• coin farming thread
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  • Which is more valuable: Level or Coin? Rate Love for level; Cookie for Coin.
  • 🎵 i kissed a girl and i didnt like i-it~ 🎵 🎵 because i'm hecking gay~~ 🎵
  • Also the method of giving someone a coin will show us, who is a Jew and who is not. Genious.
  • if this post gets rated 1000 coins ill lick my dick and not post it on youtube
  • Thanks for rating my last post disagree and all that. Helped me get another coin ;)
  • You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Have you really stooped to the bottom feader level? All for coins? Really people? Am I the last one on this forum to come here with all my dignity in tact yet feeling grossly outnumbered by the filth of begging for a mere coin? Shame! SHAME! ::sticks hands out::