• Fix your shit servers (US WEST 1,2,3)
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Fuck this server always going down, whenever I come home from school its always offline until I wake up in the morning to check and its fine and dandy. I can never play fix this problem fr.
Hey Sir, Thanks for your opinion. You can better put it up nicely, so the FP staff can work on a solution around. Saying "Fuck this server" wont bring it up again. And i know its a cliche asking it nicely, and stuff like that. But rather keep a friendly community, than a toxic one. (You may still KOS my fellow nakeds)
I don't agree with your approach but I do agree with the sentiment. West. 1/2/3/HAPIS are constantly down. I mean it's daily. The uptime on hapis has dropped like 7% from last month. Idk about the whole dosing server thing and its legitamency but of West hapis there have been times before the sever goes down where people will state they are going to ddos then count down. It's becoming a huge problem and making these servers unplayable. There's gotta be something you guys can do. If hate to lose the hundreds of hours of progress from the last month and a half just because someone's cheating.
No, I'm tired of this shit, I never get a response back so I'm just gonna say what I feel
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