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i mean i guess it's still technically true but it could lead to confusion in cases like this where bans get extended
I just noticed I cant link to particular posts on mobile without enabling desktop mode
Is it possible to subscribe to threads yet? If not, will it be possible? I couldn't find an answer in the internal thread search.
Wrapping issues extend to the subtitles of forum sections on mobile
Can we get profile pictures on profiles and not just posts? I associate people with their profile picture and it helps to quickly identify where i am.
yo the home button is way too close to the edge
made a really good one
Does anyone else think the header text looks too large now? Especially when you compare it with the thread path it seems out of place.
Let us spend 5 coins to roll a gold member slot machine
And can this be fixed to 'a few seconds ago' on own posts'?
Is it just me or is the coin indicator fairly laggy?
Closing this thread now we have a forum. Make a new thread for particular suggestions etc.
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