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getting my bangs done was the best aesthetic decision i ever made, my forehead got me clocked 24/7 but now i can pass even on bad days. try to find a good stylist near you, and dont worry, bangs arent as hard to take care of as they make it sound like. as long as you blowdry them properly, its pretty easy to make them behave
I'm having trouble finding the nerve to look for a psychologist just so I can have that extra confirmation that I am really who I am. I feel confident in the fact that I already have an appointment to start the HRT process in July, I shave my body and facial hair as often as I can (although I've left my legs unshaved the past month so I can get it waxed before a major trip I'm going on), and I use female bathroom products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant). I have lots of socks, I wear women's underwear, but I just look at myself and wonder if it's even worth it - or will I even turn out. I worry I'll become a mess of a person, and lose everything I've struggled so hard to get to in life. Although I mainly worry about not being able to train my voice, be accepted, or even be able to present without looking awful. I've never felt more in touch with myself but so lost.
When it comes to transition I have only one thing to say: "Keep climbing and do not look down"
So many times I come here and go to vent but I feel like a massive traitor. Not to be too dramatic but I find it hard to take a stance on things here when I decided not to transition, because I don't want to seem like some parasite sitting here trying to play psychologist whenever I come here and say stuff. Because I do want to help some of you people as someone who went through a huge dysphoric period, but looking back now, i really feel like I was just kidding myself the whole time. I'm happy with myself now luckily but, I'm going to spend pretty much every day for the rest of my life wishing I was female. Oh well.
It is red for a couple hours immediately after, it should go away by the next morning. At least for me. My chin usually stays red for maybe the rest of the afternoon, but with a bit of ice it should go away pretty quickly.
Yeah, I found that being outside for 20+ minutes makes the red blotches from laser come back over the week or so after getting it done too. Just gotta keep a bit a shade near!
any recommendations for a changed username? mine's feeling a bit masculine, lol probably should find a new avatar considering this one is my face (i have hair now)
NotBald Jill
This thread will be locked if all genders are valid and terfs are bad people
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