• Any plans to combat racism in the game?
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I think anyone that plays Rust knows what I'm talking about. The wooden signs on buildings are the worst, It seems to be also getting worse. Nearly every north American and Australian server is covered in racist signs. I've seen streamers have to change servers just because of the signs. I know it's very hard to police drawings but it's very possible - maybe start handing out 1 week / 1 month bans for drawing racist signs? You'd need to scan the image when they try lock it or exit out of it and compare with known racist symbols and words. Also the voice chat in game seems to be a problem, that would be harder to police than the signs but still maybe possible? Is any of this "In the works"? Sorry if it's been addressed before I haven't seen anything about it.
A better suggestion would be to add an option for streamers to blur the signs just as it blurs the private parts. This is an adult game, if you are a kid stop playing the game, this way you wont get offended by other players signs of speech.
but a option for admins to see all the signs on the server and their position would help them to delete the ones that are against their server rules
I knew someone would say that. I'm all for freedom of speech but racism isn't allowed in any other game nor should it be. I'm not a kid either, I wish they'd implement something to stop underage people actually playing the game. I don't get offended by the signs but I'd imagine a great number of people do. It's not really a matter of whether you get offended or not that sort of shit shouldn't be allowed at all, if you condone it or make excuses for it then you're probably one of the scumbags that puts up these signs. Any decent person doesn't support racist signs mate.
As a server owner I have the choice to allow porn/racist signs or allow racism in chat or not. I chose to give the people of my server the freedom to do what they want in the game (just not on my forums, steam group and so on). I talked about this choice with a couple of people and at the end i felt like people come from work where there is a lot of rules and things they can't do. I wanted them to feel freedom. If the parents allow their kids to play these type of games i cannot be held responsible. Ok, after all of the freedom i give my players, there has never been a racist situation nor porn on the signs. I have a very nice community which might change now when trolls see my post. I won't ban my players for being racist. If they can't be racist in game where will they be? IRL? I will rather let them blow of steam in some silly game
For someone that says they don't get offended, you sound quite upset over someone not supporting the idea of banning a player over a poorly drawn swastika. The best thing that could be done is grant the ability to disable paintings. You would see the objects in their default blank state, problem solved. As for underage kids playing the game. That's the fault of the parent. Not much you can do, to fix that.
Ha! Everyone is racist, the difference is racism with prejudice. Put your big boy pants on and deal
I do agree that this but I dont see any way to fix this issue without completely removing signs. But at the same time, and let me say I am not racist in any way... I do not see why this bothers you guys so much, If someone makes a racist sign then call them an idiot and move on. Just by making this thread is letting them win, they made you mad which was their goal. If someone is racist that is not going to influence them to make a racist sign in rust. what influences them to make a racist sign is to just make you mad so they can get a lol. I'm not trying to straight up advertise but it seems like you are having a hard time finding a server that manages their signs. I run 4 rust servers consisting of different gather rates and i remove signs such as this when i see your ticket "/ticket". you can see more at www.rustedgaming.com
Yeah I pretty much agree. A lot of the signs are probably made by people want to be edgy instead of actually meaning what they say. Doesn't make it okay though. Not sure if this is relevant, but in Rust you can kill people and eat their meat. Personally I would find that more offensive then a nazi symbol drawn on someones house. Call me old fashioned, but in the hierarchy of evil I put racism below cannibalism.
Are you new to the internets....its littered with racism and dicks. Why would a massively multiplayer game like rust be any different.
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