• Blueprint wipe
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Hi, Can u guys please tell me how can i wipe blueprints of my dedicated server after todays wipe? ty
I do not like idea but you can do it when delete everytihng in users folder i think. It wassomething related with folder or subfolder named users in your server directory.
Forced BP wipe confirmed, so you don't need to wipe them manually this time.
So it should be like c:\rustds\server\my_server\user and there are 2 files called current.data (DATA file) and previous.life (LIFE file) If so, these files should be deleted to reset BP's if im not wrong? im a bit noob, can somebody explain it detailly?
Can I back up the bps, cause I don't want it wiped right now? Rather new server and players.
Same, brand new server and fairly new pop. IMO server hosts should have this control unless completely necessary for patch. Im a little salty that its being forced. A large portion of my pop will be much more salty.....fml
I backed up the files and will see if i can put it back in after.
Do not think this will work guys. But worth the check
Man they said they wouldnt do this. You were right rush. ='(. @JJayzX it also may be a good thing bro. No ones going to be tied to a server so it might prompt people to try out a new server. You may lose some but gain alot more. The officials have been reeaaall aids for the last month with crashes and all....people might be server shoping since they gotta restart anyways.
This system is good because you know nothing learn stuff then do not change server because you know nothing in the other and thats good for owners i iwll try backup too of the bps
Wait until new user folder created and copy your backed up one in.
has anyone been able to verify what needs to be backed up and re added to retain blueprints after a wipe? I run a private sever for friends and we want to keep our blueprints. I tired the Users folder and it just created a new one after i started the server.
You cannot restore blueprints after a force BP wipe
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