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Sorry if my english sucks, im brazillian. Yesterday we were raiding and a guy called GGSIMIDA and his team showed up, they were hackers and you know what happened they killed us all. The guy was using all the kind of hack i know, like aimbot, fly, he was shooting us trough walls. This is the good part its bad but happens somethimes, but me and my friends decided that we were going to find his base and raid him. After 2 hours we found his base but he killed us again from far away we couldnt even see him, just headshots and and changing his name constantly. After some time an admin or i dont know showed up and this guy told the admin the if he got banned he would ddos the server. Ive been playing this game for a long time and ive never seen a hacker like this that doesnt get banned and do what he want with the players. Today i got up earlier to play but i couldnt, i got raided by him. I hope Facepunch belive me and do something about this. I dont want you to give my stuff back i want you to do something about this, i im gonna raid him. His name is GGSimida and here is his ID: 57408763 His base is at D9 and C9. He has a friend.
This GGsimida is ridiculous, it kills you and although the name on top of his head is GGSIMIDA, appear, KILL, kill, 950, 007, etc, etc, are many names, he only hits head shot and in 2 days of game that I think this is the time that is in the server it has a base that must have more than 200 walls
Same thing happened to us. Got killed right after downing the heli. Can't believe FP is letting people cheat without consequences. https://imgur.com/a/MuhmJ
As all of you can plainly see, this is known. Half of this forum is spamming it, I think the entire community,gets it. Pro Tip : Play Community or Modded. Any excuse to you not choosing to go community or other than Official is now your own fault if something happens. This is not a rare occurrence here,matter of fact it is almost daily. Official is un moderated for the most part. Hackers thrive. Progression loss is very common. In other words,don't play official.
https://twitter.com/rusthackreport uh yeah they aren't letting people cheat without consequence.
I'm just saying. My bad for playing on Official servers. Tweeted it, we'll see what happens. Thanks for the tips.
Don't forget that you can file ingame reports using F7, this will also send all the relevant information we need to deal with it
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