• Where is the default python skin?
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Can't find it in the Rust workshop.
It's not in yet. This Thursday.
A few people already uploaded skins for the python on the steam workshop? Bit unfair to selectivly give poeple it before Thursday.
I strongly suspect that they just decompiled/ripped the model. I doubt facepunch is playing favorites. You could grab a model ripper and do the same.
No one decompiled/ripped the model, it's available on the staging branch. Steam > Rust properties > Betas > Staging Branch.
The man's right, this is how skins always get on the workshop before they've been released publicly in the Thursday update.
Thank you, I didn't know that. I hoped FP didn't play favorites.
Awesome! Thanks, I had no idea that was available. Really appreciate this response.
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