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31 January 2016
Petur Agust
Missed files./hapis-unsuck
Southern sector./hapis-unsuck
30 January 2016
Garry Newman
Build item icons to correct folder (!)
improved the bear rigging/skin weighting (it deforms a bit better now when going into ragdoll)
Petur Agust
Closer to being unsucked./hapis-unsuck
29 January 2016
Vincent Mayeur
Concrete wall fence textures and materialprerelease_xp/dungeons_art
André Straubmeier
Allocation-free overlap physics queries SocketMod_EntityCheck uses entity vis class GamePhysics.Trace no longer tries to early-reject with a raycast (since TraceAll is now allocation-free) Better trigger handling in AntiHack/physics_updates
Stopped burlap sacks from rolling around and generally being annoying as fuck
Mushrooms and hemp use load balanced LOD system Tweaked collectable LOD ranges
Fixed invisible wood / stone / ore collectables (these need a proper model)
Fixed ImageEffectRedirect trying to call disabled image effects (fixes warning spam on broken / unsupported image effects)
Fixed being unable to attach square foundations to triangle foundations on the twig + wood building tiers
Garry Newman
EntityTransformNetworking check for changed positions
Fixed cupboard gibs errors
Updated CurrentVersion to 5.3.2
Added currentEntity to Raven reporter
Output SystemInfoGeneralText at startup, so it's availabel in crash logs
Diogo Teixeira
Fixed zeroed Screen.width/height breaking water code
Removed unused speedtree shader interpolator
28 January 2016
Garry Newman
Fixed full frame shit being pickupable like doors
Fixed full frame shit being pickupable like doors
RustBuilder uses 5.3.2p1
Fixed giveall returning when it should have continued
Call UpdateUserData for Steam
André Straubmeier
Wall frame building shell protection
Foundation deploy volume update for RUST-457
I'm feeling lucky: GamePhysics.CheckOBB now uses Unity's new Physics.CheckBox
Increased sleeping bag nobuild volume height
Got rid of legacy sleeping bag prefab
Tightened allwed ground deployment angle of shelves
Fixed the tornado of confusion that appears to have occured in the animal footstep folders
Fence protection properties (currently defined per-entity which is a bit meh) Fence prefab updates (projectile passthrough, impact effects)
Maurino Berry
fixed wall frame having lower health than doors
door cost balance
fixed silencer and other attachments being visible while scoped
adjusted hp and cost of new gates and fences
manifest + phrases + loot
merged scope into main
merge from main/private_scopestuff
scope implementation/private_scopestuff
Diogo Teixeira
Attempt at fixing glsl eye adaptation shader on 5.3.2p1
forgot dependency/standard-shader-refactor
Fixed deferred path to support deferred materials Finished standard metallic and skin (spec)/standard-shader-refactor
Finished standard-specular; second stage/standard-shader-refactor
First stage bloom replacement; aiming for temporal and spatial stability/bloom_2.0
Compilation warnings
Ambient lighting fixes for vertex lit surfaces (e.g. particles, speedtree LQ); touched all affected shaders
Transparent surface fog fixes and normal encoding updates; touched all affected shaders
Vincent Mayeur
Chainlink fences ready to place prefabs Powerplant dressing updateprerelease_xp/dungeons_art
dungeons modular chainlink fences models and LODsprerelease_xp/dungeons_art
merge from mainprerelease_xp
27 January 2016
Garry Newman
Craft window/hud boilerplateprerelease_xp/levelling
Scope shader (unused)
Tweaked pumpkin + corn plant lod levels
Fixed lookingAt accuracy issues (door vs lock, nearby boxes etc)
Start RCon sooner
Dumping item items and info in Bundles\items automatically (for people making websites, mods etc)
pumpkin plants live a max of 7 seasons pumpkin plants die after being harvested 3 times
Convar to enable/disable network caching Convars containing network + save cache size in bytes Don't store names in RPC cache (available in stringpool)
