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I was thinking about this myself, since I experience a lot of zerg clans where I live in-game. I'm a solo player, btw. Making food and water more important could be a start. It's such an afterthought that it'd be nice if it was tweaked to increase maintenance costs on large cl...
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You think I didn't notice, eh? Love you, FP. I live for Thursdays because of you. #noshame (For those that don't know, they fixed the volume level on the trees being chopped down. It was really, really loud. It hurt my ears!)
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Sneaky Little Tree Felling Hotfix
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I'm against it. I hate the power zergs have already and having preset maps would just idolize the best spots and they'd dominate it every wipe. Least with the new maps, no one knows what's really going on. Chaos is balance, tbh. The only 'guiding' signal you have is the monume...
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I understand. Was just interesting, because I didn't even know the shop existed until André or Maurino (whomever) mentioned it in a devblog a while ago. Mentioned new item rotation in the store and was like, huh? What shop? Also, this is off-topic, but what's the deal wi...
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I was wondering this too, Garry. Have you guys considered allowing artists to make Dbl. Door textures? Or is that already allowed, but no one has uploaded anything yet or popular enough?
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Rust Item Store Link
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Hey FP, you guys should add a Rust item store link (that's hosted on Steam) to the navigation bar at the top or somewhere in the [Info] area. Y'know, the place where you buy the weekly community skins. Trying to find that store on Steam is impossible, I haven't actually been a...
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