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  • Corrosion Hour, a Seattle-based Rust server, home for new and veteran players alike. Corrosion Hour provides Rust players seeking a permanent solution, we wipe only when forced to, no-decay, large-scale map with active administrators, adamant against admin abuse. Come build, explore, hunt and have fun without the worry of losing your hard work due to unpredictable server wipes. You'll still... probably... be killed and raided, maybe twice but worry not! :) Find us at https://corrosionhour.com for helpful articles, hints and tips, as well as monthly giveaways. Search for "Corrosion Hour" in the Community Servers to find us in the in-game listings, or you can join via the console command (press F1) then type: client.connect - Benefits of playing on Corrosion Hour - No weekly or monthly wipes (Only forced patches) - Friendly and active admins, easy to reach - High performance, low ping, US West Coast Seattle based server. - Racism and harassment is not allowed. - Hackers are banned and submitted to additional listings. - Featured contest and giveaways every month. - Wipe Night, the first Wednesday, all your RUSTY wishes are granted by admins. Low population, less wipes, and no immediate massacres when logging in, or getting started. It's great for testing fort builds, while still being able to play in a PVP environment. *Join our voice chat on Discord: https://discord.gg/P2jqd6q What are you waiting for? Search us up or check out our website at CorrosionHour.com
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  • Hey Corrosion Hour, I noticed you have loads of adverts on your website, you should check this out jsecoin.com and maybe think of swapping out the adverts for something people can opt out of and could actually be quite profitable if people view your site and want to support it.