• Screenshot Section Chat Thread V11 - Last Minute Edition
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It's not considered as 'lowly', which is why the Garry's Mod subforum is the first part to receive the new upgrade. This was all trialed and worked on in a separate 'lab' version of facepunch, things may still be subject to change, but we're not being tested upon. We've known this upgrade has been coming for months, so it's hardly surprising. My only real gripes are that I don't like the way line breaks work now, words at the edge of the page get cut in half between lines in a really ugly fashion, and I don't really like the 'click to view whole post' thing for longer posts.
That word cutting shit really grinds my gears
You think that's bad, my ISP uses this shitty security that blocks me from viewing cubeupload images or vising the website entirely ( I think its called SafeEnds or some shit. i have two choices A: Use VPN in order to view the uploaded screenshots in first place or B call up my ISP about it, but i don't ill have any luck since they are pretty shit in terms of costumer service,connection and they are only ISP available in the area i live in.
Hauptmann got permabanned, unbanned and permabanned again. Mods are dicks. https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1584775&p=52914248&viewfull=1#post52914248
His name isn't red for me on there, are you sure he was re-permabanned?
Nope he's permaed again, i asked. Thanks BDA
He told me he can't reply, rate or do anything. I think you cant see red name on this newpunch yet when someone is banned.
God damn it, this pisses me off more than it should
He told me the same thing, he's permabanned......again
Those mods are the biggest dicks I ever stumbled upon. I thought I already encountered the worst admins (Brotherhood of Cheeki Breeki on FB) but this is whole new fucking level.
i miss the oid spoiler setting this out of focus text is shit
I do hope the fix the bbcode 'translator' that's being applied to migrated posts. Currently its complete ass. Also its me Agameofscones, if that's relevant at all.
Spent all those bit coins to make my avatar like 10 pixels taller. Thanks I guess?
I honestly think they should merge screenshots here with the SFM subforum as 'Source Media'. Would work a lot better and show what's allowed in the section more clearly.
I agree. We can ask the mods to do that. 'Source Works' would also allow the contraption builders to join in, so it wouldn't be just them in the section.
Kiwi seems encouraged enough so maybe he can add that? IDK why they moved the hidden SFM section from Oldpunch anyways since we started to allow SFM stuff ages ago.
Might also mean we get new eyes on posters and artwork than what we used to. All around a win-win imo.
https://forum.facepunch.com/f/meta/osqf/Merging-Stuff-You-ve-Made-and-Source-Filmmaker-Together/1/ Posted a thread for Garry to check out regarding this
Anyone know how to get their old account back?
Yes, that is me; the guy who was bored enough to actually do that.
No PMs or profile messages? RIP to all the dumb messages that people left me, will never get the opportunity to go back and re-read them when they disappear Maybe one day we will get "Idiots bother Jason 2: Electric Boogaloo"
Well shit I guess I can relive all those terrible moments then
man it's been a while
That it has been, every way of contacting me was raped beyond anything haha
I ended up getting a tattooing apprenticeship, lost my steam acct. got a new one
New steam profile message spam. "Pls give me tattoo of my shitty sex pose dupes"
Thank you so much
That was a whirlybird story.
The truth is real.
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