• Fixing the raiding disadvantage for solo players after BP update?
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Will you fix the disadvantage you've added for solo-players? Before the BP update solo, groups, clans and zergs had a level playing field when it came to raiding. Now a group of 2 or more can get scrap faster, get a bean-can and satchel faster to research. Try playing solo and try to do a raid with satchels just see if you can even do it on a 1 week wipe server. It's near impossible. You could make the beancan and satchel a default BP with a level 2 workbench. That would even things out a lot. Cost of a level 2 workbench needs to be lowered it's another disadvantage for solo players.
"Will you fix the disadvantage you've added" There is nothing to fix this is not a bug, the whole game is still in Beta and as a matter of fact, i like it the way it is.
How is there nothing to fix when you take the ability to raid away from MOST solo players? So you like not being able to raid or grinding for 4 days straight on a 1 week wipe server just to try be able to make satchels? Which depends if you find them, the bp or kill someone with them and the beacon grenade .. so 2 bps you need to find . All a matter of luck whether you get to raid on a 1 week wipe. Groups have higher chance. You either play with a group and like the disadvantage solo players have or you don't raid. No solo player that likes to raid on at least day 2 of playing non stop would agree with your comment.
The BP's will will not be reset in the future, so if you find it it will be with you forever. Yes it might get wiped now but only because the game is still in BETA. Things will always change, just stay with the flow and enjoy the current state of the game even if it is a bit shitty for you now. Other solution is to find friends to play with.
I do play with friends but like to play solo also, the whole lone wolf aspect is great but not when you can't raid so they need to fix it until they stop resetting it as it's demotivating and makes it not worth playing on 1 week wipes.
I play solo to start but i make neighbor friends and we always tend to gravitate to the base that best accommodates all of us. My group is 4 strong right now and we all just help each other, but in the beginning we were all solo players.
Try play solo for the entire wipe or try get to the raid stage solo and you'll see the issue. Not always possible to have friendly neighbors, especially if someone is a beginner looking to do their first solo raid they'll be disappointed lol
Have tried it numerous times since Oct. 5th update, while it is not the easiest thing to accomplish, it is do-able. The game is not made specifically for solo players, i dont think it ever will be. There should be some checks and balances against large zergs, but the game should never be developed for the solo player only. Maybe go to my thread and post other suggestions in line with what i posted there ? https://rust.facepunch.com/f/rust/cxit/1/
Groups will ALWAYS have an advantage. I don't have a problem with that, it's simple logistics. I agree with the OP, let's have all low tier equipment, items and weapons available as default like before. I don't expect an AK straight away, metal armour or even a large furnace..... But the basics, like a SAR, revolver, signpost, and ability to make low tier explosives again would be a valuable addition to small groups. Ofc I would expect to have to craft the appropriate level workbench and grind the components and resource's for these items so it won't be as if you're getting them for free! All we're asking for as solo's and small groups is the ability to be able to cause a bit of trouble for the bullies, a chance to stick it to the man for our troubles rather than solely relying on luck from what drops out a crate.
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