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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/249570/d905fd1a-4455-4bf6-9e33-8b3ca7a78b1c/image.png Glad to see that we have the full confidence of the mod team
I've never seen Shendow post but I swear to god I get a dumb from him on every single trans-related post I make outside of this thread. It's making me mildly uncomfortable.
jesus, what thread is that?
I just don't post anything. Seems the attitude is "haha, what a funny bunch of freaks" and anyone protesting it is "a snowflake". I'm still waiting for an ignore function.
4Channer blackmails people to sending nudes of themselves on Hor..
Which, as I understand, turned out to be fucking nothing anyway. The press should know better by now than to pass unsubstantiated 4chan rumors off as news
The worst thing is that that thread isn't even news. There is no press. The news source is a knowyourmeme page.
One person does not represent the entirety of the moderator team when it comes to social topics.
Of course not. It's still disappointing to see a mod regularly agreeing with bigoted views and rating a bunch of trans-related posts outside of the thread dumb, though.
Sure, but it's still disappointing and disheartening to see an attitude like that from a moderator in the first place.
Oh how fun the same mod that agreed with the bigoted post banned the person the post was about https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/249570/38970255-a583-4bae-a63d-38c3221b0187/image.png
That post is legitimately bannable but yeah. It looks really bad. Frankly I get rated dumb by Shendow so often in so many threads I'm starting to get creeped out by it.
The existence and wellbeing of an entire group of people isn't just a "social topic". Again, this is another situation where the goalposts are moved because it's about trans people. If this was racism then I'd bet my shoes that action would be taken in some form or another. The lives of trans people are not an opinion that someone can just disagree with. If a mod has a confirmed streak of bigotry then it should not matter which minority group is involved - action needs to be taken.
The slow speed and often lack of action is getting frustrating, both in light of recent and past issues.
I know, I'm just incredibly worried that he's gonna start seriously questioning me. He had historically grilled me for being interested in some girly things before years ago. I often still wonder if I'm the bad guy, the person who causes all the trouble in the family. I can't help but feel like a failure, but at the same time I can't really stop being one when I can't even focus on anything for any extended period of time or ever have any decent control of my emotions. Thank you though, this is probably what I'll do.
I suppose it's possible that there are some people out there who literally never get offended by anything ever that is not a brick hitting them in the skull, but I am pretty sure they are not the majority.
The only thing I meant by it is that Shendow's opinions on trans topics do not align with my opinions. I can propose certain things be done but I am one moderator. I'm not sure why you're putting me up as someone who doesn't see an issue with transphobia, considering I'm dealing with trans issues myself. I want to be upset about that but I generally disassociate myself with things I do on this forum for that reason, so I can only hope that you understand that I'm not sitting here trying to defend transphobic comments rather than stating that what one moderator does does not mean that the rest of us feel the same. I don't pretend to know the stance on trans issues for the rest of the mod team. I'm not sure what you would have me do. If you're genuinely concerned, I would contact Hezzy.
A user made a transphobic statement, in response to that a member of the mod team supported it, I'm sure other parts of the mod team are aware of it as they're in the discord and it's been six hours since. but despite that, Neither the user nor the mod has been banned or demodded respectively, That combined with the recent trannysparent bullshit don't exactly paint a picture of the mod team as a caring.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1868/8a42b425-109f-40fb-a101-29df4c79b280/image.png Something I mentioned in the refugee-camp channel on Discord. I do not enjoy the term "trap", I see it as a purely transphobic term and always have. I cannot ban for the term because it is not something that we've agreed on as a mod team to be bannable. Will I be bringing it up? Yes. Have I brought it up today? No. Because it's Sunday. And there hasn't been a post in our mod chat since early this morning. 11:08 AM in fact (and it is now almost exactly 12 hours later). I will have a better chance of getting attention for it tomorrow or later in the week. The fact that this forum has evolved to be more inclusive is a positive. We no longer put up with extremist views, for the most part. And yes, the fact that we have begun to ban for "tranny" is a recent development on top of that. The "trannysparent" thread didn't have enough agreement amongst us to be considered bannable until after the fact and by then it was too late to retroactively go back and handle it. We do want to change the name of the thread. That is not a feature that we have right now. It will happen when it can happen. If you want someone to review a moderator's behavior, like I said, bring it up to Hezzy. Ping him here on the forum, if necessary, or you can bring it up in the forums-discussion channel on our Discord. The fact is that at this moment, utilizing the word "trap" in the context provided is not bannable. Whether that will change in the future, I can't tell you. That does not mean that I defend its usage. In truth, I would like to be a part of this community, but I'll have to honestly withdraw from posting here if my position as moderator is more telling about my stances on transphobia than the fact that I am non-binary and going through my own transitional period. I would really rather not be branded by this community as unfriendly because I can't personally see to a moderator's resignation. I hope that clears some things up in any case.
Shendow saw someone make a transphobic post, did not ban the user and gave them an agree.
Yes. I know. 1) It's not bannable to use the word trap in that context yet. 2) Punishing another moderator is not something that anyone except Hezzy can do 3) I am bringing up the issue either tomorrow or later in the week when more moderators are available I'm not sure what else I can tell you.
https://i.imgur.com/sKCWVZN.png Hezzy is on the case, we can calm down for now I think
Something similar I'd like to bring up: https://i.imgur.com/bbGKMye.png This is from the "Trannysparent Theme" thread. If I remember right, Orkel is no longer only a moderator but actual FP staff. I didn't wanna bitch about this back then, but if multiple mods/FP staff members are gonna take such a "get over it" attitude about how trans people are treated on the forum, I feel that it's somewhat relevant.
Facepunch moderators are gonna have to be flown out to Walsall for in-person cultural sensitivity training
This is why it hasn't been.
I think instead of just banning the word "trap", why don't we just settle on a definition for it, and then take action against it? Because I feel like multiple people have very different definitions of the word, and I personally don't see it as offensive. To me, a "trap" is someone who effectively passes for the opposite gender, with the intention of luring in the same sex without telling them of their gender orientation.
Honestly if it were up to me, using the term in general or sharing an opinion on its use wouldn't be bannable, but using it to refer to a transgender individual who doesn't use it to refer to themselves would be, whether it be someone on or off the forum. That's my preferential stance on it anyway since you can't really put a blanket ban on a word, otherwise you wouldn't be able to discuss it.
I sent an email to that gender clinic about 2 hours away from me. Hopefully I can get referred to someone and start an email conversation. Scheduling a visit would be pretty difficult, but it is do-able. Hopefully someone responds...
Good luck!
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