Convar to enable/disable network caching Convars containing network + save cache size in bytes Don't store names in RPC cache (available in stringpool)prerelease_xp/levelling
Vincent Mayeur
Fixed missing collisions in military tunnels after LOD'ing
Fix for RUST-543 / Codelock was under toptier door collision proxy
merge from floor framesprerelease_xp
Atlased floor hatch LODsprerelease_xp/floor_frames
merge from mainprerelease_xp
New frame blocks cost
Floor grill models, LODs, Gibs, Prefabs, Icon Screenshot scene updateprerelease_xp/floor_frames
ladder hatch lock dummy ladder volume toggleprerelease_xp/floor_frames
Phrases (fix for RUST-538)
Fixes for RUST-535, RUST-537, RUST-540
Maurino Berry
merge from main/private_scopestuff
Clothing edits/PlayerModel_Rework
26 January 2016
Garry Newman
Fixed changes not always savingprerelease_xp/levelling
More tech tree editorprerelease_xp/levelling
Tech tree editor progressprerelease_xp/levelling
Loot tablesprerelease_xp/levelling
Maurino Berry
disabled holosight dot projection for now ( improves jitter significantly )
supply drop bugfix
bugfix for attachment bonuses lasersight recoil reduction reduced to 15% lasersight hip/aim conefire reduced to half when active
bugfixes for laser/beam appearing off for other users under some conditions
Vincent Mayeur
merge from pre-releaseprerelease_xp/floor_frames
Merge from pre-release (wall frame and wall frame blocks / dungeons LODs) network++
merge from mainprerelease_xp
Socket offsets adjustments Animation speed fix Missing meta Frames and Screenshots scene updateprerelease_xp/floor_frames
Floor ladder hatch models, LODs, COLs, Gibs, Prefab setup, icon Animations Prepare prefabsprerelease_xp/floor_frames
frame building blocks models adjustments (lower lips biting into floor for some)prerelease_xp
André Straubmeier
Merge from main/conditional_models_2
LOD, batching and culling tweaks and fixes
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Ripped out the old conditional model system (refresh / process queues, building block extension) Disabled ModelConditionTest_Sphere globally (deprecated) Implemented conditional model system 2.0 baseline (managed by ConstructionSkin)/conditional_models_2
Diogo Teixeira
First stage rust/standard shader refactor/standard-shader-refactor
Beam/flashlight beam polish
25 January 2016
Garry Newman
Ripped the old blueprint system outprerelease_xp/levelling
xp admin commands xp unit test project level increase based on xpprerelease_xp/levelling
Library buildprerelease_xp/levelling
Merged with mainprerelease_xp
Steamworks update (server)
RustBuilder uses p4
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Missed changes
Steamworks update
Vincent Mayeur
Floor frames models, LODs, COLs, Gibs, Prefabs, Icon Prepare Prefabs Manifestprerelease_xp/floor_frames
merge from mainprerelease_xp
building frame blocks iconsprerelease_xp
all building frame blocks workingprerelease_xp
backup frames progressprerelease_xp
24 January 2016
Petur Agust
Refined more areas./hapis-unsuck
23 January 2016
Maurino Berry
beam updates
tweaked 3rd person look up/down animations so they more closely match 1st person
22 January 2016
Garry Newman
Fixed broken spectate
Touching these models that unity is compressing from 15kb to 1.5gb for some reason
Enabling low compression on all our meshes to see what happens
bind second argument doesn't need quotes
Enabled vertex compression in player settings
Model import defaults
Don't network spectating players
Fixed bug reporting error
Divide by zero error (uncommon)
EAC update
Diogo Teixeira
Updated lashlight beam to use new beam shader features
Nuked AO heap allocs
Added world based beam shadow; shadow intensity control for both animated and world
Fixed beam shadow uv tiling issues with variable beam length; now world scaled Replaced planar fade strength with actual angles; more intuitive
fixed 3rd person weapon alignment so it matches where the 1st person is pointing
changed material settings for some of the addon textures so they don't look so blurry from firstperson tweaked the 3rd person rifle pose so it's more aligned with the 1st person.
