• Faking our server with exact the same server name to get population
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  • Hi everyone, So recently we, The Lone survivors are dealing with a serious problem. A server called exactly the same as us is trying to steal our population. And the manage to steal it, no offense but its becoming a real issue. Also a couple other servers that are doing it to just steal our population and we have contacted FP but, so far these servers wont get blacklisted. It's a real issue, and it wont stop it self.
  • It needs a fix, the server has potential to last a lot longer than it does because of the fake servers stealing pop.
  • You could always link your player-base to the client.connect [serverip]:[serverport] We had some douche steal our entire description on the steam forums one time. Such a pain in the ass.
  • I have had this issue before, I even joined the replica server and the owner was online and instantly knew who i was and why i was on his server (I joined with a VPN of coarse). I explained to him in a professional manner that the name was taken by us and we have had the name way before him and he basically told me he does not care and its his name now. Moral of the story, Let's just say his server was offline for 3 days then never came back online.