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I have been banned from game after picking up a pumkin this is a fucking joke 1.4k hours never cheated n got EAC banned!!!
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Still a month into it and uk servers being attacked
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FP are you ever going to sort this issue out it beyond a joke makes the game unplayble and just generally fucking anoyying sort it out Last seen online : 16 hours ago Uptime (%) : 91 % UK hapis
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UK hapis last seen 16 hours ago wtf sort your fucking server out
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Last seen online : 19 hours ago Uptime (%) : 91 % if you want to exspand and grow with this game you actually need to maintain the fucking game UK 1 got deleted n re done so why the fuck are we still waiting we know you are their and watching fucking sort it out FP UK Hapis...
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This roll back cost me more than 20 hours, my base was not upgraded and i wa slooted like 50hours worth of grafting!
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