Vincent Mayeur
merging dungeons LODing and rocks optims / mesh compression to pre-releaseprerelease_xp
Third party meshes now use mesh compressionprerelease_xp/dungeons_crunch
All dungeons meshes now use mesh compression (even previous monuments)prerelease_xp/dungeons_crunch
Autospawn decor checkinprerelease_xp/dungeons_crunch
More distance tweaking, autospawn and dungeonsprerelease_xp/dungeons_crunch
Decor autospawn rock distances adjustmentsprerelease_xp/dungeons_crunch
Rocks compression Dungeons rocks LOD distance adjustmentsprerelease_xp/dungeons_crunch
Scene2prefab dungeonsprerelease_xp/dungeons_crunch
Big batch of dungeons LODs and drawcalls reductionprerelease_xp/dungeons_crunch
back up added frames test sceneprerelease_xp
Prepare prefabs Forgot iconsprerelease_xp
Added wall.frame to planner Added wall.frame iconprerelease_xp
building parts use atlased material and Renderer LODprerelease_xp
wall.frame linking and collisions pathsprerelease_xp
André Straubmeier
Added lodgrid convar (editor-only, pauses LODing if false)prerelease_xp/dungeons_crunch
Mesh batching for static quarry and pumpjackprerelease_xp/dungeons_crunch
Added frame construction socket type Updated wall frame / double door prefab sockets Fixed prefab ID on metal double doorprerelease_xp
Manifest (cc paroxum)prerelease_xp
Added tags to wall.frame prefab (though these are optional... I think)prerelease_xp
Made player movement more direct
Batching vertex count / submesh cutoff is adjustable via convars
Added refresh_colliders and refresh_renderers console commands
Added automatic mesh splitting to collider batching
Maurino Berry
merge into main
merge from main/beamupdates
updated beam effects (again) fixed 3p laser perf issues updated flashlight beam texture/beamupdates
laser recoil bonus nerfed to 20%/beamupdates
Petur Agust
21 January 2016
Maurino Berry
flashlight beam changes/beamupdates
laserbeam tweaks/beamupdates
first person laser prefers aiming accuracy over viewmodel accuracy updated beam shader for laser/beamupdates
merge into main
merge from main/lightpolishmerge
polished laser sight, is accurate to crosshair, beam enabled polished flashlight added flashlight beam in third person lasersight provides recoil reduction all weapons have an appropriate deploy delay removed underbarrel attachment slot from crossbow (no more laser/flashlight on it, its too f0cked)/lightpolishmerge
Diogo Teixeira
Beam shader + script fix/beamupdates
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Added "Particles/Beam"; similar to "Particle\Additive HDR" except with: shadow texture + planar fade + distance fade/lightpolishmerge
Garry Newman
EAC updates
Fixed NETRCV_ReadBytes returned false on suicide
reference coroutines by IEnumerator because stopping them with the Coroutine class throws errors (300 errors an hour)
Fixed keys.cfg overriding new keys added in keys_default.cfg
Fixed ent command NRE
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Compile fix
Updated launcher
Touching some meta files
Vincent Mayeur
merge from mainprerelease_xp
New Building frames prefabs setup WIP Animations and additional filesprerelease_xp
André Straubmeier
Yield a frame from time to time during stability warmup (temp fix for Multiplay killing our process on startup)
13066 rollback
Entity stability values are now saved and loaded Stability warmup is much faster (and almost free if values have been saved) Stability refresh is faster (terminates after less iterations) All stability parameters can now be adjusted by admins Stability distance from ground is displayed in the editor
Sign exploit fixes
Petur Agust
Supposed to be commited./hapis-unsuck
Alex Rehberg
Semi auto rifle sounds
merge from main/soundpolish
More tweaks & polish/soundpolish
Merge fixes/soundpolish
merge from main/soundpolish
Material specific melee weapon impacts New plant pick sounds Lots small sound tweaks/polish Mix tweaks/soundpolish
fixed all weapon ikhold positions so they work with bonescaling.
Boob bones, female cleanup./PlayerModel_Rework
20 January 2016
Garry Newman
EAC update
RustNative update
Unnammed becomes Unnamed
Simpler/nicer/actually working for for the view stretch thing
Updated GameConfig URL
Fixed possibilities of ghost items if giving to full inventories
Change FOV when screen aspect is high to avoid being able to side-eye through walls
Fixed some speeling mistakes
More cleanup
Downed rain collision quality
Removed unused materials
Unused substances
admin ent commands
Can throw melee weapons while running
Ran prepare prefabs
More tweaks
André Straubmeier
Roofs can no longer be placed downwards Reduced roof max placement distance
Refresh batched building mesh when rotating building parts
GamePhysics now uses the new allocation-free physics API
Maurino Berry
added light toggle to keybinds
merge into main
merge from main/merge_lights
bundle fixes brighter flashlight, narrower cone/merge_lights
manifest, again, test
updated loottables to include new attachments updated heli loot to drop new attachments
reduced costs of weapon attachments
lighttoggle defaults to F
merge into main
light toggle reliability/laserflash
Vincent Mayeur
new building parts current files progressprerelease_xp
merge from mainprerelease_xp
smoothed out the animal animations. The bear isn't so herky/jerky when he's attacking players.
