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I know what you mean, but a small dot how can choose in a menu the size and transparrancy of it would be nice.
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I agree.
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Here is a GROUPING Suggestion of mine with some bright idea's and stuff to make gameplay with Friends much more easier: SUGGESTION IDEA: Grouping system to allow seeing your friends visually in first person and on the map grids (locaction) A small green dot not to big actually...
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Grouping system, colour dots, Map location, Scrap metal, small menu [SUGGESTION]
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I think the way rust is going right now is fine, Adding stuff like stuff will ruin the game. You live in a island to kill others in order to survive and gain stuff yourself, i dont wanna live in a island where people are like Canadians and super nice to each other...
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Not to be mean, but there kinda rubbish. ( Try to work more on the texture )
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Looking out for the update tomorow!
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