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can someone give me a diamond, please? thanks
I hear coins are a dangerous addiction
This is very true.
You didn't say the magic words. Please and thank you.
My I have coin? Please and thank you
Please take this and thank you.
Please take this and thank you. Now give it to Inacio
thank you please, please give coin to diamond instructions unclear
please and thank you. thanks. please. thank you. coin/ diamond? please and thank you, please. thanks
thank you please
I like having a limit. When the old one fills up and is replaced it's like a whole new era for that topic.
Did someone say ?
give coin 2.0, the coinining
I'm allergic to coins, actually.
Lol me too
What are these coins and how do you obtain them?
Ooo what does a coin feel like? I can almost taste it.
If I coin you, would you die?
It would be extremely painful [spoiler] please hurt me momme [/spoiler]
Mmmm can you smell that gold?
Khajiit has wares, if you have coin
Please and pleasure
They are used to buy stocks in various markets. You can invest in games ranking on steam. Games go up, your coins go up. Game dies, Garry comes to your house and kills you. That's it in a nutshell but their is a lot more too it. Call this number, +1 (800) ASS-FUCK for more information.
what the boombs fuck is this
Good morning.
Good night
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