
Added player persistant data Blueprints restricted to player's unlock list/radtowns
Loot recipes system/radtowns
Mrege fixes/radtowns
Merged trunk/radtowns
Updated developer list
Network channels Congestion handler
Fix for Fix
Animals now all drop wolf meat.
Reduced animal acceleration.
Hard code decider intensities. Reduced calories burned each day by herbivores./animal
Fixed NPC diet initialization./animal
Animals can now forage for food./animal
3rd person fist fighting animations done.
Maurino Berry
merge from main/recoilviewmodel
fixed melee regression (much easier to hit things again now)
fix for bullet trails
Recoil system into main
minor formatting/recoilviewmodel
Added minor sway when in ADS/recoilviewmodel
merge from main/recoilviewmodel
fix for occupied boxes on server crash
merge from main/recoilviewmodel
7 January 2015
Garry Newman
Ran scenes 2 prefab to fix broken prefabs Fixed prefabs with missing components Fixed infinite loop in Tools/Find/Prefab Errors
Fixed campfires starting on after save/load Fixed dropped items sometimes not being removed
Fixed building block darken health effect Stability perf tweaks
Stability support eventually fail gracefully if no ground route found
Extra dedicated server stats
Can place supports/pillars on foundation/floor triangle Can attach floor triangles to each other (like normal floors)
Alex Rehberg
First pass at eoka pistol sounds. Fix eoka pistol firing twice at once
Merged endurance hunting and animal ranking from animal branch.
Merged changes from main. (and updated manifest)/animal
Fixed a CC problem with AIGroup./animal
Reformatted AI and NPC code./animal
NPC animation state now set using PostNetworkUpdate./animal
Fixed entity protobuf property order./animal
Animal species population now managed using prefab count parameter./animal
6 January 2015
Garry Newman
Cleaning up and optimizing stability system Loading a save pre-warms the stability system Added DebugServer/DebugClient callbacks if entity is in debug mode OnFlagsChanged gets called when entity flags change
Fixed torch flicking on for a second when swapped to
Fixed player belt inventory not really sending in snapshots
Include build time in error reports Fixed active weapon not always updating properly
Fixed missing walls etc
checking in some 3rd person animations for the hand2hand punches.
adjusted the pipe shotgun deploy so it's as quick as the other firearms.
Removed a stray debug log./animal/spawn
Animals now have a weighted spawn chance./animal/spawn
Commented basic NPC and AI classes./animal
Adjusted meat drop rate./animal
Merged changes from main./animal
Diogo Teixeira
Removed AmplifyMotion native-to-managed fallback warming Added exception guards to pvt table add and remove to avoid crash and display more info via warning
Vincent Mayeur
Adding today's progress (stonewall_a)
André Straubmeier
Refactored MinHeap in PathFinder and SpanningTree to generic IntrusiveMinHeap Added IntrusiveLinkedList, implemented by PathFinder.Node
Made terrain config get stored in an asset to be reused in all scenes
Updated water to latest version Added separate pass for beneath the water surface
Alex Rehberg
First pass at waterpipe shotgun sounds
5 January 2015
NPC attacks now align to target more quickly./animal
Fixed contest advance and retreat ranges./animal
Cleaned up how NPC join and leave groups./animal
NPC can now form groups. Contests are now a group mechanic./animal
NPC now update on the network correctly./animal
made the ak47 prefab use the "smg" 3rd person player animations.
made improvements to the third person rifle animations.
Garry Newman
Send player's belt inventory correctly No active weapon when sleeping
Fixed clothes not animating in PlayerModel.unity
Server diagnostics
More work queue optimizations
inGroundPathQueue = true
Workqueue profiling
Physics performance tweaks Fixed campfires not dealing damage properly
time and physics convars for server owners
André Straubmeier
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Disabled reflection probes on OS X and Linux to keep objects from being solid black (known issue: water is now white)
Updated water to latest version
Time of Day update to 2.3.5 prerelease 3 Added alternative higher-quality scattering model (still unused for now)
The lighthouse is now properly bigger, with remade LODs and fixed collision.
4 January 2015
adjusted the timing on the animal animations./animal
viewmodel / worldmodel prefabs for the ak47
sound fx / particle effects and prefabs for the ak47.
finished ak47 view model animations
André Straubmeier
Time of Day update to 2.3.5 prerelease 2 Updated sky prefab Updated AtmosphericBlend
Garry Newman
Stability performance vars Workqueue insight
Player prefab performance test
Temporarily preventing sending network update on stability var change
3 January 2015
Garry Newman
Entity list Entity stats
Setting up console window to host other developer tools
Another IsNaNOrInfinity check in AILocomotion
André Straubmeier
Tweaked day / night cycle to keep some of the aspects the recent bug caused, just in a non-buggy way
Time of Day update to 2.3.5 prerelease 1 Fixed nighttime progressing incredibly slowly
TargetStimulus no longer tracks velocity./animal
NPC now overshoot less often while chasing./animal
TargetStimulus now tracks velocity./animal
Renamed AISpeed to NPCSpeed./animal
Updated Behave to 2.5./animal
Started profiling Behave./animal
2 January 2015
Tidied NPC profiling./animal
NPC now briefly stop thinking and moving while they eat./animal
Merged changes from main./animal
NPC now set animation state when making decisions./animal
NPC now send an animation state property across the network./animal
Gave many of the animal classes a more generic name./animal
changed the animals to use 1 state variable, instead of separate variables for sleeping / eating / tired / etc..
1 January 2015
some animations for the ak47 view model; fixed a bug w/ rifle shell casing model.
Alex Rehberg
First pass at thompson sounds