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Looks like shitty sprite based grass, those don't play nicely with lighting (at least in SFM) I'd swap it out.
if you know of any dry-looking grass like that made from actual polygons, then please, do share, because to my knowledge such a thing doesn't exist.
this is shit
here Facepunch Auth
got it thanks fam
the max dimensions are 150w 300h i hear, but to get those you need to spend tens of thousands of posts' worth of coins
I don't think i'll manage that in my lifetime...
everyone rate me coins
wtf you guys give jimmies 2 coins but only give me 1 coin?
I'll give you one the next time I get one.
i want to take jimmies coins from him i should have coin and jimmies have no coin
Go invade his house and beat him up steal his computer and give all his coins to your posts.
here's some grass and dirt for anyone who wants it its quality grass and dirt https://yadi.sk/d/q2Gdx_vK3Jagty some pix that show off the grass and dirt there r bones to adjust the edges of the grass n dirt and five skins for different ground and also a dry grass for the grass
So it looks like Espionage Wars has gone to greener pastures. And I heard Lambda Wars may also follow suit. Makes me wonder if this section should move as well.
i'm planning to make some scenebuilds based on the world of Tolkien i have a few ideas that i'd gladly jump to right away, but decided to ask if there's something in particular that people would like to see
Oh shit is this the Witcher 2 grass and dirt?
no I should have coin
No one deserves coin.
I think we all deserve coins!
Is anyone else getting weird cut off issues with images in posts?
im having that issue as well
Yep This site is a bit messy
It's the sites weird way of shortening long posts so they don't take up as much space. You can click the post to extend it
FYI, we have a meta forum here: Meta So if you don’t like something please go here and start a thread. The purpose of moving these sections over before the others was to get and react to feedback.
I'm gathering questions about that and will make a thread there once i'm done.
I'd rather have a thread per suggestion/issue/problem than a megalist bitching thread
Fair enough
As long as you make an elven scene build fortress, forest, or forest fortress? Or something to do with any of that
I needed some sleep when I wrote that. Not entirely sure what I meant but I'm sure whatever you come up with will be just fine anyway.
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