• An alternatative road system.
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Other than default roads, which eventually will probably be changed anyway. Another idea could be the introduction of a vast rail system that would connect every radtown that includes rails (trainyard, powerplant, military tunnel and harbors). This may not seem important, but when done could open up another opportunity for both player interactions and other places on the map such as subways and highways! I've seen these theorised in concepts before, but nothing has been said or done about them. The subways would be another great way at finding component clusters and would add another adventure to outside exploration as these could then link off to caves and another way of getting around places. The highways could be used mainly in the ocean areas or even inland sea's as the idea of a bridge going off the island would add another link to the previous societies ways of getting around, and another location to gather components instead of just roads. The reason why these are quite important to me is because a lot of the areas in Rust already are hardly explored due to where the roads spawn, if highways link from roads or railways out to the ocean, it would allow players to base in the outskirts instead of clustered around the middle of the map. *however currently underground areas are extremely dark, perhaps that needs to be altered before this is considered*
I really like this idea! Would be nice to see it ingame.
If they do end up adding vehicles, a highway system would definitely good a good addition to the maps.
If only you guys knew the amount of coding it would require,ugh. Hell it took them a year just to get tunnels in. As well, I do not necessarily think our roads are that bad. They could get a little polish like back in Legacy but I do not feel it is necessary. And to boot, to many other things the Devs need to work on.
True, it would take time. But so far they're making good progress on their Roadmap. However on it they have no alternatives to roads, meaning servers subject to massive groups camping roads would feel like they're at a massive progression disadvantage. Adding some alternative ways such as subways and highways would be a great addition.
I do remember a topic of the same nature but it was quite awhile back. However, I do remember it caught the attention of a lot of people who chimed in. One of the best suggestions was based on a railroad system. It would contain empty boxcars that people could hitch on at a specific stopping point and ride to the next stop. This rail system would travel like the old Legacy road ways were, in a circular motion around the map. The drawback. Campers. Each stop would probably have them. Horse riding was also discussed and If I am not mistaken was even partially in development at one time. This, for some reason seems to be on the back burner for which we were never given a reason why. Island crossing to Island or boating was a really big topic at one point,obviously this is still a concept. Now, we are being sold on cars,which really isn't new either as Admins on Legacy could spawn them. Bottom line here is. SOMETHING is being worked on, I am pretty sure. What it is? Who knows,however I cannot believe that with all the talk about transportation that the devs aren't going to do anything. I just think there are more important issues to deal with before they get to it.
we need elevators for high towers pls.
In the roadmap it also states there should be other main islands within the map itself, which probably means a bigger map yet again, something around 4.5k. So a highway could also work there, and even a subway such as the Eurotunnel. And no, by a railroad I do not mean some sort of minecart that scales it, I just mean another type of road that wasn't as common, but still existed as another way of getting components. Wipe after wipe it just seems to be the first groups to hog the road wins and makes progress, the server dies this way since other server wipe and it's a fresh chance to start, to decrease this other solutions need to be put in place. True, there are other things that need to be done first. But I love this system, it's a step in the right direction. The only problem I've came across is the roads themselves. I play mostly in a duo, and I find it really hard to get anything done unless the population is low or I get to the road and build on it first. Not going to take away the fact that I've had the time of my life on the new system, it's just a bit iffy here and there.
yeah, and you could use one of these
That'd actually be hilarious. Something that would fit in Rust aswell. Nice suggestion.
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