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Frequently Asked Questions

Things we get asked all the time

Can I make money from my video/stream? Yes. As far as we’re concerned recorded videos of the game belong to you. In the same way that when you draw a picture – the picture belongs to you – not the company that manufactured the pencils. Feel free to make money from your videos on YouTube, or Twitch, include clips in your TV show, or make a DVD box set of you playing and a sell a million copies of it for a million dollars each.
What is the staging branch? You can view information about the staging branch here.
I made a mod – can I make money from it? Yes. As long as the mod can’t be considered a cheat and doesn’t ruin the game for anyone we’re happy to let you sell your mods, or addons, or whatever you have made. It’s important that you realise that your mod can’t ship any of our content, it has to be all content that you own. We have no problem at all with you charging people for your hard work. We all gotta eat, right?
I’m crashing! Performance is poor! We’re sorry guys. Rust is in early development. We can’t make promises about performance or stability at the moment. It’s something we hope to improve over time – and if you report a crash we will certainly look into it.
The server I was playing on is down! Sorry guys, it’s pretty much the same as the previous answer. Sometimes servers will be down. Sometimes they will be down because we’re updating, or they crashed – we are trying to get them back up. Sometimes we’re being DDOSed and there’s not much we can do about it. All we can do is apologise and hope you understand that we’re in early development – and things will improve.
Can I host a server? Yes. The Rust Dedicated Server is open to everyone! You can download a quick start zip here.


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