• Beta keys?
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  • Can we expect to have some Beta Keys given out this month? or is it going to thoroughly follow the statement "before Christmas" and given out a few days or weeks prior to Christmas?
  • We're aiming to get some keys out in December. Our next internal test is this Friday, and we'll be doing weekly test builds until we're ready to start the beta.
  • I would like to have a key, please take me from 2014 waiting for it to come out and I would be very happy if you gave me one: .v and help as much as possible <3
  • I've been following this game for what I think was two years. I neeeeeeed it. There are no tribal survival games. No game to honour our ancestors that roamed the planet for hundreds of thousands of years. I knew this game was a gem when I spotted the artwork
  • Yeah, im following this till 2015 best of wishes to your game <3