• Thinking of renting server.. Tips??
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  • I'm debating on renting a low-population server from survivalservers.com, Just unsure how difficult it will be to run it.. Do I need plug-ins? Do I need Oxide for admin commands and such? Will I be able to also give a friend admin powers? Is it easy to configure a server or does that all depend on the host? Just had a few questions, if anyone coule answer. Any helpful tips would be nice as well, before I decided to spend the money on it. Thank you, in advance.
  • unsure on how survivalservers.com works as i use gameservers. plugins = only if you want a modded server Oxide is for plugins. you don't need Oxide to admin in a server. you can use the ingame console or a tool called rustadmin You can give/make anyone admin/moderator I only know gameservers and there easy to configure