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Imagine pivoting from the theme thread into this one to vaguely insult posters with ratings while also being too much of a gigantic pussy to actually post
imagine the owner of the fucking forums thinking it's a non-issue and rating people snowflake for complaining about it
reaaaallly gives ya confidence in this place doesnt it (p.s sorry for rating you asshole phygon, misread ur post sorry)
And now three people are in here literally just rating snowflake and baby bottle? How childish.
I just ignore it tbh.
some day I will look more masculine that'd be gr8 Lift and get big gains. Don't forget leg day though.
The unfortunate fact of living as trans right now. We're all "babies" and we're not allowed to get upset or offended by anything because we're apparently just a bunch of oversensitive snowflakes. It's not just FP either. I've been called a snowflake before for asking people to not refer to me as a "tranny". Yay...
So posting back on this since it's been a little bit crazy this week. Got a promotion, had to worry about my coworker slashing my tires cause he left in a fit of rage when he found out I got it over him, saw Ready Player One with those friends, went to a bar, and then I got hammered last night. Anyway! I wore my cute white/pink socks to work on Friday, hiding them per usual, and then before the movie one of my friends saw them and commented how she liked them. Then after the movie when we were at the bar she near the end was referencing to me like "If we were in High School you'd be the prom queen due to how many of these guys are on you" or "You're a popular girl Nooky!". That made me happy, but part of me wonders if she actually knew, or it was part of the joke. Movie was good btw, highly recommend it!
Father "accidentally" pried into my mail and saw my hormones...along with brother and sister. Father ( I think ) bought the lie that they were herbal weight control shit. Brother and sister knew immediately. Brother confronted me and believes I'm rushing into this despite having been thinking about this since I was around 19 or 20. This coming on the heels of being let go from my job. Now I don't know who doesn't know Holy shit, my desire to flee has never been this high.
Please be safe and don't rush into anything. The last thing you'd want is to end up with your entire family alienating you - just try to avoid the topic with them as much as possible, and if they push it then try to reasonably explain it as carefully as you can. I'd recommend still applying to jobs as much as you can, even out of state. What are you trying to do job-wise?
They all think I don't know what I'm doing now. If I tried to explain this, they'd flip. 29 and I'm still the loser in the family. Go figure Right now I'm just kind of lost. I know what I'm capable of and I know I'm going back to school for comp sci stuff, figure I could start simple with help desk or whatever low-rung positions are available. Hell, I'm even looking into things I can do on-campus for work, even if its for peanuts. Doing anything out of state has me somewhat terrified, but I have some friends that I can crash with if I do end up getting evacuated. Be a nice springboard to jump from. Right now I'm at an emotional and mental low and this wasn't really what I wanted to find out either.
Well I don't normally offer to people I don't know, but if you end up near me (PM for location if you ever want a serious response) I have a couch you can crash on. I do Infocenter (basically higher tier Help Desk) so if you ever are curious about the field ask me about it as well. It can be a hard field to get into, but once you're in your in. Plus it makes it easy to get future IT jobs.
Thank you. I don't know if I'll take you up on that offer, but I'll keep it in my pocket. I am interested about Infocenter. I've done a bunch of menial administration work in my past, figure a lot of it could transfer over to such.
Well it's "called" Infocenter but like I said it's basically just Help Desk. I work on computer's all day long.
Oh. I mean, anything tech related. I know how to use my thumbs and a stapler, but not irresponsibly, so I think I got a leg up on the competition. That'd actually be ideal for me since a lot of my past work has been split between computers and phones and I've made and continually modified my main rig for a decade now without major hiccups so far (I think?).
It's always worth a shot. I highly recommend brushing up on troubleshooting/etc. Learn how to really utilize event viewer, understand terms like RDP (remote desktop protocol) and different uses for them, if you can learn some basic Active Directory even better. All sorts of fun things.
After looking up Active Directory and reading/watching a brief video, I actually found little to be confused by it. Feels like a watchdog system where you can monitor/change a lot of stuff. Probably more differently when applied in the field, but still.
Don't worry too much about all the inner workings because it'll all be managed (most of the time) by a System Admin. You just need to know that it's used by companies to manage user accounts.
Still good knowledge to have. Thank you for talking to me about all this. I feel a little better for the moment.
"Tranny" would be the same thing as "faggot," they're both still slurs. Which is also true of calling someone a "nigger" as well so the comparison still fits regardless.
It's not a very funny joke and they could've used any other word to convey their meaning. They just wanted to stir the pot.
Key point here being "with your friends." Would you do that shit in the middle of a public place? If so then you're very socially unaware because it would be completely inappropriate.
It's a public space still and the term "tranny" is not slang. It's a slur. You're really not getting this despite it being exceedingly straightforward and simple.
And this is an excuse to flagrantly insult people with slurs.... ?
If someone is a part of a minority they have every right to go "hey, you're being an asshole, stop using that word to refer to me"
I feel that when it comes to releasing a skin on a forum with a noticeable transsexual community, labeling it as trannysparent while presuming that they will all find it amusing is not a desirable idea. It would have taken no effort whatsoever to name it something just as funny without making it potentially offensive to a demographic of people who are already frequently fucked over by labels.
That's not slang. This is a public space. Not everyone here is your friend. Do not think attempting to act coy and think 'it's a prank/joke bro, lol chill snowflake ' will excuse you and your use of words that are clearly insulting to others.
The very fact that it has pissed off people needlessly indicates that it was a poorly placed pun.
Oh fun it's this stupid argument again where someone takes a slur for a minority group and use it as a joke and then tell them "it's not offensive anymore, it's a joke now!" Stop.
If it truly wasn't offensive, it wouldn't be necessary to argue about it and state that it isn't offensive.
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