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What colour theme do you use for your programming? I'm trying to find a light theme that I like but it's proving difficult. Color Themes I'm currently using this Github inspired theme, though I'm not a huge fan, hence the thread.
80's Tomorrow Night, Zenburn, and elflord. Something about Solarized bothers me.
Default visual studio
I used to swear by Solarized but it turns out that everybody has a different idea of what Solarized should be. I like Sublime Text 3's Solarized but since I use Atom, I use Base16 Tomorrow Dark.
If it's dark by default and has no green text then I will leave it alone, if not replace all green with pink and make it dark if it isn't. Job done.
I used to use one of GitHub's various color schemes but they've changed it this, so it's hard to say which one it was. I've never been a fan of dark themes but I'm currently using One Dark Pro.
I use dark themes. I had a visual studio like theme for notepad++ once but I lost it, RIP
one dark pro BOI
Ok this has singlehandedly switched me to a dark theme for the first time in forever. I've also made the switch to Rider, I think IntelliJ is just better at IDE's and it pretty much does everything as well if not better than VS when it comes to C#. https://github.com/yurtaev/idea-one-dark-theme/blob/master/settings.jar My Android and Desktop Monogame projects build on it with zero issues.
ive just been using vscode for everything as of late
visual studio dark theme
Aristocat for Sublime Text 3
Default Visual Studio Code. However in both PhpStorm, WebStorm and Sublime I use a dark theme.
Visual Studio Code. Panda Syntax Theme with Bracket Pair Colorizer Extension and Fira Code font.
that's one seriously aesthetic theme, damn
I want it but I can't find an intelliJ version.
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