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It's a small thing, but I've noticed that when you mouse over the space to the right of a line of text, an image, video, etc., you get the text selection cursor instead of the normal pointer cursor even though there is nothing there. It's small but it kinda irks me for whatever reason. Any chance of a fix for that?
It's rather hilarious that people are still joining. Granted about half of them look like they're probably bots absed on their names.
There could be some people that might think that signing up will make content show up but that's also really idiotic since clicking any of the categories takes you here
Seems like leveling up is fairly fast. Since the switch to Newpunch I've gone from level 11 to level 14. Intuition tells me getting ratings might count towards that.
God bless those little bots. Still chugging on.
Is there any way to see level progress like coin progress? Or maybe that'd be encouraging shitposting more than it needs to.
Hover over your level
Frankly, I feel like that's a superfluous feature.
I keep getting PMs from people asking me to unban them from Rust. None before the migration and all of a sudden I'm in double begging figures
how do people not know that forums !== the game
Cause the game itself is like a magnet for dumb <12 year olds who don't know that the forums !== the game.
I know custom forums are the focus right now but can the newsfeed bots be bumped up higher in the priority list? I liked reading news outside of my comfort zone in my comfort zone.
Any numbers on the usage of the forum? I know I do bowse it far less since popular and read are gone.
There's a stats page
Considering FP's disproportionately high trans population I wish moderation would take a more hardline stance on transphobia and slurs on the forums. I don't understand why the mod team considers overt transphobia to be acceptable while overt racism isn't.
i'm sorry, but i haven't seen anything this rampant. when it's a problem, don't hesitate to talk to a mod about it (sadly a bit inconvenient that you have to do it via discord until we have PMs), the mod team can be really receptive if you bring it to them properly
The biggest issue at present is the fact that there's a thread called "Trannysparent" for one of the CSS themes or something. I'm not a fan of the 'joke' myself, but at the moment, mods don't have access to changing thread titles. One of the many bits of functionality we have yet to receive. SO we'll be talking about it once we actually have the ability to, y'know, do something about it lol.
tbh I think people are way overreacting to some wordplay on a thread title. Literally nobody threw a fuss when "Crackerpunch" was created but lo and behold "Trannysparent" comes around and suddenly it's a huge ordeal. I think some people just need to lighten up.
Perhaps it's because an already incredibly marginalized and abused group of people don't wish to see even more slurs and verbal harassment than they already do on a daily basis? If it was called "Niggerpunch" the reaction to this would be entirely different. But because it involves trans people suddenly they're all oversensitive and "need to lighten up."
So it's ok to be racist to white people, not ok to be racist to black people, and definitely not ok to be prejudiced against transgenders. No, I'll tell you what I would actually do if it involved black people, spanish people, white people, transgenders, whatever. I would tell them to all lighten up and they're all being oversensitive.
??? Please do quote me where I said this.
We aren't oversensitive. I think a lot of us are pretty tough. But getting hit with this shit over and over breaks you down a bit.
I'm sorry but I have to disagree with your point on this. While I'm usually one of the first people to speak up about people being too sensitive - this is not one of those cases. There's a million better titles that could have been used, why would they need to use a slur like this?
Well you clearly weren't defending it as you completely ignored my point of "Crackerpunch", and you instead brought up "Niggerpunch." If everything were verbatim we'd have no need for inferring things would we? Obviously you don't seem to have a problem with Crackerpunch's existence in this case. But "Niggerpunch" and "Trannysparent" seem to be on your hitlist. There's obviously some sort of bias here. Either way, I think you're seriously overreacting to a word that wasn't used in an intentionally malicious way. Much like Crackerpunch was used to the same effect. Trust me, if there wasn't some form of comedic value in this that people found then shows like South Park would not exist.
uhhhh the crackerpunch thread came after the trannysparent thread, probably to troll the people complaining about the title of the latter.....
they're different words just because they're all offensive words to specific groups of people doesn't mean they have the same connotations and the same impact i don't know about the specific thread being talked about here, but come on. thinking "crackerpunch" isn't as bad as "niggerpunch" doesn't mean you're ok with being racist to white people, it just means you recognize the difference in their use
My point still stands either way you take it. Nobody batted an eye about Crackerpunch's existence before or after its inception and here we are, still complaining about Trannysparent and the hypothetical "Niggerpunch".
your entire point rests on people not kicking up a fuss when [Event A] occurred, but doing so when [Event B] happened after [Event A]. which clearly wasn't what happened.
Because white people aren't a marginalized and oppressed people lol Is it a shitty word? Yes. Should it be used? No. But does it carry the same weighting as "tranny" or "nigger?" No, and you are very silly for thinking it does.
My point is that nobody kicked up a fuss when [Event B] occurred regardless of its creation. You clearly misinterpreted my point if you think that's what it was.
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