• Rust Launcher Error (CreateFile failed with 32.)
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  • I have been experiencing a really annoying launcher issue the past two days which I haven't been able to fix. I took two gyazos with the errors I recieved while attempting to launch the game. And I did also try to connect to a popular server within my nation and no one except for me and my friend has got that issue. So I would appreciate every help I can get. https://gyazo.com/330f328f5bc88c5c719aeb5dcf201291 https://gyazo.com/992d2498a4c88f136dc9682416e34b14
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  • It is your EAC that is corrupt i guess. Go to your Steam directory like example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust Delete the EAC folder and validate your rust game files through steam.