19 January 2016
Maurino Berry
ak47u entity fixes/laserflash
merge from main/laserflash
lasersight and flashlight baseline/laserflash
Garry Newman
Sentry NRE fix protocol++
Replaced rain particles Removed rain falling on glass in front of eyes effect
Doors open/close 2x faster so sharrap
Sentry + ak worldmodel now uses new AK model
Undone door experiment
Removed unused textures/models Resized some oversized textures
Plugin proto
Profiling LookAt perf tweaks
Proto build
Door animation test
Tweaked anim events to prevent delete component in a callback errors
LookAt Tweaks
André Straubmeier
BuildingBlock protobuf update (backward compatibility)
SphereEntity for bawng
Entity spawn test console command (entity.create)
StabilityEntity protobuf stores distance from ground
StabilityEntity protobuf stability value is optional (backward compatibility)
StabilityEntity saves and loads cached stability value
StabilityEntity protobuf
18 January 2016
Garry Newman
Laying groundworkprerelease_xp/levelling
Rcon ban fixes
Merge from mainprerelease_xp
fixed bug with the beancan grenade fuse not disappearing fixed bug with the crossbow not showing the bolt when the player loads it, and then switches weapons.
Diogo Teixeira
Nuked deprecated ssao extensions
Patched normal decoding on AO just in case
Fixed skin shading in glcore (compiler bug); touched all potentially affected shaders
Increased water SSR cutoff slightly for perf tradeoff
Fixed water reflections on OSX
Fixed combine normals override shader
Patched particle fog to prevent future issues
Maurino Berry
eoka ladder fix
André Straubmeier
SphereEntity protobuf reference
SphereEntity protobuf
Merge from main/PlayerModel_Rework
Rework scene/PlayerModel_Rework
Female textures and cleanup/PlayerModel_Rework
17 January 2016
Vincent Mayeur
RUST 487 - No collision on silos at train yard fixed
Petur Agust
Merge from main./hapis-unsuck
Spawn improvements./hapis-unsuck
16 January 2016
Garry Newman
Updated RustBuilder to 5.3.1p3
Merging spherecast LookingAt in
Vincent Mayeur
road_decals alpha cut-off quality improvements
Diogo Teixeira
Fixed ssao frame lag
15 January 2016
Diogo Teixeira
Speedtree billboard shadows More AO portability
Made Amplify AO fully portable; gbuffer-octa-encoding now optional normal source; no dependencies Updated camera prefab
Yanked SSAO Pro from main camera
Fixed SSAO command buffer ordering to avoid seethrough on forward opaque objs (non-rust/std)
Updated override shaders
Fixed pink sky in legacy opengl mode
Fixing skin shader in opengl modes (wip); small optimizations
Vincent Mayeur
Converted all standard shaders dungeons/monuments materials to rust/standard type
roads textures - some extra polish, overall less noisy
Female mesh added/PlayerModel_Rework
Petur Agust
Snagging Diogo's AO./hapis-unsuck
14 January 2016
Garry Newman
Fixed missing official servers
Fixed missing official servers/Spherecast LookingAt
lookat uses spherecast instead of ray/Spherecast LookingAt
holosight tweak
Load modded/community server list from single source, to avoid ddosing ourselves
Tweaked player mats
Simplified player colour skin lut
Vincent Mayeur
Fix for RUST-434 - Satellite dish - Unable to walk up stairs
Fixed missing prefabs (broken references) in SatDish scene Prefab update
RUST-474 - Missing concrete wall collisions
road sidewalk blend mask polish
vertex normals alignement fix - road piece asphalt and road_decal gloss map polish road round layer material fix (wasn't deep enough)
roads misc changes
merge of roads and railroads progress from pre-release
merge from mainprerelease_xp
Prefab scenes update Roads dont cast shadowsprerelease_xp
Road LODsprerelease_xp
train wagon greybox UV updateprerelease_xp
Updating greybox meshes to have proper ground UVsprerelease_xp
RUST-449 - Fixed broken path to pipe collidersprerelease_xp
merge from mainprerelease_xp
Diogo Teixeira
Added new SSAO implementation and replaced the old one
Touched speedtree shaders; also using rust/standard brdf
Switched to analytic preintegrated skin/sss brdf approximation; added curvature; fixed subsurface normal not getting detail layer; tweaked materials Moverd skin shader back into deferred path (had to remove fuzz) Touched all shaders using rust/standard brdf
SSR early out on occluded water pixel
André Straubmeier
Added RUST-462 Fixed RUST-471 (presumably)
Bed fixes
NRE fixes
Disabled projectile penetration on players (for better damage predictability, related to 12922)
