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  • the new building system 3.0 sounds good but how can we make it better when i think about making it better i think about adding some more things to the building plan like they talked about the half wall there are many things i wil like to see facepunch add like we have the ladderhatch and floor frame for the ladderhatch and floor grill but many of us who wants to build a base with triangles are forced to use ladders or a normal foundation for our ladderhatch but why not make a triangle ladderhatch iknow iknow iknow it sounds stupid and how wil it look and in the early days in rust i remembered something called halffoundation or whatever the name was the thing you used it to in my eyes was honeycomb my base but it got removed i dont know why but i wil like it in rust just because 1 more building part = many ways to build your base you you base building lovers i dont say they have to add these things to it im just bringing it up
  • What I'd like to be added. 1. Can place low walls into wall frames. 2. Floor ceilings/floor Frames. snap onto the sides of Foundations. 3. Foundations can Snap to floor ceilings/floor frames. can only be placed if they are on suitable ground.
  • The 2. and 3. point is what i also wanted to add. This would give much more possibilities for building especially for building on slopes/ mountains... so you dont need to search the complete server for a flat area. Would be really nice!