• I wanna buy rust.
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I have an lenovo g50-80 the model with i7. Can i play the game on it? And if i have lag, how can i fix it?
You need 8 or more gigs of ram, a graphics card with at least 2gb and an SSD hard-drive which makes the game load in seconds with no lag in fights and raids. If you don't have any of these unfortunately you're gonna have a bad time and tons of lag.
any method of reducing lag?
Other than playing on potato settings .. no .. what are your specs in terms of ram and do you have a graphics card?
uhm, i dont remember, it's quite strange, my laptop does not recognize the radeon grachics card, only if i download radeon catalyst, i once downloaded it and i could see the graphics card, but i just remember somethin about radeon m(number)
I think you might be smoking too much ....
yeah, sure, ty very much for the help
You don't really need a SSD or Over 8 GBs of ram all you really need is 4 GBs of Ram
If u can use a cable of internet conected in ur pc u should try to buy a egpu, maybe this solve ur problem
I have an HP laptop with 8 gigs of ram (2 of which are sucked up by OS), i5 processor, integrated Intel HD 620 gfxcard. I can run the game 20-30 fps now, but I did need to tweak a few things. (Shotguns firing drop my fps mad low briefly, though.) I had to set my native desktop resolution to 1024x768, launch Rust on potato settings and running at 800x600 res. -forced3d11 on steam launch commands -When you start rust up, Ctrl+alt+delete to bring up your Task manager. Click the details tab and find Rust in the list. Right-click and set priority to High. -From in-game console type graphics.shadowmode 0 THat got me to rub it around 20+. Strangely enough, I decided to play with the graphics settings, bumping them up slightly and it seemed to jump my fps upward, not down. I did shut the new TSSAA off. Fov around 70, boosting graphics to quality 1and playing with drae distance and object quality oddly gave me a jump to around 25-30 fps, instead of having a negative effect.
I played with 4 gigs .. had to get a decent gaming pc to play Rust with no lag at highest settings. The amount of lag you get with 4 gigs is unbelievable, you are at a major disadvantage in pvp situations. You can play the game but you're gonna have a bad time.
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