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Thank you for this list. We are probably going to change the period to 48 or maybe even 72 hours to allow players on our server to spend less time grinding mats and more time fighting over supply drops.
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I agree. I miss the old system. I kind of enjoyed doublestacking and honeycombing. Making a base look nice on the outside while being an actual hard not to crack was my cup of tea. Not a popular opinion these days I guess... I wish they just added the half walls and such ...
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WELCOME Are you a beginner at Rust or interested in getting started? Excellent! A month ago we launched our server primary aimed at beginners and experienced players seeking a more relaxed playstyle. So far we have mostly had people from Scandinavia and Britain online, but als...
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RUST-server (for beginners)
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Can't say I am a fan of the tree minigame. For nodes it is a great idea and it works perfectly. For trees, not so much. It gets boring very fast and farming wood is now something noone (that I know of) really want to be bothered with. Please, either remove it or make it so tha...
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