• Hair Bug
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I noticed that when looking at a friend and comparing his character to a screenshot he sent me, his hair was different to how it looked on his screen (Inventory) Anyone else noticed this?
Maybe because it's a WIP yet...
Hair is different depending on what level of anti-aliasing you have on. And yes, it' still a wip.
I understand it is WIP but if you don't mention the things you see it is harder to fix bugs like this, it is quite an obscure bug because you don't ever see what you look like in 3rd person and the 1st person inventory screen at the same time.
Hi again, Did you miss the part where I said: Hair is different depending on what level of anti-aliasing you have on. ? Mentioning the level of anti-aliasing both you and your friend had on when you compared is important if it is indeed a bug.
No I didn't miss the point, I think you misunderstand what I am trying to say. Maybe images will show you. Both images are of my character. https://ibb.co/dUwrdG https://ibb.co/dbAdQw Notice how my character looks completely different to how its displayed in the inventory.
And before you say It's work in progress, I understand however its still good to highlight as it is not a obvious bug.
Ah, the beard disappears randomly sometimes that's the main bug here (https://rust.facepunch.com/f/rusthelp/cxcn/1/), and the manbun is still there in the inventory it just doesn't look like it is because of the angle. :P
I've found this is really effective at resolving hair bugs
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