• The reality of not being allowed change race and gender .. Gary?
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I read the articles for your reasoning and understand the 6 months to create a gender race tool would be too much. In saying this the random race gender plan leads to lots of naked white men targeting women and black characters on the spawn beaches lol. Just spawn as a black woman on a freshly wiped server with high pop and you'll see the issue. How about not making a tool, when you first buy Rust and boot it up give them an option and make sure you say .. you cannot change this .. ever .. There's already a system that takes the steam id and generates a gender / race so you could just use a clone of that program, edit it and most of the heavy lifting would be already done so not much time would be lost. As for existing accounts add an update that asks them for their preferred gender / race and they'll also only have 1 chance to ever change it. This solves the issue of players pretending to be another character and players not playing because they're an African American woman, I know it shouldn't matter but the reality is that it does matter. Battlefield seen a drop in players because in the new Russian DLC when playing as a sniper you're a woman lol it does matter and will always matter. People like their preference and for a game to reflect them in real life. Makes it more realistic. Love every other thing about the game and the direction you're going.
I don't understand why this is a big deal. I'm a white male, I have a black female character model.. No big deal. You only see that shit in your inventory or when you die. It has little to no effect unless you come across some racist POS that is so immature that they will target a player because of their character model's race..
I'm a white guy IRL, I play as a black women in game. Grow a thicker skin.
Most of the Rust community is immature and do target you.
So what? Why do you care? Just play the game, they'll find something to say about your mother, or sister, or dog, if it's not about your complexion.
No, they do not. Most of the people I see getting "targeted" were the one's who instigated the situation in the first place.
I am unsure what articles you read and I am curious because it almost seems as if you and I read two different things. I am unsure about your findings in the reasoning of that it would take some time. I do not recall every seeing that said. I do however recall many times Garry stating this : "We wanted the appearance of the players to be consistent over time. A survivor shouldn’t be able to attack another then come back later with a different gender or race and befriend the same player. They should be recognizable consistently and long-term – so anyone likely to commit a crime would be more likely to wear a balaclava or a face mask"
I got it from this article which was linked on Reddit http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/04/14/developer-responds-to-controversy-over-rust-assigning-permanent-random-race-and-gender-to-players/ The statement as referenced on the website is "And we didn’t want to spend six months making a player customisation tool – we wanted to concentrate on the game" That's why I mentioned a possible solution. Also I'd argue why give us skins for the items if appearance isn't important in the game? It kind of contradicts the locked character factor. I see from the original skin images lots of time has gone into skins.
Who cares? Bet you run around in gear anyway and that covers most distinguishing features so unless you are a hardcore roleplayer it shouldn't matter. I did change from a black guy to a psychotic looking Asian overnight one update which I thought was amusing, but it's had no effect on my gameplay. The only change I noticed was I no longer get retarded kids trying to chase me down shouting hang the ...... Anymore.
I absolutely love the fact that you don't get to customize your character. If you experience racism against your character in game, well, that sucks, but like others have said, grow a thicker skin and learn to fight back when needed. The game should definitely not be changed based on the opinions of a bunch of bigots who can't separate their own identity from an in-game avatar. Long live permanent random appearances!
I agree that people whining about what race/gender they get is monumentally stupid, people could get really unlucky sometimes. Your character could look like a deformed monster with a caved in face and nasty legs. Personally, I don't like the features of my character, but I won't get mad or refuse to play the game because of it. If they added some sort of player customization or randomization, I wouldn't care.
it would be nice if you could draw on every clothing to have an individalistic touch
That is the purpose of skins
Maybe feeling that racism/sexism in game is intentional ? Maybe you not liking the fact that you are getting discriminated because of race or sex is what Face-Punch is intending ? I find it rather interesting watching all those racist and sexist asshats raging over the fact that they are insert race/insert sex and are being targeted in game because of it. KARMA
But what if you're not a racist or sexist and are targeted how is that karma you idiot?
Yes because personal attacks always shows that you are the superior intellect. . .
When people say something stupid you should probably point it out.
I did point it out when you said something stupid
@Sunrise You seem to just duplicate other people's suggestions and issues...
I don't see why people don't want the ability to customise their appearance. You can customise weapons why not your race? I don't think it's a big issue though, it's better than in legacy where everyone was a bald white man.
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