• Forced Wipes?
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New to Rust, really enjoy the game. But is there any idea on when the forced wipes will stop? A monthly wipe ruins any chance of player development because each month your base/blueprints are gone and you have to start all over. Many of us want to have progression. In my opinion this is by far the biggest issue with Rust. Any idea on when this will be fixed?
I don't see them as a problem. I see them as the only real method the devs have to implement massive, game-changing updates that can drastically alter how the game functions. They are necessary and while there are plans for a wipeless rust down the road, (a long way down the road) we won't be seeing it any time soon.
That's a real bummer. The core of the game is a resource/crafting survival situation that is supposed to have progression (the wipe free rust you mentioned). So the wipes are most definitely a problem, they are not supposed to be there, the game is not meant to be wiped frequently, no game is. It is a bummer you don't see this as a problem. Think about it a little more. Also you made a claim that wiping is the only way to update the server... again the thinking... If this were true then all games would be constantly wiped in alpha. However, Rust stands out as the only game with this implementation style. Constant wipes are game breaking.
Constant wipes? Hardly think monthly is constant
Keep in mind folks that this is a game in development. Whether the wipes are necessary or not doesn't matter, it is what it is. I personally like the wipes, it gives me more opportunities to try different approaches to survival than I might do otherwise. At some point they may get to the wipeless stage which I'm also looking forward too, as this will provide different challenges. It's a game of survival and adaption. Adapt.
I think if rust become wipeless the game will die, if a pop of a server decay so much in 3 days after a wipe, imagine if this servers never wipe?! Anyone want to start on a server in desvantage with the others. This a unique style of gameplay for survival games, u need to be fast after a wipe or try your luck in another server
A "Wipeless rust is possible. but there would have to be some way to set players back. the Building system 3.0 might make the Mega Clan bases that dominate the map a thing of the past, or it might make the clans build smaller and more raidable bases.
On the official servers they don't wipe blueprints monthly. They wipe bases and items but not blueprints learned.
On other games there's a set map of objects / building ect, In Rust the players create the map by building bases. Some maps get over crowded and need to be wiped weekly never mind monthly lol. The memory and resources needed by the servers would be way too much to never wipe a map. What happens when there's building everywhere? Would ruin the game. There's a nice aspect of starting on wipe day and being able to build your new base somewhere new.
What I mean by the only way to make large changes is that if they are adding new monuments and other things like that, they can't insert them into an existing map. These changes require a map wipe. With a monthly wipe format, they can preform these updates and make necessary changes. They also allow changes to progression to be made. If Facepunch were to make any changes to the speed of progression, they can't tell how they operate without wiping current progress. That's what I mean.
I think wipes are a bandaid fix for bigger problems that are very hard to resolve.
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