Community Update 173

Lots of fine art, we return to Rust's weirdest house, quack!, and more.

26 February 2018 (8 Comments)

I do like seeing someone new taking their paintbrush, real or digital, to the world of Rust. That lovely header is from Sirro Draws, who like all of us has a complicated relationship with the game. But unlike, ooh - let's say me, they're also capable of expressing it in an artistic way. I just swear and rage quit.

Lovely work, Sirro!

Over on reddit, Croatia_1 made a refugee centre, which is too good and pure for Rust.

And if you want to see the area surrounding Crotchrot Manor, McJey76 took a look around.

That was classier than I expected it would be. I hope you all wore top hats.

I wanted to know more about last week's header, the fucked up Crotchrot Manor that's currently scaring people on Rust Factions. So I asked its creator, and community update semi-regular MadMaxGamer, to walk us through the manor's inception. In between ranting about demons, and apparantly hexing me, he eventually opened up about what lies in the depths of his haunted house. Below are his thoughts.

Mess With Their Minds

I had the idea during the last wipe. I had a lot of fun filling the corridors of my base with oddly placed shotgun traps and later heard from the people who raided me that they had a blast (ha!) trying to get in, as they kept getting surprised by them.

I wanted to explore that further. This time I was building in a town where no killing is allowed, so I had to mess with their minds rather than their health bars.

I began to build a winding corridor that would take the longest route through the 5x3 plot I was given, while having some sort of weird thing at every corner. After “digging under the floorboards”, I found a crawl space that was the underside of the town sidewalk that no-one was using, enabling me to extend the haunted house with a claustrophobic maze section right under everyone's noses. And because stone is too white, and metal is too “shipping container”, it had to be wood.

I Photoshopped some surreal paintings, filled the house with deployables to give it a sense of clutter and even more claustrophobia, and spammed spinners with a tiled picture of meat, to symbolize a corrupted tumor eating the walls. I later changed that to melded faces, because it worked better.

Then I let people in.

I made a gate I’d be able to open/close from behind a wall, out of sight of any victi….uh… visitors. People are more willing to come into a strange house, if they don't see you next to a door that can be closed behind them.

At first they just wandered in the open doorway, or because of my “I’m a little boy, help me someone please” act in voice chat. I'd slam the door behind them, and that would send them into panic and they'd beg to be let out, banging on the front door. Thing is, the house is always open, there is always a way out, though some aren't very curious to find it.

The first guests I had even managed to rally up some “good samaritans” from the outside, to bring a flamethrower and free the “captive”. After a while, though, word spread that the house is harmless and actually fun, and people started bringing their friends: laughing outside while the house “swallowed” their buddy, while I'd be howling like a demon and whispering “I'm gonna getcha!” in voice chat. Good fun. Some make the course in seconds, some get confused and die of exposure inside (flooded section is really cold at night), and someone even got one guy to give up his AK just to be shown the way out. This all happens when I'm online; God only knows what happens when I'm not…

All this would not have been possible without being surrounded by the fun-loving people of Little Italy and without RP servers like RustFactions and TheLostIsles, where a creepy wooden house with no loot is more valued than a fully stocked armored base, just because of the opportunities for interaction it provides.

I was playing header Tetris for a little while this week. All the best art was striking, with a bunch of regulars trying out new styles. Any one of these could've ended up in the main slot, but I went with Sirro because it's clean, clear, and new.

Anyway, here's Pughie's latest work.

And there's also Veysel Kara's art selfie.

Meanwhile, AddSomeMemes has been cosplaying once again.

Love those 'nades.

Just a couple of short videos that probably don't need an entire section each. First up, wherever Swemba is, he's not updating his own channel a lot. It's a shame as he was really good at making Rust look epic. He still dabbles, as seen in this little promo for a Rust tournament.

Want to see an Eoka god in action? His name is Kevin Hansen.

I clicked on Ostrix's video and now you have to as well.

I apologise.

That Xtab peeked under the duvet of the Steam Workshop.

Skins. He found skins.

This might be the first video I've included here because of the thumbnail:

Via Leftint.

Think you're working on something awesome? Tell me all about it. Share your base designs, show off a game-mode from your server, or have you done a cool thing with Code Locks and Vending Machines?

There's a dedicated forum, or you can fish for upvotes in the sub reddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I'm on there as well.

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