• RAM Usage after the recent update
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  • Hello guys, after the recent update it seems like Rust is using more RAM. Normally it would take around 4.3 GBs RAM to run it but now it's at 6 or even 6.5 GBs. Is facepunch aware of that problem or does anyone know a fix for it because it's making my game stutter pretty crazy. Thanks; yannischu
  • The lowest recommended requirements are 8 gigs, If you have any lower you're gonna have a bad time. I play with 10 gigs and Rust installed on an SSD and get no lag at all. It's such a demanding game and will be even after they'll work on performance issues as they're going o add more so you might be best to upgrade your set up.
  • Yeah I know... I have 8gigs but I was just wondering because it was on like 4gigs all the time ... Maybe a new memory leak..
  • I have 8 gigs on my laptop, 2 of which are soaked up by my OS. I also have an integrated Intel Hd 620.. I can run the game with about 20-25 fps. One thing I do now every time I start up Rust is open Task Manager (ctrl+alt+delete) and then click the details tab, find the rust exe and right click it and change priority to High. Try setting priority to high and see if it helps, definitely helps my potato.