Maurino Berry
semi auto clipsize changed to 16 bullet speed reduced damage slightly increased (roughly 25 per shot)
semi auto rifle does less damage but bullets move faster player uses updated skeleton, more even damage scalars
Semi_Auto Rifle : shortened the blend time between reload --> idle ( fixing the weirdness that occurs when player goes into ADS after reloading)
13 January 2016
Garry Newman
Implemented goosey's silencer model
Implemented goosey's holosight model
Connect fix
Command line -connect test
Print command line during bootstrap
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
chat.Broadcast spacing
André Straubmeier
Fixed issue that could force LOD0 to always be visible
Dummy LODBatch script (to fix warnings without messing with Vince's changes)
Fixed error spam on connect
Merge from uber-batching
Compile fixes (CLIENT / SERVER)/uber-batching
Merge from main/uber-batching
Automatic batch splitting when vertex count limit is reached/uber-batching
MeshCull plays nice with batching/uber-batching
Batched mesh readonly fix/uber-batching
Skip LODs that use multiple submeshes (for now)/uber-batching
Include mesh upload time in load balancing considerations/uber-batching
Scripts can declare that they handle batching (IBatchingHandler)/uber-batching
Retired LODBatch (use RendererBatch)/uber-batching
Generic deployable prefabs/uber-batching
Barricade prefabs/uber-batching
Building deployable prefabs/uber-batching
Merge from main/uber-batching
Diogo Teixeira
Fixed seams in foam noise texture More foam options; parity
Updated water and river materials
Water specular and smoothness control (doesn't affect SSR)
Updated default border
Added dithering to water atmospheric scattering calcs; solves scattering mismatch closer to the horizon Tweaked/fixed water border rings
Vincent Mayeur
sidewalk textures final road models (still needs a LOD pass) dungeons tweaks/updates for roadsprerelease_xp
tweaked semi-auto reload
12 January 2016
Garry Newman
Removed some un-needed errors
Don't receive voice chat when dead
Large water catcher is researchable
Fixed using blueprints as ammo
Fixed invisible collectables (placeholder models)
Diogo Teixeira
Fixed skin ambient lighting
forgot meta
Water2 parity changes from before; improved distant fog
André Straubmeier
Building core prefabs/uber-batching
Maurino Berry
fixed semi auto rifle ironsight offset
updated loot tables updated icon for semi auto rifle protocol++
added semi auto rifle
11 January 2016
Garry Newman
Fixed rock particles from colliding with player collider
Fixed missing textures on key lock
Moved secret debug keys to console commands (lookingat, noclip. debugcamera, drawcolliders)
Holmzy's Law: When admins give items, announce it to the whole server in chat
Updated crash reporter URL
Vincent Mayeur
road_decal textures road asphalt texturesprerelease_xp
André Straubmeier
Merge from main, yo!/uber-batching
Petur Agust
Subtracted crappiness./hapis-unsuck
Improved a bunch of shitty crap areas. Removed baddie asset store radtowns in preparation for our own./hapis-unsuck
8 January 2016
Garry Newman
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
PrefabPrepare - check for nulls
fixed orientation problems with the wakeup animation
setup the worldmodel for the semi_auto rifle
7 January 2016
Garry Newman
Exclude pdbs
Fix for NRE when not on a branch
Stone, wood worldmodel fixes
Loot panel fix
Loot panel refresh
Removed voice notifications on HUD Voice networking tweaks Added local player voice indicator
Blueprint Wipe
Fixed viewmodel scene button errors
Fixed bug report help not showing on new branch name
André Straubmeier
SpeedTree parameter updates for 5.3
Fixed rare issue where GameTrace would incorrectly ignore a hit on a static concave mesh
Fixed test cave messing up CraggyIsland
Got rid of server hierarchy group (messes up some DontDestroyOnLoad stuff)
Vincent Mayeur
fixed railroad tracks objects interupting procmap loadingprerelease_xp
railroad tracks models/LODs/Textures and dungeons updateprerelease_xp
blend out of the wakeup animation as soon as the player starts to move
Added "wake up from sleep" animation Added animation for when the player gets up from wounded while lying on his stomache Re-rigged the semi_auto rifle to include Tom's new model / materials
Alex Rehberg
Dynamic music arrangement WIP/music
6 January 2016
Garry Newman
Bear meat cooks to bear meat (not wolf meat)
Merge with mainprerelease_xp
Bear meat is cookable
