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I finally found the way to use reshade in Rust. Go here : My Files and download the 3.0.8 version of reshade. I think the new versions are not whitelisted by eac.
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try to launch your game directly by the .exe : Rust.exe
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Please tell me if it's autorized to use it (thats not a cheat!) and why EAC don't want me to connect at a server when I use it. EAC says untrusted dll. I heard that Helk says its fine to use it but I cant. Thank you
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Rust EAC don't want me to use reshade or sweetfx
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I think the loot table must be change Ladder hatch is impossible to find and other items like waterpipe shotgun, revolver are to difficult to drop. The military cases sometimes drop stone barricades or sandbag blueprint..., why? My lr300 skin dont work when i put it in the wor...
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