• Airdrop Quality Level
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  • Hi all, Im operating a dedicated server and not gonna download mods etc, but i wonder if the loot gets better with a command? because most of the time the airdrop loots are full of crap. Thanks.
  • Nope you cant but there is command to call airdrop to your position or at random one, spawn the drop directly infront of you without wait to land. Also then you can spawn amd other containers ingame if you want better loot. I hope it helps.
  • For normal event supply.call for random and supply.drop to you. Thats the commamds and you might notice nothing if you type them but evwrything is working and do not spam commamd too many time because will call too many planes. Other command is SPAWN one. spawn supply_drop in F1 a d you spawn infront of you drop instantly without planes and waiting to land. You can do with this command also "spawn wolf" to spawn animals or hmmm spawn crate_normal and you spawn radtown green crate, crate_normal_2 for square yellow one or crate_tools for purple one or crate_mine for mind crates. I think thats all also if you want can explore spawn command deeper and decorate your house with hobobarrel or something other.