Fixed rogue beep sound in the menu options Removed in-game store (opens link to Steam Item Store)
Don't remove global entities (trees, etc) from the send queue when clearing
Steamworks - new branch layout
Diogo Teixeira
Packed smooth/blurred slope information (steepness) into coarse Terrain_Height; tweaked/fixed ocean foam (#404) Added single channel options to custom\blur shader
Fixed speedtree facing leaf inverted lighting
Changed rust/terrain blend shader to preserve albedo detail in all quality levels; tweaked lower levels
André Straubmeier
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Fix for roadside decor sometimes spawning too close to each other
Removed Xmas event from default event schedule Reorganized event schedule (now prefab based)
Rain forces more fog and clouds Rain tends to be more intense when it happens Atmosphere fog reduces view distance more intensely
Don't spawn grass on the cliffside topology
Fix for occasional floaty decor objects
Removing legacy water shaders, see if that works
Added OpenGLCore to Windows build settings (for asset bundles on the build server)
5 January 2016
Garry Newman
Can melee attack + build while swimming
Error text vertex overflow (UnityUI sux)
Hid some harmless warnings "Trying to add (Layout Rebuilder for)"
Boilerplate for auto muting/kicking chat spammers
Diogo Teixeira
Fixed broken speedtree normals on glcore ?_?; touched all rust/standard shaders just in case
Disabled foam underwater (camera depth based, won't match surface)
Fixed overly bright foam; raised foam texture's default anisotropic level
Updated to standard brdf spec/refl changes in unity 5.3.1p1; touched relevant shaders
Added unity glcore support (now standard in osx); updated shaders and RustNative binaries
Initial commit - Body_00 and Head_00. Eyes etc to follow/PlayerModel_Rework
André Straubmeier
Sleeping bag exploit fixes
Forgotten file
Merge from procgen11.1 Network++ Save++
Splat adjustment of roads and rivers also use editor padding / fade parameters/procgen11.1
Merge from main/procgen11.1
Empty folder remove/procgen11.1
Prefab scene updates/procgen11.1
Vincent Mayeur
Trainyard - fixed missing pipe collisions and deadfall
Fix for RUST-413 - Various dungeons sewers gaps/procgen11.1
forgot this meta buddy/procgen11.1
Removing old rocks prefabs folder/procgen11.1
Removing old rock models and textures Rock_temp folder rename/procgen11.1
Craggy Island update Savas/Savas Koth update Sat dish material fixes Hapis/procgen11.1
merge from main/procgen11.1
Core Explosion WIP./explosions
Thomas Butters
adding jerry can LODs + prefab, textures and materials.
Alex Rehberg
Distance crossfading bugfix
4 January 2016
André Straubmeier
Allow attaching roofs to the bottom of other roofs again
Roof exploit fix Stability diminishing returns Various building block placement quality of life improvements
Merge from main/uber-batching
Garry Newman
Prefab prepare Updated phrases
Disabled lazy aim Viewmodel responsiveness tweaks
Fixed layer index warnings Warmup construction parts placed directly in the map in editor (for debugging) Dither UI protection background to avoid banding
Merge from main/explosions
new core explosion./explosions
Vincent Mayeur
Hapis rocks - end/procgen11.1
Hapis rocks - backup/procgen11.1
Fix for material setup throwing errors in edit mode/procgen11.1
Hapis rocks - backup/procgen11.1
merge from main/procgen11.1
merge from main/procgen11.1
Thomas Butters
resized textures
Semi_auto_rifle - materials and texture plus fbx
3 January 2016
Alex Webster
longsword world prefab update
Mace, Longsword & Salvaged cleaver are now throwable
Garry Newman
Unity 5.3
Vincent Mayeur
Water treatment plant, added missing escape route for one tank Sat dish material changes on smalled rocks/procgen11.1
2 January 2016
Vincent Mayeur
road_dirt material tweaks slightly reduced road width for scale/procgen11.1
André Straubmeier
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Procedural river / road parameters are exposed in the generation scripts (for roads these will eventually be defined by the road connection nodes of monuments)/procgen11.1
Fixed rivers occasionally going through monuments/procgen11.1
Fixed monument fadeout noise occasionally leading to floating objects/procgen11.1
Fixed some cave_small prefab fuckups/procgen11.1
Fixed monuments occasionally messing up rivers/procgen11.1
Merge from main/procgen11.1
Server size / seed / salt convar writeback/procgen11.1