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no I should have coin
No one deserves coin.
I think we all deserve coins!
Is anyone else getting weird cut off issues with images in posts?
im having that issue as well
Yep This site is a bit messy
It's the sites weird way of shortening long posts so they don't take up as much space. You can click the post to extend it
FYI, we have a meta forum here: Meta So if you don’t like something please go here and start a thread. The purpose of moving these sections over before the others was to get and react to feedback.
I'm gathering questions about that and will make a thread there once i'm done.
I'd rather have a thread per suggestion/issue/problem than a megalist bitching thread
Fair enough
As long as you make an elven scene build fortress, forest, or forest fortress? Or something to do with any of that
I needed some sleep when I wrote that. Not entirely sure what I meant but I'm sure whatever you come up with will be just fine anyway.
It happens to the best of us. I'm not the best of us by the way.
over 30 hours awake and counting here, i know the feel
Are you just staying awake through sheer willpower? I've only ever managed 20 hours.
I've managed 72 hours before. That wasn't fun, but wasn't terrible.
Sleep is my most coveted pleasure, yet SFM steals it away from me time and time again.
I think the thing is tho is blue light like computer monitors, tv’s etc. do something to your brain to make it not sleepy but still tired. I remember plenty of late nights as a kid playing games with my mates thinking I’d be fine at school the next day then dosing off in class haha
Yeah, i use my pc to basically stay awake when i'm super sleepy. I think the blue light makes you stay awake so night modes on smartphones look orange because the blue lighting goes away.
That's why some doctors recommend you get off all electronics an hour before bed but I've never really seen the practicality in that lol
I sleep way easier when i use my phone on night mode, though not using any electronic device is just better, obviously.
Sweet, we just got a pasting images straight from the clipboard feature
I saw you guys were chatting here about sleeping and such - my problem atm (or more like a problem I have for over 2 weeks now) - that I got used to sleep at 2am but it totally fucks me up and I get to school late when we start at 7am (to let you know I have to take a train at 6am which leaves me with 4 hours of sleep). And everyday I tell myself I am gonna sleep at 10pm but it always ends up later.
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All this reminds me of
i always promise myself to sleep early but i never do
I'm the opposite. I tell myself I'm going to stay up late, but usually end up in bed by 9:00 p.m.
So I went and made a simplified Soft Lamps lighting guide. As good as Vioxtar's lighting guide is, it's really intense and can be overly complicated for some people. It took me a month or two to work myself up to reading through it and following it myself, so I thought it'd help to have a somewhat easier guide out there for people. It's designed to be a fundamentals guide. Something for people to build a groundwork to expand on. It's far from perfect, but I feel it hits what it needs to. The guide
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