• coin farming thread
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feed me your coins
Which is more valuable: Level or Coin? Rate Love for level; Cookie for Coin.
brb creating more accounts to give me coins
im gay
Warming up the pickaxe
Inacio: dont put coins in your butt Put coins in my butt
i would like some koins
Can we trade coins to bitcoins?
🎵 i kissed a girl and i didnt like i-it~ 🎵 🎵 because i'm hecking gay~~ 🎵
more koin
whats a coin
Give me coins, dawgs.
Also the method of giving someone a coin will show us, who is a Jew and who is not. Genious.
95%, let's change that
Good thing avatars don't show on mobile
I've got avatar sizes to spend them on I'm not giving SHIT
if this post gets rated 1000 coins ill lick my dick and not post it on youtube
Thanks for rating my last post disagree and all that. Helped me get another coin ;)
Anyone have GPU recommendations for mining coins?
I feel like this is a very elaborate ban-me. I am concerned for myself and my coins.
Do we have automerge yet?
gibe coins pls?
Give a man a coin, feed him for a day. Teach a man to farm coins, feed him for a lifetime
yo where dem coins at dawg
post above me gets a coin
You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Have you really stooped to the bottom feader level? All for coins? Really people? Am I the last one on this forum to come here with all my dignity in tact yet feeling grossly outnumbered by the filth of begging for a mere coin? Shame! SHAME! ::sticks hands out::
thats nice and all but can i have a coin plz????? i need it
My mining rate averages almost 2 coins per day. Is this normal?
*making a post to test something
okay sweet
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