• the good ol'e days
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Remember when Rust was the Hangar and the small buildings and the Radiation was the most annoying thing ever. Also the Orange radioactive Wolves and Bears. Man those days were so great
I memba.
Or those houses with stairs you could only jump up.
Yeah. While I do like new rust I would like to play legacy again. It was very simple but fun.
And the sick barricades. God I loved those in war. The sexy pillar buildings since you couldn't destroy pillars. The raid towers and raiding with barricades, and yes: The hangar and the orange pets, the research kit. I've met my group I play with nowadays in legacy. I also miss the M4 and the combat system. in the new Rust gunfights are way easier that's what I don't like. Maaaaan I remember when I rekt a full kev guy with M4 with my pickaxe while he's feet were broken, this way maybe the most hilarious thing ever haha. I was screaming so loud to my friends in Skype when this happenend... =) Besides this, the new Rust is fun too and will get better and better!
So true!
I miss the Big Trees and making Tree forts...loved that period of Rust
Member all the little hidden crevices that were skattered across the map. Hacker mountain north had a rock you could build a base under. The long mountain range leading up Mount Everust had a few hiding spots. good times.
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