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i noticed that when someone kills me THE STEAM SHUTS DOWN so the game closes too
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but id i reinstall steam i need to install all the games i have again.
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hello, wich sneaky steam beta?
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Before ,i could play rust normally ,in potato,but it was good, i have 1337 hours of playing rust and this never happened to me . Everytime i die or suicide myself the game brakes and starts showing problems , the only solution is to close the game because if i wait until it ge...
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I Cant play rust!!!!!
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what a shit of skins, lately they have only chosen shit skins to put in the store!!!!
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"disconnected: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range."
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Hello. Every time me and my friend join a server to start playing , everytime we get close to each other (more specificly everytime i get close to him) he disconnects of the server , OF ANY SERVER! And the message that appears is : "disconnected: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: ...
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Put GIANT METAL CLAW CRANE on the new monument pls it would look awesome!
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PLS add a frog face on the green boot!
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