• coin farming thread
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If we get real here for a second, coins fucking suck. They smell bad and clutter the wallet. Paper bills are far superior.
5 coins and I will spend all of my 200 coins on avatar upgrades
I can take some off your hands
I need coins to feed my family.
give me coins i need to expand my avatar to include more ban information
What are coins and what can I do with them?
At the moment you can use them to make your maximum avatar size larger or give them to another person either via post rating or bounty thread reward.
May i please have a ? Just one will make my day.
dunno what to say, so... i wish you all a great day/night!
what should I do with my 35 coins
Place one here.
give me 10 of them by rating this post Diamond
Greedy boy. Vioxtar only asked for one, so he gets one.
I wonder what coins taste like.
if we're talking about gold coins specifically, then i must inform you that they would have no taste at all. for you to be able to taste something, it must be able to dissolve in your saliva. gold does not dissolve in human saliva, therefore it hasn't any taste at all. however, if you were to stick a gold coin in your mouth and swirl it around a wee bit, you may taste some peculiar tastes - most notably, human skin oil, dirt, sweat, possibly blood, and any other surficial deposits and contaminants on the coin. hope that helps, !
someone give this man a coin
Thanks for the articulate answer.
Here for my daily lods of emone
Give me a diamond and I'll give you a coin.
Just give coin
Diamond first
Eat them.
what do u guys think of spaghetti as an idea
happy to answer any question you can possibly ask for a measly coin, sir
Give me nothing
too fucking bad nerd, you're getting a coin, and you're going to be happy about it.
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