• Old BP, please
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Team that has been working not RUST, please come back with bp, you are losing many players because of this, did not realize that nobody liked this update? Are you waiting for the game to fail?
I do not understand what you said
There are servers running the old BP branch go on Google and at least TRY to look for some. Many many people love the new updates, the sense of progression it brings, the minigames, balancing, etc. You complain about the game changing when it's an early access. Stop crying and either learn to play the new system or search for branches you want to play. This is not your game, was not made for you or by you, deal with it. Also, stop lying look at the numbers, let them talk for themselves. Rust
I love how Rust is now. Before the weapons cost little and people did not steal them, in addition to the small arms were in disuse, now the cost is balanced and have value, we like this because it is fought to discover weapons and is fun, you also use more the role of being poor when you start in a rustic way, it's like going up in level and not starting with AK47 leaving the other items. Nothing more to say, I love the new balance.
The new system was designed to slow things down so your not being raided the very first day. Try gathering JUST scrap. Recycle everything else and just get scrap. Once you have 20k to 30k scarp make a level 1 bench and learn all the BP's on that bench then move on the next bench and so on. I was able to learn EVERYTHING in two days. Oh and some of the components can be learned too.
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