• Screenshot Section Chat Thread V11 - Last Minute Edition
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;) I'm right here baby
Facepunch isn't really the same without the dumb box.
#BringtheDumbboxback #WeNeedTheDumbBox
Oh, i see. Bugger.
Honestly, this new design isn't bad, but it's going to take me a while to adjust.
Older version of Newpunch was much better than this and was getting better.
Newpunch is certainly live-able, but that doesn't stop Oldpunch from being better
Aw thanks Infab you gave me a coin. <3 All these other degenerates gave me a child molester rating.
Hopefully the fact that all creative stuff is thrown into one larger subforum is a temporary thing
Child Molester only works if you mention Shadman.
"She's 12,000 years old i swear"
Honestly, full width should be on by default. If you haven't already, go to "Settings" and turn on "Full Width Design"
people changing their names is so confusing
Sorry. Been using this one everywhere else for years now. FP was the only site I wasn't using this name on. Been wanting to change it since I first joined. (TheGoodDoctorF)
same with me. i got bored of luminal after a year of using it. i've stuck with my current one ever since.
your moms a shadman
the way everything's going around is a fuckin nightmare.
OK, I'm finally here Man this place looks like a dumpster
So uh, did they kill Oldpunch already? Can't access it.
nah, it's still around. it's having problems at the moment though, so shit's getting fucked up. should be okay.
I am znalecc btw. Those of you that have me on Steam might know that already and those who don't just found out.
i'm totally not gtanoofa
What did I miss?
Instantly new from that dude in your profile pic Is that you or like, a youtuber or something, i never see him anywhere
who the fuck
Yeah, it is a youtuber - Simon Lane of the Yogscast.
Quick question what do you guys put as your category if you're uploading screenshots to deviantart? This is what i go with but i'm 100% sure its not correct
And I'm justinl132, at least newpunch gives me the chance to change my name to anything besides my actual name.
I pretty much use this category. Have been since i made my deviant art account, actually.
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