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i got my provisional license a couple days ago. it has my new name on it, and the photo of me doesn't look terrible. only issue is it says i'm male. thanks kentucky
Anyone else on patches for estrogen? It's still early days for me but I'm not 100% sure I am applying them correctly, although my doctor says I should be fine. Anyone got tips for best results?
I ended up closing my Facebook like a week ago after having people threaten me over it. That's the one thing I can never do - post pics of myself often or safely without them being used against me.
I wouldn't even dare post my pics on facebook, I have too many catholic moms friended to me on facebook from my family's friends and they would flip shit if they saw that I was crossdressing lmao. They really overreacted when I got my first tattoo.
WHY would anyone do that????????? That's so mean of them
It's mean, but when you're in a few positions of power like I am where I ban people or do moderation stuff they try to do anything they can. My privacy settings were all good, but I was just tired of having it there. Oh well.
Happened to me when I tried to come out, still pretending to be a boy to this very day..
Well, things to consider: Are you placing them in the right places? Are you an active person or not? Are they sticking properly? Are you feeling any adverse effects like itchiness? Patches are generally safer as they bypass several filters and don't harm the liver (ideally) in the process. The best results is to be consistent and make sure the fucks are applied right. Otherwise they can come off easily, get stuck to clothing by accident, and other equally annoying things.
I know this is a much more personal question, but what do you guys recommend for getting rid of hair in intimate areas? I just shaved myself recently but I'm struggling to fully get everything in one go and even reaching some areas.
My friend said there was some thing called "Magic shaving powder" and it won't burn off your balls or dick.
i just use an electric "body groomer". don't shave shorter than micro-stubble, and *don't wax*.
wait, what? I thought people did that all the time...
On their genitalia? OH GOD waxing already hurt my legs so bad that i started crying. Don't see how i'd survive waxing my crotch area, unless you have super tiny hairs. I personally shave it with a 3 blade gillette.
I deleted my facebook like 6 years ago, never looked back. Never needed it and don't think I ever will.
If we are talking about wax what about the neck/jaw? That is the ONE are that is giving me continuous problems.
i use gillette blue 2 disposable razors. i've never cut myself and i've never given myself razor burn i use them for everything. everything
The problem for me is that the actual follicle is really dark and I am pale skinned, so facial hair is REALLY noticeable, even though I've got as close as have as possible.
I have the exact opposite problem; my skin is very pale but the follicles are practically invisible. That's great and all, but my skin is so sensitive that I've never found a good way to get anything near a close shave without my skin going very pink and sore (most creams, foams, and whatnot just give me flushes, too), and it's even worse now on hormones. At this point I just use Veet for everything spare my face, for whatever reason it seems to be the one hair removal thing my skin doesn't hate, even in sensitive areas. Ymmv though because since my hair is mostly blonde Veet just nukes it.
The only hair remover that's worked for me was this stuff, I've never really used it on my face but it worked everywhere else altho it can be quiet expensive, dunno if its worth trying
Get lasers. You'll save time and money in the long run and they start to show noticeably less stubble and spots after just 2 sessions. Going full time trans kinda going to require it with very dark hair as it is unless you want to wear makeup all the time. At least for me. Some transwoman don't seem to really mind their facial hair but I hated it more than any other thing.
How does home hair removal equipment (i.e. Philips et al) compare to going to a clinic
I want to eventually get laser but the cost is what kills me.
Does anyone have any tips for dying hair? I'm supposed to be a red head, but my hair has gotten super dark over the years and I want to make it look good again. http://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Almost-Red%E2%80%99-Strawberry-Blonde.jpg I want my hair to look like that color. The website called it "Almost red strawberry blonde", but I haven't found anything with that name. I was looking at other pictures of strawberry blonde (my mom had recommended it too), but they looked waaaaay too blonde than the picture above.
venus comfortglide razors are the only razors that treat my skin pretty okay, they leave me without a lot of bumps
I want to go with laser but right now my rent has soared and until I find somewhere else to live / go back to the Netherlands next year it's not really an option ddue to cost.
I came out to my coworker today. It went pretty well! Tried my hardest not to cry. Lmao
So reading through this thread has been, I'm not sure therapeutic is the right word, but it's put me in the mood to share. So for most of my life I've been pretty apathetic about my appearance. Like I just felt like there wasn't any part of me that was attractive. Not especially ugly as such, just not attractive. But at the same time, I knew I didn't want to look like what's generally held up to be attractive as men. I never liked the whole chiselled chin, broad shoulders, muscly body or really any of the 'hot guy' archetypes. So I just kinda' meandered on; not really confident or satisfied with my appearance but not really having an idea of what I wanted out of it. Eventually I started experimenting with my sexuality more, as you do, and at some point or another I shaved my body hair. I liked it. I really liked it. I liked the feeling of having smooth skin and I liked how I looked with smooth skin. I've always been somewhat feminine. I'm quite slender, with somewhat feminine hands and quite thick, moderately long hair - and I've always liked those aspects of myself but, I dunno' this was the first time I saw them as something that was attractive about myself. Unfortunately this also lead to me becoming a lot more anxious of my flaws. I quickly went from not caring for my body hair to outright hating it and whilst my figure was more feminine than most guys - it wasn't comfortable with it any more. I wanted it to be more feminine and soft. Everything I liked about my appearance was by virtue of it being feminine and, for lack of a better word, pretty and looking at myself shaven I felt just pretty enough; It's like I went from feeling like a lost cause to wasted potential. I started an exercise regime for the first time in my life, began shaving regularly and started being more active about what's in my diet. I had dabbled in women's clothing up until this point as part of my aforementioned sexual experimentation, and continued buying various bits and pieces online. Some of it was more for fantasies, but some of them were just items I thought looked pretty (although, thinking about it the fantasies didn't really amount to much more than looking pretty, so idk). Since I'm a night owl I would occasionally just wear them while I worked through the night and the rest of the household was asleep. I was even able to get away with wearing a pair of pink striped yoga-pants casually during the day which felt nice. It was one of the only cute pieces of clothing I had which was subtle enough that I could wear it around the family. I bought a lot more women's clothing than men's. When I shop for men's clothing it's almost entirely functional. I very rarely buy men's clothing simply for the sake of looking nice; because, by and large, most men's clothing doesn't look especially nice. At least not as nice as women's. That being said, I did get a great tight-fitting tshirt which comboed well with my baggy trousers to give me the illusion of wider hips which looked really nice. I went on like this for a year or two I think before I started getting restless. Fuck, towards the end I even started massaging my chest every night to encourage muscle growth - with some limited success. But for all the progress I had made in this time, there were still areas, many which I felt more anxious about, which weren't going to be solved by an exercise routine. Eventually I bought some Pueraria Mirifica capsules online and have been taking a tablet a day as well as applying another to my chest. I know self-medicating isn't a good idea, but I'm not sure they'd take me seriously if I tried to go through more proper channels. I don't feel uncomfortable as a guy. I don't feel a need or desire to be treated as a girl. I don't really care what people see me as. I just want to look nice - and that unfortunately means more feminine to me. But I don't think these places except 'I really want to be cute' as a good enough answer. I spent a good few months looking into these kind of treatments, looking up the ins and outs, looking up where I could buy them before inevitably backing out, until I finally bit the bullet and bought a pack of capsules. I just didn't want to grow old having spent my whole youth in a body that I resented and I feel kinda' silly even saying this because my reasons for going through with this much are so thoroughly vain. I've been taking them for two/three months and had some pleasing, but subtle results. My butt feels rounder and my chest has grown somewhat (I mean they've not grown to a point that I have to make a concerted effort to hide them in public, but they're soft and you can kinda' see them when I wear thin tshirts and it makes me feel cute). I've been considering upping my dosage, but I'm kind of nervous about going too fast and ruining the progress I've made. This is a lot of rambling, I don't really know why I'm writing this.
It's okay to feel such ways! A lot of what you talked about kinda reminded me of my own path (though I don't really have much of a femme frame [thanks shoulders]) but when it comes to DIY, be very careful! Either way, I hope your journey is a pleasant one and you know who you can turn to if you need more venting!
One of the medical spas near me has a groupon deal for six laser treatments for $249 and I'm really considering it. My only concern is what my skin would look like after each sesh. Will my chin be red for the next few days? Just trying to avoid being noticed at work.
hi I need a hairstyle with bangs to hide my terrible fucking godawful trash forehead and is good with medium length curly hair ty
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